Author's Note: Just for my pal, Tiffany, who doesn't know much about anime characters, here you go Tiff. Luffy (guy) is the captain of the pirate crew, Nami (girl) is the navigator, Ussop (guy) is the sniper, Zolo (guy) is the swordsman, Robin (lady) is the historian, Chopper (male reindeer, I know, weird) is the doctor, and Sanji (guy) is the cook. They're all in their teens (17-19), except for Robin, she's 28.


Crap! I'm being chased again by Smoker and his marine goons! I ran around the village while making sharp turns at corners. Just when I was eating in peace at some random restaurant, which I happen to crash into, Smoker appears! Jeez, don't that guy just give it up already!? He's not going to catch me!

Deciding to end this, I was about to launch.

"Gum, gum, ROCKET!" I shouted.

My arm stretched a couple thousand meters or so right into the middle of nowhere in the ocean. When I felt the edge of Merry Go, I grinned.

"See you later Smoker!" I called to him as he was running towards me.

"Grr, curse you straw hat! I'll get you for this!" he roared.

My feet lifted up into the air and I flew back to my ship. I felt the piercings of the wind as I cut through the air.

"Hey! You guys! Luffy's back!" shouted Usopp's voice.

The bottom of my feet hit the deck. I grinned.

"Hey everybody!" I yelled.

I saw Nami sighed, "You were being chased by Smoker, weren't you?" she asked.

I nodded, "Yeah, but don't worry, I lost him!"

"It's a good thing you did, the last time the marines were on your trail, they ended up in ours," Zolo said.

I grinned even bigger, "Well not today! Oh right, hey Sanji, I brought the ingredients that you told me to bring,"

I lowered the huge sack that I carried on my back. The sack opened which exposed the vegetables and spices which the store lady have given me. Sanji walked over and peered over.

He took out his cigarette and blew out a puff of smoke, "Good job Luffy, I might be able to make something special for tonight."

I grinned, "And be sure to make meat to!" I exclaimed.

I then turned to Usopp who was standing next to me, "Oh, by the way, where's Chopper and Robin?" I asked.

"Robin's inside reading and Chopper is making some medicine," Ussop answered.

I groaned, "Ah! Chopper's always cooped inside there! Call him so we can have fun!" I said.

Nami frowned and slapped the back of my head. I clutched onto the pain, "Gah! Nami! What did you do that for?" I whined.

Nami snorted, "Chopper is busy making medicine for us! Be patient and wait until he's finished with his work!" she snapped.

I hung my head, "Fine,"

Then the door to the cabin opened, Chopper was here.

I flung my arms in the air with excitement, "Chopper! You're here!" I shouted.

Chopper grinned at my way, "Hey Luffy," the reindeer greeted, he lifted up his hoof and waved.

"Chopper, I thought you had work to do," Usopp said.

"I do, but I heard that Luffy came back. Um, Sanji, you don't mind if I take some herbs with me, do you?" Chopper said.

Sanji smiled, "Not at all,"

Chopper trotted to the sack and rummaged through. Then we heard him gasp.

"What's the matter?" asked Zolo, cautioned.

"Luffy, where did you get these from?" asked Chopper, his head still in the bag.

My pinky that was buried in my ear, digging for ear boogers, was pulled out and I replied back, "Hmm, let's see," I said with my usual quick tone, "I got it from some old lady at a store,"

"What was the store called?" asked Chopper.

"Hmm, I forgot," I quickly said.

Something struck the side of my head, it was Nami's fist, "You always forget!" Nami loudly retorted. She grabbed me by the collar of my shirt and shook me.

"What's the matter?" asked Sanji as he took a breath from his cigar.

Chopper finally came out and pulled out leaves that were spotted with purple dots. Everyone's eyes widened.

"Milesfofo leaves," Chopper said, "I can't believe they existed in parts around here,"

"Milesfofo leaves? Are they good for broiling?" asked Sanji.

My mouth watered, "Mmm, I'm hungry," I gargled.

Chopper shook his head, "No, but I think I heard that they would make great medicine,"

I frowned, "So I can't eat them?" I grumbled.

