Yet another AluSeras story from me, I know it's getting old, but I had to do something to make sure there would be a fair balance between AxS and AxI stories. (preferably leaning into the AxS direction *Wink* ) that, and it's by far my preferred coupling. This is probably the longest first chapter I have ever written, and Alucard may only be in the end, but bear with me!

Pairing: Alucard/Seras
POV Characters: none, General pov
Genres: Horror/Romance/Alternate universe
Rating: T+ (Possible sexual references, hey, you know me!)

Chapter 1: The road less travelled

The marshlands of Drumul Taberei had never been particularly inviting at night, and tonight was no exception. All over the swamp hung a dense fog making it hard to see more than maybe eight or nine feet. Needless to say not a lot of people would be visiting this godforsaken place unless looking for something specific. In this case these 'Adventurers' had come all the way to answer to a call for help from the local population who were suffering form several attacks of what they thought to be vampires,

"Permission to be royally pissed off? Sir." Came the young and sweet sounding voice of an armour-clad woman seated on the back of a most beautiful black horse as the steed and it's rider turned heel to face their companions, despite the fact the woman's face was covered by her helmet's shining metal Visor and Bevor her large shimmering blue eyes alone revealed she had to be a pretty maiden indeed.

"Permission granted." Came the delayed reply of another other woman as she too came to a halt, gesturing for the rest of her party to follow her example. Lifting her own helmet as a sign she was listening to the younger girl. The woman's long platinum blond hair immediately fell down her shoulders reaching till just above her lower back, the first girl soon followed the lady's example revealing her cute looking face which was framed by her short strawberry blond tresses.

"Really! This is the fifth time now we pass this same damn rock, and I honestly believe we are moving in circles!" She growled out sounding so menacing that the horses of the other three knights took a few hasty steps back wanting to avoid an untimely end by her sharp blade.
The next words were whispered as if she hoped for her words to sound less harsh that way. "And moreover, who left HIM to read the map anyway? Don't you see we were bound to get lost as soon as that PERVERT started to lead the way?!" The platinum-haired lady, obviously the leader of the group looked over to the knight the girl was pointing at, who had by now also removed his helmet, revealing a handsome face only marred by a small black eye-patch covering his left eye.

"Really Mon Chéri, I 'ave no idea how zis is possible! According to ze map we should 'ave arrived in Bucharest 'alf an hour ago!" The lady nodded and motioned for the man to hand her the map, although he complied he had to resist wincing at the cold way his mistress had addressed him. Her eyes scanning the map, barely even acknowledging his presence. 'And she doesn't even care about the mignonette's foul mouth? Sexism I tell you!' the Frenchman thought to himself as he berated the unfairness of the situation.

"I see.. There's no helping it, captain Bernadette is right, we will set up camp here and wait for the morning before we move on. Captain, go inform your men." Sighing in relief that her anger was short-lived the captain saluted in response and moved towards where the rest of the troops were awaiting their orders.

"Walter, are you sure these mercenaries can be trusted? They work for money after all." The last of the four knights opened his visor as he answered the lady. "Don't worry Sir Integra, they are no ordinary mercenaries, they're professionals." He smiled assuringly before adding "The wild geese will never betray us as long as we sign the contract and the money is paid" This seemed to reassure the lady knight who returned the smile before descending her horse and handing the reins over to the younger girl that, now everyone had gotten off their horses was clearly the smallest of her group.

"I'll leave Margate in your care Seras, last time I entrusted her to Walter still lies fresh in my memory, I shall not have my horse on a sugar rush again." Both Seras and and Walter chuckled slightly on the lady's remark. Walter escorting her to the camp site as Seras took the three horses to the small creek they had come across, five times that evening. The thick mist and the foliage did obscure her range of sight but finding the water was not too hard. Getting the horses to drink was an even more easy task as all three of them were dehydrated from the long walk.

Seras sighed as she kneeled down on the shore, enjoying the calm and the way the wind cooled her skin. Just as she cupped her hands in the water to wash off the sweat that had collected on her face during the tiresome day she noticed the vague smell off copper in the air. 'no.. It's not copper' she thought to herself as she scanned the water surface, barely holding back a gag reflex as she spotted a mangled and torn corpse in the water.

