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Chapter 1 – Battle of the Comm Relay

Kendra Shaw walked down the corridor which shook as Pegasus was pounded by Cylon missiles with her side arm drawn. Her mind was racing. A technician passed her but she barely noticed him.

'How could Cain do that to Belzan? She just shot him because he disagreed with her.' She thought 'I agreed with him. If I spoke out, would she have shot me?' She didn't want to know the answer.

She continued down the corridor and found a marine lying on the floor; she checked for a pulse and found none.

Suddenly a sound from around the corner she heard footsteps and quick as a flash she raised her gun to see…

Gina out of breathe and looking scared

Kendra breathed a sigh of relief but Gina said quickly "Their coming this way, killing everyone" looking back down the corridor

Taking her hand to reassure Gina Kendra said "Go to CIC, you'll be safe there" and Gina nodded running down the corridor, followed by Kendra's eyes till she reached to lift; where Kendra turned her attention back to the marine lying in front of her. She picked up his rifle; she didn't really want to try and take down a Cylon Centurion with only her side arm and checked the clip.

She peered around the corner, to see a Cylon Centurion walking across the corridor swivelling from one side to the next looking for new targets to kill. She ducked back to avoid being seen, until she heard the heavy footsteps of the Centurion as it moved on.

Kendra came out from her hiding place, looking down the corridor to see if it was safe.

But then a Blond woman in a white coat walked into view from the same way the Centurion.

Shock gripped Kendra as she ducked back into her hiding place, that woman looked almost identical to Gina, "What the frak?" Kendra said and swung round into the open to kill the intruder.

But before she could pull the trigger, she felt her head being hit from behind and she fell into darkness, hitting the deck with a soft thud.


Gina stood over the fallen human with her model number smiling as she walked over "Thanks I didn't really want to have to go through resurrection. Who's the girl?"

"Lieutenant Kendra Shaw, Admiral Cain's aid. She found the backdoor that our sister made in the navigation software" Gina replied as two Centurions appeared from behind her sister, waiting for orders

"Smart, what do want to do with her?" the blond model 6 asked

"John wanted human prisoners for his experiments, so why not?" Gina said and the blond 6 nodded

"Take her to the heavy Raider, bind her and prepare for take off" Blond 6 ordered and one of the Centurions picked the fallen human up and put her over its shoulder, carrying her as easily as if she was a feather pillow. The silver robot then walked back down the corridor towards the hanger bay, Gina and the other 6 followed.


In CIC Cain ordered the security cameras on, so they could see what was going on the hanger deck, and to her horror saw a Cylon Centurion carrying Lieutenant Shaw off into the Heavy Raider followed by two Gina's.

"By Gods" Cain murmured as she realised that the Cylons looked like them now

As the Raider took off and flew out of the hanger, making an FTL jump once they were far enough away, Cain had only one thought

'I've been fooled'


Hours later Kendra started coming around, her vision was blurry but she could see gentle white light. And that she was lying on a cold metal surface.

Blinking to clear her vision Kendra found she was in a white room with no windows, one bench and one grey metal door.

Then as she got to her feet, she realised that her uniform had been removed along with her dog tags and side arm. She was dressed in some kind of tight grey body suit with black boots.

She studied the room and knew that there was no room on Pegasus like this, so she mustn't be on the Battlestar anymore.

The back of her head hurt so she felt it to find a lump had formed. So she sat on the hard bench and tried to think.

She must have been knocked out by someone when her back was turned, so then if she wasn't dead and she was no longer on Pegasus then the Cylons must have captured her. God only knows what they were going to do to her, but she wouldn't talk if they interrogated her.

She went to the door and tested to see if she could open it, but found the metal was too smooth and there were no panels which she could open and use to short circuit the lock.

So she went back and sat on her bench and thought about what to do


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