"What does those leaves cure?" asked Nami.

"I'm not sure, but I'm determined to find out," Chopper said.


"Luffy! Quit stretching!" Ussop shouted.

I stuffed as much food into my mouth as possible. It was so yummy! Extra points for Sanji! After quickly swallowing, my mouth lusted for more food, I stretched my arm across the table and grabbed Zolo's bread while he wasn't looking. Before I could quickly take it back, a fork stabbed my hand.

"Youch! Damn Zolo! That hurt!" I cried, whipped my hand back.

Zolo glared at me, "That's what you get for stealing, rubber man," he retorted.

Then Sanji twirled out of the kitchen, holding more dishes of food, my mouth watered. But it wasn't for me, it was for Nami and Robin!

"Nami! Robin! More dishes for the two most lovely ladies in the sea!?" he sang. Hearts popped right out of his eyes.

Robin smiled, "Thank you, Mr. Cook," she replied.

"KYA! Anytime my honey!"

"Shitty cook," Zolo mumbled.

A foot tackled the back of Zolo's head, "What did you say moss head?" Sanji deadly demanded.

As the two quarreled, I laughed at them and stuffed more food into my mouth. Then Chopper arrived.

"Oh! Chopper! What took ya? Dinner is already here!" I shouted, bits of food spurted out of my mouth. I heard Nami grumbled about don't talk with my mouth full.

It was true, Chopper spent all day studying those leaves with the purple dots. I even peeked through to see if Chopper was finished. He was so concentrated in his work that he didn't even notice the ruckus between Sanji and Zolo previously. I saw determination that flared in his eyes. I thought it was best to leave him alone.

Chopper sheepishly smiled and scratched the back of his head, "Well, I almost finished making the medicine," he declared.

Usopp smiled and gave him the thumbs up, "Great job Chopper!" he congratulated.

Chopper jolted and started sheepishly smiling and twirling around, "You stupid imbecile! Even if you congratulated me, I won't be happy about it!" he cheered.

"He looks happy," I quickly stated.

"Yeah," Usopp agreed.

~couple days later~

"Sanji! I'm going to die! Where's my food?" I loudly whined.

"You just had lunch Luffy," Sanji retorted.

"But I'm hungry!"

I was lying down on the floor, somewhere on the ship. I would usually sit on top of my favorite seat, the figurehead of Merry Go at this time of day, but I was so out of energy! I need food!

"Eh, food," I chanted in a grumbling tone.

Then the door banged open. I used up my remaining energy to see Chopper holding up a purple bun in his hoof. He was smiling victoriously, "Yes! I finished!" he exclaimed.

My mouth watered. Food at last!

Usopp skipped over to Chopper curiously, "What did you make?" he asked.

Choppy gleamed a smile, "Medicine that I made from those Milesfofo leaves!"

"Great! So what do they cure? Scurvy? Heart burn?" Usopp listed.

Chopper lowered his hoof in slow defeat, "Uh, I, uh, aren't sure what it cures. But I know that it's powerful," he admitted.

Hey, maybe it would cure my hunger! I reached the purple bun and grabbed it while Usopp or Chopper wasn't looking, and stuffed it into my mouth. Then chewed.

Chopper looked down at his empty hoof and started shaking, "Wah! The medicine is gone!" he shouted.

Chopper started to panic. "What!? You couldn't have accidentally dropped it, could you?" Usopp asked.

"But it was right here on my hoof!"

As I chewed more and more, bitter flavor swirls along with my tongue, this thing is nasty! I immediately spat it out, accidentally swallowing small chunks. Then I felt a sharp pinch on my cheek.

"I think I know who the culprit is," Nami said.

Usopp and Chopper looked at our way. Then Chopper screamed with his eyes popping out. I guess there were purple crumbs on my face.

"Luffy! How could you!?" Chopper cried.

When Nami let go, I just merely shrugged, "I was hungry," I replied.

Nami punched my head, and shouted into my face, "You crazy idiot! Chopper worked long and hard to make that! What if one of us gets really sick!?" she demanded.

I pouted, "But Nami, neither of us ever gotten sick before," I pointed.

