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Pairing: Alucard/Seras
POV Characters: None General pov
Genres: Horror/Romance/Alternate universe
Rating: T+

Chapter 9: Eternity means nothing

How could this have happened?
Why? I don't know,
Why do things happen as they do in dreams?

Even as Alucard's eyes drifted shut, he could not help but keep looking at Seras' face, seeking a movement, a sound, a reaction from her, any sort of sign that would show him she was still alive. But it was not to be. What is the use of power if you have nothing worth protecting? With that thought he allowed his eyes to shut themselves and darkness to fully claim him.

"You told me to warn you." A soft barely audible voice made his eyes snap open. As his eyes trailed to the place where Seras was laying he was still unable to detect any trace of her life force. His ears only picked up the rattling of metal and she sound of screams from the ongoing battle. He was imagining things.

At least that was what he thought until her glazed eyes began to glow faintly and she began to slowly push herself up from the ground, Staggering for a moment as she stood. Her body was weary and it was obvious she would not be holding herself up for long. But her expression held determination. He was... Entranced as he watched her open her hands, her palms slowly glowing up.

Her actions did not go unnoticed, the wolves that had previously witnessed this sight were the first to react. Unwilling to once more be exposed to her "Spell" they ran off hoping to avoid the blast. Those that had not been there the first time around decided the best course of action would be to attack her head-on and interrupt her preparations.

"No you won't!" Kim yelled as she and her soldiers blocked their path to the Paladin. Seras sighed, thankful for the help, she had expected this to go as fast as the first time but seeing as she was barely able to stand, it somehow made sense that she would be taking longer.

She only just turned her head as she heard a clicking sound behind her, in her effort she had forgotten all about the captain, thus she was unprepared when he fired his gun straight at her head, She closed her eyes as she waited for the pain the impact was sure to bring.

As she heard the bullet collide with metal she opened her eyes in confusion.. "Clank?" That surely wasn't the sound of a bullet ripping into her flesh. She smiled as her eyes were met with the solid blackened metal of Alucard's armor-clad arm. The bullet that was meant for her falling to the ground , nothing more than a crumpled piece of scrap metal after impacting on his thick battle suit.

"I Feel sorry for you,.. Hans." Seras spoke as her spell neared completion. "I may never be as strong as you, But I have friends I can rely on, all you have are slaves." She gave the werewolf a last smile before she opened one of her palms in his direction, Facing the other to the battlefield. "Bang." She mouthed dryly as she released all the light that had accumulated in her palms. And for a moment, as the light swept over the many wolves and ghouls belonging to the Fenriswulf tribe, and straight into his direction Seras thought she saw him smile.

As the light died out, there was no more trace of the captain or his army. The few Wallachians and Crimson fang wolves that had survived the battle looked up in surprise. Wondering why the energies had not burned them like it had their enemies.

Seras looked ahead once more before collapsing, Alucard catching her just before she hit the ground and pulling her up in his arms. Her breathing was fast and erratic as she took a few needful moments to recover. "We have to go after them!" She suddenly remembered."Some of them managed to get away, we have to stop them before they come across any huma...."

"That won't be necessary, Lieutenant Victoria." She was suddenly interrupted by a stern voice. "While we were on our way here we ran into a few, strays that seemed to be in quite a hurry, I assure you their pelts will make fine floor decorations" Integra spoke with a smile as she, for the first time since Seras met her showed that she did have some, slightly eccentric, sense of humour.

If she had not seen it with her own eyes Seras would never have believed Integra would come to her aid, after she had decided to return to Alucard, eventually resulting in her capture. Integra cast Alucard a foul look, but it died as she saw the no life king hold Seras so, gently. She had never expected a vampire to be able to show care of any sort, her father had always described vampires as murderous vile demons, and the ones she had faced before had been exactly that.

As Integra looked Alucard over for any trace of ill intent their eyes momentarily connected, and she was shocked at the information they held, Pain, loss, Sadness, but also a lot of care and protectiveness towards the little girl lying in his arms. His eyes said everything "It's alright, she is safe with me." As her scowl slowly turned into a half-smile Integra Nodded and turned to her captain.

"Mission Accomplished, All targets have been silenced. Let us head back home." Captain Bernadette was obviously not completely satisfied with leaving Seras in the Vampire's care, but as he opened his mouth to speak a death-glare from Integra made him shut up before any sound managed to escape his lips.

