Leah's POV

Leah looked over to her best friend, Bella, who was sitting next to her listening to her music. Bella hated planes, but had happily agreed to come and meet Leah's family in La Push. Bella was beautiful, she had a stunning complexion, long, dark hair which was dead straight, but easy to curl, she had deep, chocolate brown eyes, which held intelligence and mischief in them. To top it all off, she had a rocking body which all the boys drooled over.

Leah turned her head quickly as Bella looked over, a smirk tugging at the corners of her lips. "What are you staring at, Leah?", she said. Leah could hear the smile in her voice and replied,

"Nothing, just how beautiful my best friend is, and how much all of my boys are gonna love you,".

Bella blushed, pink rising on her cheeks. However, she smiled and replied cockily, "Mm, most boys love me, don't they?"

Leah just hastily nodded. What Bella was saying was true, at school Bella was the queen bee, all of the boys followed her like lost puppets and all of the girls envied her, but were her friends because she was just so nice. Bella and Leah had been enemies when Leah first arrived at the school, however throughout the years, Leah and Bella started to realize that they had a lot in common. Bella, of course, had best friends before Leah, Alice and Rosalie, but both of them died in a car crash 3 years ago, and even though Leah didn't know them, she could feel the love and pain Bella felt for them, Leah always thought this was because her and Bella were connected. Bella dealt with her pain by turning into a playgirl, kissing and any boys she could, equalling her to become the queen bee. Bella had just dumped her long term boyfriend, Edward Cullen, after she found him cheating on her with the school's slut, Tanya Denali. Leah had gone over and slapped Edward while Bella watched and giggled, urging Leah on.

"I was thinking of Edward," Bella said, hurt masking her tone, "do you think he still thinks of me?"

"Pfft, hardly Bells. I'm sorry, but as your best friend I'm obliged to tell you the truth," she said, putting a reassuring arm over her shoulder, "he never loved you, I bet he was sleeping with her for ages. But hey ho! You were cheating on him too, with Mike Newton, Tyler What's-his-name..need I say more?"

Bella giggled, shrugging her arm off, "True, true. I only really stayed with him for Alice..,"

There was her name again, digging into Leah's heart. Bella noticed.

"I'm sorry. I'm mentioning her again. You know you're my best friend," Bella proved her point by kissing Leah on the cheek, "we have a connection I never had with Alice or Rosalie,"

Leah laughed without humour.

The intercom turned on, a female voice came on, "We're arriving at Seattle Airport, thank you for flying with us,"

Bella giggled at the female voice, whispering, "she sounded like she just had sex,", this made Leah erupt with giggles. Taking Leah's hand, Bella dragged her off of the plane and Leah knew she was eager to meet Jacob, Sam, Jared..ah Jared, that name melt Leah's heart, she had missed him.

Once they had got their suitcase, Leah called her mother, Sue.

The phone was answered after 3 rings,

"Hello, the Clearwater's residence,"

"Mom!" Leah squealed.

"My baby, you're back!" her mother shouted, "did you bring Bella with you? I'm coming now,", before Leah could answer, her mother had hung up.

"I think she's excited, to see both of us," Leah said. Bella laughed and started clapping her hands, but Leah knew she was nervous. She went over and gave Bella a hug, "I love you Belly," she said soothingly.

"Love you Leahapie," she replied, in a baby voice.

Suddenly, a car came scooting to halt near them, and Leah's mother came out, a wide smile spread across her face, "Leah!, Leah!" she beamed. She came running over and pulled Leah out of Bella's arms and hugged her forcefully. Leah laughed and patted her mother on the back.

"Hey mom, it's good to see you too,", Leah pulled out of her mother's arms and turned to Bella. "mom, this is Bella,". Her mother's jaw dropped, she quickly recovered.

"Wow, Leah told me you were gorgeous, but she forgot to mention that you look like a supermodel,", Bella blushed, but smiled, "It's lovely to meet you Bella, welcome to the family!" my mother walked over to her and gave her a hug. Bella hugged her back eagerly.

"It's lovely to meet you Sue, and thank you for your compliment, it's very nice of you." My mother let Bella go and smiled.

"Time to meet the family,".