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As a sort of mass reviewer response: IT WAS SO A HAPPY ENDING! Watson may not have been fully certain, but at least he wasn't hardcore grieving like he would have in the original canon! BTW, if you still adamantly insist that it was a sad ending, blame your fellow reviewers because I remember earlier when I was receiving reviews for Ch.3 (the massive Holmes grieving chapter), a couple of people were saying that since I have the Holmes grief thing so down-pat, I should try my hand at Watson angst and I guess it just stuck with me, like a dare that kept nagging at my conscious and when I developed the epilogue, it sorta just snuck in there to prove once in for all I could do angst both ways. But seriously people, it was meant to be a happy ending…although my spectrum of emotions may be a little off.

Reviewer Responses (in order of appearance):

KylaRyan: First reviewer! Massive brownie points for you. And although you were a late-comer, your enthusiasm has been much appreciated. Since you said you couldn't wait for more of my so-called "genius" (*smugly polishes knuckles on shirt*), here's some sneak peaks at my coming works.

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Blame the Cupcake: Yeah, I have a penchant for secondary characters. For some reason, I end up developing them and loving them just as much as the main characters. Forcas and the gang are definitely going to make appearances in my later fics, although they're open for public use if you or any other fanfic writer would like to use their mercenary goodness. Mercs are just cool, like Han Solo cool, the anti-heros.

XtinethePirate: EXACTLY, it's a happy ending. Watson semi-knows Holmes is alive. It's a big deal. I mean, he still faints like a big, cuddly sissy in EMPT, but still! The integration of the canon was a must for me. As a fanfic writer, it is my sworn duty to pay tribute to the original canon (in new and interesting ways that may or may not have ACD turning in his grave). I was thrilled to see your enthusiasm for my works jump from comm to comm. Makes me all happy inside, like monkeys jumping in pudding. I hope you stick around, I plan on sticking to this fandom a while yet. ^-^ Thanks for all the love!

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Savethellamas: Another reviewer from the very start all of the fic—damn, was it that long?—six months ago. Massive Kutos, my friend. Short and late is waaayyyy better than never and well worth the reassurance that I wrote something that people were willing to follow despite my sin of extremely late updates. Very glad the ending met your approval and hope to see you on later projects.

medcat: I was wondering where you had gone off to after you reviewed a while ago, but very glad you went ahead and review spammed me to make up for lost time. Holmes' reaming of Mr. Ellis was indeed quite the pleasure to write. I'm very glad so many things turned out "great". ^-^ I sincerely hope I can keep up the "great" work.


(All works that follow sometime during and after the completion of Infinite Universes)

Title: No Fortress So Strong

Rating: PG-T

Genre: AU – alternate universe

Summary: A spin-off/continuation of let-the-eli-in's AU, To the Inevitable Dusk. Brotherhood endures the rigors and strife of adulthood, wounded, but always emerging stronger for it.

A/N: All credit to the original concept goes to let-the-eli-in, who has graciously allowed me to continue on what she started, although my focus is primarily on the impact of their sibling relationship as adults rather than children. Dusk is pretty much required reading (it's on my fav stories list for easy finding). Will consist primarily of two main stories which will then dissolve into a drabble series.


"When brothers agree, no fortress is so strong as their common life." –Antisthenes

Story 1- Sherlock learns the price of arrogance when his first venture into London crime solving leads to devastating results.

Story 2- The Holmes brothers' reaction to John joining the army.

Title: Of Mice and Men

Rating: K+

Genre: Crossover with Basil of Baker Street by Eve Titus (the inspiration for The Great Mouse Detective)

Summary: In which the adventures and tails of Holmes, Watson, and their two familiars Basil and Dawson, are recorded.

A/N: A spin-off series continuing from Ch.18 of my Infinite Universes story, originally a GMD crossover. I have planned for a collection of four one-shots, although when I do post the story it will be with the first chapter being what I had from Ch.18 of Infinite Universes.

(An older work I had in mind, but which I mainly abandoned after writing my Infinite Universes piece. I was planning on writing both a slash and non-slash version, though I may write only one of those, not sure. Definitely something on the backburners.)

Title: The Guardian (Who will Guard the Gaurdians?)

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? -Plato

Rating: T

Genre: Supernatural AU (and slash, if the case may be)

Summary: Watson is a Guardian. Holmes is his charge. Together they overcome many dangers in this world, but the one thing that could destroy him resides in both their hearts and the undeniable pull between them.

A/N: What I wanted to do with this was to, simply put, create an alternate universe, meaning I wanted to tell the exact same ACD story with one simple little twist that changes the face, but not the core of the entire mythos.