"No.. Not copper for sure.. It's blood!" she raised her eyes higher as she heard a loud howling just across the creek. It was hard to see in the thick fog, the fact that it was near midnight did nothing to improve her eyesight. She could barely make out the silhouette of what appeared to be a large canine. 'A wolf?' she thought lifting an eyebrow and inadvertently clutching the reins of the three horses more tightly. The sound of a twig snapping made her twist around and she was shocked to look into a pair of brightly glowing yellow eyes.

"Impossible.. Wolves don't have glowing eyes. Margate, Altivo, Romulus, Run! You got to warn sir Integra!" She shewed the horses away knowing that when they returned
without her Integra would know that something was wrong. As the wolf made to follow the three horses Seras quickly jumped in it's way barring it's path, she had to take care of this critter before it was able to call upon companions.

"I never knew dire wolves still existed; here of all places." Seras muttered as she pulled her blade, barely dodging the wolf as it tried to pounce her. Twisting around fast she managed to land a hit on the beast's left flank, this however only served to anger the beast. As it swiped out Seras momentarily lost her balance, not expecting the strength with which the wolf struck her. Her eyes trained themselves on the creature's throat, knowing she only had one chance, if she angered the creature any more it would definitely call out for allies. Just as the wolf tried to pounce her again she swung her blade straight at it's neck, completely severing the head from it's torso.

"Phew" she sighed, "Well at least I managed to kill it before it found our encampment." She hated to think what would have happened if she had fled and thereby revealed where they were staying. Surely all of the mercenaries were good men, but dire wolves were known for being relentless, and above all, for hunting in packs. Looking around a last time to ensure she was alone she put her sword back into it's sheathe and made haste to camp where the others were waiting for her. She did not notice the many glowing eyes staring at her from the other side of the creek.

"Lieutenant Victoria, pray tell me what is the meaning of this." came lady Integra's annoyed voice as she stared the young knight down. "Why is it our horses returned alone, running as if the devil himself was on their heels?" Seras wiped her face with a sweaty hand before sitting down and telling her story.

"If it was not for the fact I have known you not to lie to me your story would have been laughable, knowing you are not the one to tell tall tales I have to say that what you did was courageous but also stupid." She said in a stern tone, causing Seras to lower her head in shame before continuing in a more gentle voice "You're like family to us, it would do no good to get yourself killed all alone." Seras looked up and quickly retorted. "But sir! If I had not killed that beast it would have followed me to camp!" Just as Integra was about to reply to Seras' statement Pip came speeding their way on the back of his own horse.

"Sir, we're being attacked! We're trying to 'old them off but there's juzt too many of zem." Integra immediately turned to her captain "too many of what? What is attacking us?" The captain seemed to take a while to find the right words and Integra's patience was wearing thin. "Answer me!" She shouted causing him to say the first thing coming to mind "Demon wolves Sir! Thousands!" Both Seras and Integra's eyes widened to this news.

"Seras, I thought you said you weren't followed." Seras shook her head in fright as she thought about what Integra asked her. "No, I was alone I would have noticed if something were following.. ..Oh no." She inwardly cursed herself as she pulled her sword out of it's sheathe. "It was a trap, they must have followed the scent of that other wolf's blood.... What kind of monster allows one of it's own kind to die just to find their dinner?" Integra narrowed her eyes in thought, whatever these creatures were, they were not normal wolves, they had proved themselves highly intelligent and cruel.

"Captain! We are suffering way too many casualties! We have to retreat!" One of the mercenaries yelled as he along with twelve others ran their way. Integra pondered the situation and nodded although with deep lamentation, It was not like a member of the proud Hellsing family line to surrender. "Okay then... Since there is no other way, Captain, call the rest of your men.. We will try to leave their hunting grounds." Seeing the soldier wanted to speak she paused to let him continue. "But sir.. We're all that is left." He spoke gesturing to the mere dozen of men in line behind him, all visibly fearing for their lives.

"Damn it all! I thought you were professionals!" Integra shouted, Just that moment the first of the wolves found the group and pounced on top of one of the mercenaries, The others watched in horror as the wolf grabbed one of the man's arms and tore it off with a single move. Integra pulled her blade and wanted to try and save the man but realized it would only get her killed as ten more came jumped in to join the feast. Casting a last glance at the man who was by now probably dead she muttered a 'God forgive me.' before turning to the survivors who were waiting for their orders.

