-Wife Swap: Cullens vs. Wickers-

-Chapter XIX-


Four days after I returned home, Alice received a vision. It detailed one of the producers calling someone because of the little forgery slip my lovely children had. Because of this vision, we were able to take all the money we had stashed around, hide it in the basement, and nail down the floor. Seven days after we had settled back down, we had some visitors. Three policemen stood at our door, asking us about what was going on here. We allowed them to look around the house, and under the rug to the basement, and they could not find the door. Satisfied that nothing fishy was going on, they left.

After that, seven days passed uneventfully. My children started to become curious about what people would say in school, and in turn that got Carlisle curious about work. Fourteen days after the swap had ended, the camera crews returned.

We had be very careful with our plan. We went our it everyday since I returned, tweaking it all the while. We needed to be able to fool America into thinking that we had changed.

In truth, we had not. The only thing this swap did was show me how amazing my family is, and reinforce all of my beliefs that we are doing the right thing. After hearing the true and long explanation of what happened after the cameras left, Carlisle and I really did talk to the children about behaving, but we understood where they were coming from.

As I let the cameras inside, we were all at our places. The children were cleaning my already spotless home. As the day progressed, we were seen talking and discussing things with our children. Emmett and Jasper lied to the camera, telling them all about how they all were part of a club, and how they were stillgrounded for shopping.

The cameras left as quickly as they came, and we were satisfied that we had tricked America into believing that we turned into a good, wholesome family.

As I shut the door, I smiled down at my new rug, fresh from Japan.


I was making an effort, I really was. I invited all of my childrens' friends over so I could met them. I used the ratings of Common Sense Media to deicde what my children should watch and listen too. They were allowed to quit one club, but had to keep the others. To fill that freetime, which was usually only an hour or so, they were to do homework, and then were free to call friends, or watch TV. The same amount of chores were kept in place, and Kathy and I went out and did things I deemed girly. She seemed to enjoy it.

With Malcolm, things were difficult. He did not wish to talk about happened, but I could see his scar. On the outside, he seemed fine. Benjamin told me of his armed robbery plans, and I did not yell and scream like I normaly would have.

Granted, I wanted to yell and scream, but I did not. That filled me with so much pride, and I believed I was able to transfer all those happy feelings to my son.

The two weeks until the crew came back passed quickly, and I was eager to show them how much I had changed. I did not feel at all like myself, and I was still prone to being nasty, but I was getting better. My family is still perfect. The Cullens helped me prove that.

As the cameras come in and filmed Malcolm watched something stupid on the television, and Kathy chatting the Ariana on the telephone, I felt the need to request an interview with the camera.

"The swap had been amazing," I say. "It showed me how amazing my family is, and how perfect. I do so hope that the Cullens learn from us and become just as amazing. I don't ever see it happening, but I have been praying for them."

I sit in front of the camera and talk for a good five minutes before the man behind taps his watch and frowns at me. "We needa be off," he says gruffly.

"Fine," I snarl, getting off the chair and leaving the room.

I try and get the men out of my house as quickly as possible. As soon as they are gone we are in the car, heading to their clubs. Neither were happy about it, but their happiness did not concern me.


Three months later when the show ended, my lovely children were lucky enough to be out of school. Carlisle, on the other hand, still had to work. Some of his fellow doctors just made jokes, while the nurses seemed to believe he was a polygamous sex god, and that he was suddenly open. We worried about getting a visit from the Volturi, but one never came. We were relieved, up until a letter arrived from them in the mail.

"This isn't good," Emmett announced, as he stared thoughtfully at the parchment, penned in Caius' hand.

"What does it say?" Bella asked, ignoring Edward as he rolled his eyes.

"It says that we had better be verycareful because Caius already hates us, and wants us to die. He says not to go on anymore TV shows, or he will drag Athenodora back across the Pacific and roast us."

"That is nice," Rosalie hissed sarcastically. "Real friendly."

"You're not to friendly yourself, Rosalie," Alice giggled, jumping behind Jasper to hide from Rosalie's glare.

As school started back up, everyone had the same feelings as the nurses. People would either see my children wanting to be left alone, mock them and their sex lifes, or hang around them, hoping for money. Some female students were angry with Rosalie about the dog, and others were salivating over seeing Emmett in is underwear. Rumors circulated that Jasper was a drunk, a drug addict, and a cutter. We moved soon thereafter to a secluded town in Alaska. No one there had ever seen the show, and things settled down as normal.


Things weren't going so well. We had been ordered to take Malcolm to a therapist, and both Benjamin and I had to take parenting classes. This resulted in the children missing their clubs, which resulted in us having to punish them for not finding other transport. Malcolm was interviewed by police for 'conspiring to commit armed robbery'. His friends went along with the plan, and the local Dunkin' Donuts was out one employee.

After all of the hype had passed, things settled back down to normal. I still kept a close eye on my children, and they still behaved perfectly. Or as Benjamin would say, marvelously.

This chapter was so short because I only had a few last minute things to rap up. Thank you once again to everyone that has read this!

The End.