Alucard and Seras watched the group until they were well out of sight, Seras smiling all the time as she felt safe laying in the arms of her dark saviour, only when she felt his eyes on her back she turned to offer him a cute smile, her hand tentatively reaching out to caress his face, as if to make sure he was really there.

"How?" Alucard asked finally breaking the silence, looking away to the discarded bag that had held her "Corpse" only minutes before. Seras shivered as the memories returned.

"The head priest, Anderson had taken a liking to me, how I don't know. If there was a definition of heathen it would have been me, Perhaps he sensed my hidden potential... But he taught me that skill.. It allows a paladin to release their essence from their bodies making hem appear dead.." She couldn't keep herself from smiling at the thought. "Needless to say, I never succeeded in doing so before."

"Not that." Alucard stated, his eyes looking at the bag with loathing, as if it would come and try to strangle Seras if he did not keep watching it. He barely resisted the urge to his at the inanimate piece of clot. "How did they capture you?"

Seras remained silent, she did not want to think on it, it was weak of her. Of all things they had used kids to get to her. Dead or not she would never be able to get herself to attack kids. She decided to change the topic "You know.." She began. "If you were looking for the right moment to bite down this would be it, I have no light left within me to fight you. I'm just a poor little normal girl now." She joked with a giggle as she stared in the crimson eyes of the nosferatu that had conquered her heart. Knowing that after all they had been through he wouldn't even think of turning her, she was much too valuable the way she was.

Neither of them knew they were being watched as he gazed upon the couple from afar, for once, his intent was just to observe, and to be plain, that was all he planned on doing from now on. As the man lifted his hand to his face he could clearly see the scorched skin, a small symbol that once served as a seal still partially visible.

A seal that once bound him, now broken. Purified as her light burned the flesh of his arm, a small price to pay for freedom. Perhaps one day he would return to them to offer his services, both as thanks for breaking his curse, and to make up to her for all the pain he had caused, one day perhaps, for now the wounds were still too fresh. For now it was for the best they thought Fenrir had died.

"I can't believe it! I thought you respected me more than this!" The voice of the fuming little blonde echoed along the thick darkstone walls of the castle's interior, Angrily Seras slapped a crystal chalice that was offered to her out of the hand of one of Alucard's servants, crimson liquid spilling over the black-wood floor as the goblet shattered. The girl's eyes were glowing like embers, which was the reason for her current anger. Alucard grinned as his bride gave him an angry pout.

"You know, your anger is beautiful" This line was enough to piss her off even more.

"Oh, so that is why you did it?! Because you like to see me angry and not because you did not think I was good enough the way I was? Oh that makes me feel a lot better!" She crossed her arms as she glared the cause of her current situation. Again only succeeding to amuse him. "What if I did not want to become a vampire? What if I...." She stopped shouting when she saw Alucard's grin falter and his expression turn serious, almost depressed.

"What if you what, Draculina? Wanted to live a normal life? Growing old and dying by the slow passing of time? That choice was never yours to make, not after all the time it took me to find one worthy of our blood." He seemed distant as he spoke. "I'm a possessive monster Seras, I took a lot of effort to get you and I shall not lose you, even to time. I hope that one day you will learn to embrace what I made you into."

She wanted to hate him for those words, for not even considering how she felt, but somehow, she just couldn't. The way he spoke, as if he knew how it was to lose your loved ones over and over again made her heart mourn for him. And she having lost her parents found herself thinking about how she would feel if she were to be cursed to go through that horrible event more than once. She thought that maybe, for this once it wouldn't be so bad to just give in to his will and take what he gave her with thanks.

Slowly she felt her anger dissipate and she surprised the no life king, who was clearly expecting the beating of his life as she rested her body against his, drifting off to sleep as his arms once again wrapped around her small frame. The surprise was a pleasant one and he gratefully rested his head on hers, inhaling her scent, tonight she smelled like peach with a hint of rose, why she covered her smell up with soap and.. whatever she used.. He did not know, she smelled fine regardless.

A sly grin formed on his face as he felt his usual cockiness return.
"So, are you tired of being a virgin yet?"

As she took longer to reply he was getting more and more sure tonight would be the night.
"Don't push your luck."

A minor setback, he thought with a sigh, but it did not matter. There was always tomorrow.

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