"Everyone, Run!" She yelled as she seated herself on the back of her horse and took the lead, Trying to stay near the ones that were on foot. They barely ran four-hundred yards before more of the frenzied beasts came after them, and worse, they were gaining fast. Seras quickly threw a glance over her shoulder and saw the wolves would be upon the soldier in the back in a matter of seconds. That however wasn't the only thing she saw, leading the pack was now a much larger creature, three tails following the creature as it ran and large white teeth glistered in the moonlight. Figuring this large beast had to be the pack leader she did the last thing she expected herself to do.

Fear made way for courage as she jumped off her horse and drew her blade, her own longsword flashing briefly causing everyone, including the wolves to momentarily pause their steps. "Seras! What do you think you're doing?" Integra yelled in frustration. But Seras, still affected by the boost of adrenaline she received glared at her mistress and raised her voice in return. "I caused this situation so I ill solve it, now RUN!" She shouted, Everyone looked at her, their mouths agape and Pip was the first to react, stepping off his horse and pulling his own sword. "Zere's no way in 'el I would let you face zese monsters alone mignonette." He stated, but but was quickly stopped as Seras' dagger burrowed itself in the ground less than an inch from his feet.

"Run I said! Or I will kill you myself!" the entire party was stunned, was this really the timid girl they so sweetly referred to as the 'kitten'? Sure she had courage but she would never threaten or shout at her friends, the wolves just stood still, the alpha male almost seemed to be grinning as he watched the spectacle unfold before him. Integra, having only seen Seras behave herself this day once, on the day her parents were murdered knew better than to try and stop her.

"Pip, do as she said!" She ordered causing the mercenary captain to look at her as if she was crazy. "But, she will die!" he countered receiving a glare from the iron lady. "So will we all if we don't hurry, she knows what she is doing, Now listen to my orders and get back on your horse!" She looked at Seras who briefly smiled at her in thanks as the mercenary obeyed. "Seras, don't you dare dying." She said just above a whisper before she and the rest of the group continued their escape, Leaving Seras alone with an unknown number of enemies, yet she knew she had a chance.

"All right, this is it, all I have to do is cut down their leader, and the rest will flee." She mumbled to herself as she looked the large wolf in his eyes. The creature howled and began to charge, Seras dodged it's first attack and in the same movement pulled out another dagger burrowing it in the creature's shoulder blade. It let out a loud hiss as it landed and whipped his large furry tail along the floor, making dust and dirt fly up in her eyes.

"Ugh! That's not fair!" She cried out as she managed to, although she was barely able to see elbow the beast in the back of it's head as it made another jump trying to incapacitate her. He partly succeeded though as his the speed and strength with which he lunged at her caused her to be thrown backwards with her head against a rock. Her vision was rather blurry as she managed to get back up, and her head was spinning, rubbing over the painful area she felt something wet. "I'm bleeding." she realised. Her true shock only hit her when she managed to stand up and focus again.

"Damn! I lost him!" Seras cried out in panic. She also saw that the other wolves had decided watching this one-on-one fight was getting dull and were moving closer. She gasped as she felt sharp talons slam themselves through the back of her cuirass digging themselves deeply into her flesh. As she turned around she once again almost blanked out and realised how much blood she was losing, and that even if it was not for all these wolves she would not have long to live. "This is what happens when you want to take the road less travelled" she remarked with frustration and sarcasm.

"Mamma.. Pappa.. It seems I am coming to you a little earlier than I had expected." She said to herself, trying not to cry, but the tears came anyway. Her vision was fading fast, and when she heard a loud animalistic whine she had barely enough strength to turn to the source of the sound. Before her stood a tall man in black armor, long black hair waving in the wind she found herself unable to feel, probably due to the blood loss. Deep brown eyes briefly connected with hers, sending a shiver down her spine. Only then her eyes fell on his spear, on it three of the wolves were impaled and she figured this dark stranger had prevented her killing blow, not that it would matter, she was beyond help.

"Who.. are you?" She asked with what energy she had left, her mouth involuntarily curling into a slight smile. The man smiled.. No rather smirked back.

"Alucard." Was all he said in response before picking her up bridal style, Looking at the wolves who were now cowardly retreating as if daring them to attack her again.

"Thank you, Alucard." She spoke before finally losing consciousness, although she could have sworn she heard him chuckle and reply. "No, thank you, Seras Victoria" After that... darkness.

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