Usopp started to freak out unnecessarily, "WE'RE GONNA DIE!"

Then Zolo finally woke up from his long slumber, "Crazy idiots. What's with all the racket?" he grumbled, sleep still in his eyes.

"WE'RE GONNA DIE!" Usopp repeated.

But Zolo just yawned, "From what?"

Usopp stopped for a second, then continued back to freaking out mode, "Luffy ate Chopper's medicine that could probably save our lives from food poisoning! We're gonna die!"

Sanji's angry head popped out of the kitchen, "HEY YOU FOOL! I WOULD NEVER EVER MAKE ANYTHING THAT WOULD HARM NAMI AND ROBIN!" he shouted furiously.

"Tch, shitty cook," Zolo mumbled and yawned.

Sanji apparently didn't hear because he stomped back to the kitchen instead of fighting Zolo like usual. Usopp and Chopper continued to freak out and run around in circles with their arms flaying while Zolo laid back down under the sun to sleep some more.

Then my stomach started to ache. It felt as if thousand needles were piercing into my stomach!

I howled, "OW! MY STOMACH!" I cried, I rolled around on the floor.

I clutched onto my stomach and groaned.

Nami sighed tiredly, "That's what you get idiot," she remarked.

"My stomach really hurts!" I whined.

Chopper stopped and trotted to me, "Luffy, how much of that medicine did you eat?" he asked.

"W-well, it was really gross so I spit it out,"

"All of it?"

"Well, I did swallow a little bit of it," I confessed.

Chopper furrowed his eyebrows, "This might be a problem," he muttered.

Robin came into view, "What is the problem, Mr. Doctor?" asked Robin.

Chopper turned to Robin, "Luffy ate some of the medicine I made from Milesfofo leaves. Although, I don't really know what the symptoms are,"

"Then what's the use of those leaves!?" Ussop said.

Chopper frowned, "I don't know, I just heard that it was useful for some traumatic disease," Chopper replied.

I groaned in pain, "Eugh! My stomach feels like shit!" I cried.

Usopp looked at me, "You mean your stomach feels like poop?"

Chopper, Usopp, and I started to laugh hysterically, then I immediately stopped due to the more pain created inside my stomach, "Gah! It hurts!" I moaned.

"Hyeeaahh! LUFFY!" the two cried in despair.

Robin's eyebrows knitted together, "Milesfofo leaves?" she repeated.

"Robin, do you happen to know anything about it?" Nami asked.

She shook her head, "But I'll figure it out. Anyway, right now we will need to help Mr. Captain to bed. He doesn't look so well," she commented.

"I don't feel well too," I rasped.

~at night~

I kept tossing and turning at night. The pain just won't go! I wanted to scream and cry, but I couldn't search for my voice. Instead, a faint gasp escaped. I wanted tears to verge out of my eyes, but they were dried up as well. Why couldn't I? Why couldn't I say anything or even make a tear fall out? What did that purple bun do to me? Have painful constipation?

It was too painful to even sit up on the hammock. After the restless pain, it seemed to simmer down. I heard Usopp's snores, Sanji's loud breathing, and Chopper's sleep talking. Zolo was sleeping outside as usual, Nami and Robin were in their room. I sighed quietly as the usual sounds from my crew soothed me, then sleep started to enter my body. I closed my eyes and slept.

~in the morning~

"You guys! Wake up!" shouted Nami's voice.

I shifted in bed, I didn't want to get up now! I didn't get enough sleep after all that tussling! Sanji seemed to be wide-awake now since he heard Nami's voice. I heard Chopper stir, then slowly got up. Ussop yawned and got out to.

"Come on Luffy! Let's go," Usopp called.

"Don't wanna," I mumbled.

"Come on! If you don't get up, there won't be enough breakfast for you to steal!" he teased.

Oh, we don't want that, now do we? I sat up and stretched and stifled a yawn. Then climbed down out of bed. Before All the guys could exit through the door, they froze where they stood and stared at me incredulously. I furrowed my eyebrows and tilted my head to the side.

"What?" I asked, confused.

They all continued to stare at me with hanging mouths. I stared back, then looked behind me. Nothing there. Well, there's no point standing here, but before I could walk any further, I felt something heavy on my chest.

