3. Smile

Xanxus was not sentimental. He didn't believe in sentimental bullshit. He didn't believe in love poems, over-exaggerated love soap operas, love songs and… well you get the point. He simply saw no point to it. Not to say he didn't believe in love. Though you couldn't say he believed in it either. He was pretty much in the middle.

One on hand, love was weak; to him, to love was to admit a weakness. And the fucking Boss of the Vongola isn't weak.

…But then there was the matter of his sister, Ciel. You were insane if you were expecting him to admit it, even to himself, but he did care about her.

Contrary to popular belief, it was not as hard as exaggerated to satisfy Xanxus. Alright so the things that did satisfy him were somewhat… difficult… to obtain but…! There weren't many wishes of his heart. One was, the ever famous to thwart the Ninth (and eventually the Tenth).

The second was not so well known. Probably nobody knew it, in actuality.

It was hard work training to become a mafia boss and what other shit. And he already knew it, it was all just going to nothing. Perhaps he went on because this answer was not satisfactory. And maybe if he went and did something, he might feel a bit satisfied… and this is already turning into a buttload of sentimental shit.

'Nii-sama!' Xanxus looked down at his little sister wearily. She wore a large smile and held a tub of ice cream in her hands. 'Would you like some?' she asked.

And despite himself, Xanxus felt the corner of his mouth twitch upwards. 'Not now Ciel. I'm busy.' Because…

'Later okay?'

Because despite whatever else may happen, he knew that smile would always be there, the smile of his sister who revered him so for his work, and who he was…

'Yes. But later.'

…it was satisfactory enough. For now.


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