A/N: Sorry this has taken so long. My old laptop is about 12 years old and I've had school (not to mention the bunnies decided to run away) so...hopefully now it'll flow faster since they'll be 7th years.

Chapter 47

It was summer before any of them knew it. A rainy day trapped James inside, and so he owled Jane over. She agreed, but he knew she was only agreeing to shut him up. It was very nearly the fiftieth letter he'd sent asking that very question. A knock got the attention of the family's house elf. She screamed, though once the door was open.

James bolted down the stairs, sliding on the banister to meet both of his parents. A dark haired teenage boy stood, a motorcycle behind him. He was obviously soaked.

"Padfoot?" James frowned, pushing past the house elf to pull the Black into the house. "Get him a towel!" He snapped, scaring the small girl. She disappeared in a snap, returning shortly with a white one for him. "Mate? What's wrong?"

"Can I stay here for a few days?" Sirius choked out, the towel hanging on his shoulders. He tossed his hair back from his face to properly look at Mrs. Potter.

"Of course you can. I'll put some tea on for you." The elder woman smiled, nodding. "James, honey? Take Sirius to your room and get him a change of clothes. Alice will get one of the guest rooms set up for him." She took her husband's hand and led him to the kitchen. The boy would talk when he was ready.

Silently James led his best mate up the stairs. Neither broke the silence more than they had to. A 'this should fit' from James and a 'thanks' from Sirius was the extent of their conversation in his room. It wasn't until he showed him to the guest room that anything real was said.

"She kicked me out." Sirius ruffled his curling hair. It had gotten long over the few weeks since school. Nearly touched his shoulders it was so long. "My mum told me to get out like I was one of the house Elves. Threw a sock at me even." He muttered a curse, tugging at the pants he'd borrowed.

"Mate, I…I'm sorry. You know you can stay here, don't you? Long as you need to. Forever if you want." James touched Sirius' shoulder gently, the door behind them opening as Alice lugged a trunk around a pair of torn converse.

"What's wrong?" Jane frowned. Sirius took James' hand in his, a look of 'don't' filled his eyes.

"Nothing. Sirius just got caught in the rain on his way over. Spending the summer with us. I forgot mum and dad had said yes." James laughed, giving the shoulder a friendly squeeze. "What are you doing in here?"

"This was my room. Guess mum couldn't wait to turn it into something decent when I left." She shrugged, leaning against the door frame, her bag hanging limply at her side. She'd come to stay over.

"That was a while ago, Jane. Only last summer did she really do anything to it. All your stuff you left's still in it's place though. Dad made sure of it." James glanced between the two. Sirius seemed to refuse to look at Jane. She didn't have it as bad, compared to him, but she could still understand.

"Huh." Jane rolled her eyes, turning on her heel to find a new room, he supposed.

"You'll tell her?" James asked, his hand falling down.

"Eventually. Maybe." Sirius grumbled.

James nodded, giving Sirius one last pat and left, to let him settle into the room.

The house was tense for weeks. Sirius spent most of his time in Jane's old room, claiming to not be hungry and sending owls back and forth to Merlin knew who. Jane was getting testy. She knew he was hiding something and no one in the house would tell her. James always made up an excuse to not tell her and her mum and dad were just as tight lipped. Near the end of Summer she finally managed to catch him on his way out of her room.

"Sirius Black. What the Hell is going on here?" She snapped, her arms folded across her chest. Again he was wearing James' clothes. His must have been dirty, scattered across her, or rather his, room. He cursed, nearing Jane to push her against the wall behind her. She stared at him, shocked. Her hands went to his arms, trying to study the intent in his eyes.

"I have no money, no property and I am entirely dependant upon that bizarre lunatic my uncle." Sirius said in a hurry, hearing James come up the stairs. "I cannot yet offer you marriage, but you must know what I feel." He took exactly two deep breaths before speaking again, quieter. As if their conversation had to be a secret. "Jane I am yours. Gah, I am yours. I am yours heart and soul. What good that is…" Sirius sighed with a sarcastic laugh.

"Let me decide that." Jane whispered in return, smiling gently.

"She's kicked me out. Threw her own sock at my head and told me to leave. Like I was a useless house elf." Sirius snapped, leaning closer to her. "I don't know what's going to happen, but I had to tell you. I had to let you know." He kissed her forehead. "I'm yours." He whispered again. Jane nodded, pulling him into a hug. Sirius Black had nothing left. Nothing from the 'noble' house he'd come from, but he had her. And she knew this was as close as he'd ever come to loving her, and it was just as close as she'd get to loving him back.

James smiled at the top of the stairs, eying the two figures. He was glad Sirius could tell someone. That pride of his was always in the way with him and Jane.