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I knew you were the one as soon as you looked into my eyes.

I mean, here you were, trapped, lonely, abandon and, here I was, looking for someone to take care of. It was a perfect match.

Sure, you might not have been the prettiest thing but . . . as soon as you looked into my eyes with yours, I knew that I had to have you.

"Hi," I had whispered when I saw you.

You stared back, possibly wondering if I would be like the others. If I would just stare and then walk away without another thought, leaving you there for another lonely night. You weren't wanted, by anyone else. An outcast among your own kind.

But I loved you all the more for it.

You were perfect, the moment I held you, not too big, not too small. And you were so, so soft against my skin.

"I'll take him," I thought to myself.

I didn't care that he said that nobody else wanted you. I wanted you.

And that night, when we got to my room, and all you did for a few more moments was stare at me, I didn't mind. I knew you had to figure out whether or not you could trust me.

Slowly I reached out my hand. . . . You shrunk away but didn't run as I laid my hand down on your head, scratching lightly behind you ears.

You purred, blinking those bright eyes of yours and then you hesitantly crawled into my lap, begging for more, begging to be loved and I was more than happy to oblige.

"Welcome to your new family," I say with a smile. "Crookshanks."

A/N: Sorry . . . . This is just a little dedication I wrote at two thirty this morning to my cat Thumbelina, who passed away not more than hour before. . . . Um, you don't have to review or something. . . . This is just something I felt compelled to do.

So, um, rest in peace Thumbel (1993-2009).

You will be missed.