Side note: If you don't like slash, don't worry, the differences between the slash and non-slash versions are monumental. In fact, they have almost entirely different storylines, only sharing the same AU aspect, which is actually different conceptually as well…so yeah.



"Anyone can be an angel." -Author Unknown

Watson revealed his true form to Holmes only three times. Once to save his life. The second time because he asked. The third, because it was the last.

Holmes was only surprised during that pivotal first occasion.

(My next—incredibly ambitious—full scale project…I hope)

Title: The Princeling Apprentice

Rating: T

Genre: AU – alternate universe

Timeline: Nine years after the three year Hiatus.

Summary: Almost ten years ago, Sherlock Holmes returned from the grave only to disappear once more following the tragic death of his friend and colleague, Dr. John Watson (who succeeded his wife by only two years). When, haunted and weary, the great detective is forced to turn his focus to London once again, it is with even greater difficulty than he anticipated. Watson's memory wasn't the only thing he left behind, but his son and Holmes' legal ward.

A/N: Anyone else read The Beekeeper's Apprentice and felt the need to vomit? Yeah, I did because I just COULD NOT STAND the main character and was freaked out by the absence of Watson from Holmes' life during his retirement and within this dual amount of disgust my mind was sent a-whirring and came up with this new insanity as a kind of solution.



Baker Street was the same as he remembered.

Just as he feared it would.

His brother was explaining something, something monumentally important, but he couldn't focus, couldn't think while awash with the imperative compulsion to specify the minute differences in the strikingly present though minute traces of his own strong shag and Watson's ship's tobacco. It was the small details that allowed him to ignore the much bigger one, the most glaring detail of all.

"Sherlock, have you been listening to a word I just said?"

Holmes swung his head to lay his piercing stare upon his brother. "Yes, due to the intrinsic properties of sound waves, I did indeed hear all."

Mycroft, unfazed by the glare his brother had been cultivating since the tender age of six, raised his brow. "But the question is, did you comprehend any of it?"

"Of course I did, I'm Sherlock Holmes," he said, raising his hands with a slight flourish and a wide smile. It would have merely been humorous if his tone hadn't been laced with a certain bitterness.

Mycroft awarded his brother's performance with a stony silence.

Holmes immediately dropped his affected smile and momentary bravado, his features settling back into the drawn and serious expression he had adopted for the last ten years, turning his face once more towards the window while he spoke. "I will consider the case, but as for the other matter—"

"He isn't as naturally talented as you and I were, but he is bright and at an early enough age that we can take advantage of that in the following years and condition him into becoming a formidable investigator."

"The last time I checked, children were not dogs to be trained or pawns to be manipulated, even by your meticulous planning, brother mine," Holmes replied, a hint of steel in his voice.

Mycroft's brows arched once more, this time in faint amusement. "Even I am subjected to the universe's machinations, Sherlock. The boy has been expelled from his current school and as it is barely a month before the summer holiday, it is unlikely he can be admitted anywhere else. He needs somewhere to stay until the start of the new term and tutored." Mycroft Holmes with his all-seeing eyes and his decided ignorance of scruples that normally plagued the average person, allowed him to easily select and jab at the chink in his younger brother's armor. "If you will not do it for me or for yourself, then do it for Watson. He named you as the boy's legal guardian."

Holmes kept his face resolutely turned towards the sitting room windows, though he closed them briefly as he gathered his thoughts.

"What's the boy's name?"

"Thaddeus, named for the chivalrous actions of the more honorable one of the infamous Sholto's. You are aware of that particular case, I assume. It also happens to be the name of his maternal great-grandfather. Your first act as legal guardian will invariably be to locate your errant ward. When I went to pick him up from school, he and his things, what little he does own, were gone. He left me this."

Holmes finally redirected his attention back to his brother and the note he held. Holmes took it, glancing over the lines, though his face, or at least the intimate knowledge between siblings, betrayed his shock.

Mycroft smiled as he lit his cigar. "Yes, the boy possesses a rather considerable talent for forgery, which incidentally has led to his current predicament."

"'Uncle Mycroft,'" Holmes read, attempting to mask his initial shock with the obvious look of disdain he shot towards his brother.

Mycroft merely shrugged and replied, "You were absent. It was my duty to make appearances."

"'This school was becoming dull anyways. Cheers,'" Holmes paused, perhaps a heartbeat longer than necessary, "signed, J.H.W."

"Well you didn't expect a boy of eleven to keep a name like Thaddeus, did you?"

"Jude," Holmes breathed, the deduction coming nearly instantaneously. "Jude Holmes Watson."


Very small note: Jude and Thaddeus are apparently equivalent names. Anyone excited yet?