I looked down, there was something there. And it was all round and fat, like grapefruits only smaller and warmer. I frowned, I grabbed one of them and tried to pull them off, but it hurt when I did so.

"Ow! What the hell is this?" I mumbled.

My eyes widened, did my voice change? I slapped my hands over my mouth. The guys kept staring at me, like they were paralyzed.

"What the hell is this?" I muttered, although inside I was really panicking!

I placed my hands on my hips, feeling a dent. I jolted, I carefully ran one finger through my side. It was curvy. Wait, I have curves! I looked at horror. What the hell?! I grabbed my waist and quickly examined myself. My butt is a little bit bigger, my chest is softer, I have these two things hanging out of my chest, my voice is more feminine, and…and…I HAVE LONGER HAIR?! Yes, it's true, my hair is now mid back length.

There's only one answer for this.


The guys finally made a reaction by falling down.

"NO YOU IDIOT! YOU'RE A CHICK! A CHICK!" Sanji screamed into my face.

I tilted my head in confusion, "A chick? Then shouldn't I be yellow and fluffy?" I asked.

Sanji slapped his face a couple times. While doing so, Ussop backed away from me along with Chopper. They stared at me as if I grew another arm. Wait! No, I still have two arms.

"What's the matter you guys?" I asked.

"L-Luffy, is that really you?" Usopp cautiously asked. Chopper gulped, he clung behind Ussop.

I grinned, "It's me! It's me even if I turned into an alien which is freaking cool! Hey, maybe I have laser beams or something,"

Usopp breathed out, now relaxed, "That's the Luffy I know,"

"But it still doesn't explain why Luffy's, erm, a she," Sanji said.

"I know why,"

We turned and saw Robin, at the opened door. Nami was there behind her, a hand covered her gasp.

"NAMI! ROBIN!" Sanji screamed with delight.

"You do Robin?" Chopper asked.

She nodded, "Last night, I read about it. It said that the Milesfofo leaf was used long ago for special traditions in native clans. Each clan had a royal blood family, and would often arrange engagements to form a peace treaty. But in order to do that, the groom and the bride would have to eat the plant and trade genders," she informed us.

Nami's eyes widened, "No way," she gasped.

Robin nodded, then turned to me, "Was the store that you went to was called Suyotwe?" she asked.

I thought for a moment, then nodded, "Yeah, it was."

"Then that answers it. The clans were all from the Suyotwe land. That woman must have accidentally slipped Milofofo leaves into your sack," Robin said.

"W-w-w-wait," stammered Usopp, "so you're saying that Luffy is n-n-n-now a g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-"

"Luffy's a girl!" Nami retorted.

My eyes widened, then burst into laughter, "Hah! Yeah right! That's funny you guys!"

But everyone stared at me seriously, "This is no joke," Robin said.

I paused, then opened my pants. It wasn't there…IT WASN'T THERE!

I stared at everyone in horror and yelped a "NOOOOO!"

After a while of freaking out, the guys calmed me down. Well, not really, I mean, how can I calm down after turning into a girl!?

"How could this happen?!" I cried.

Chopper sniffed, "I'm s-s-sorry Luffy! It's all m-m-my fault!" then he cried.

The panicking expression on my face immediately left, I bent down to Chopper and patted his head. He looked up, while still sobbing, and I made sure he saw a warm smile on my face.

"It's not your fault Chopper, you didn't know about the cause." I reassured him.

"Yeah, it's Luffy's," Nami bluntly said.

"WHAT!?" I cried.

"Well, if you didn't eat the medicine, then this wouldn't have happen!" she remarked.

"But on the bright side, at least non of us would have eaten it and turned into the opposite gender," Ussop pointed.

"Yeah but me!" I shouted furiously.

Sanji had a nosebleed as he thought of his perverted stuff of imagining what would happen if he tuned into a woman. Pervert.

"But then why did my stomach hurt really badly?" I asked.

"Because the intestines were being transformed into female organs," Robin coolly explained.

I frowned, "Don't everyone have the same stuff inside of them?" I asked.

Everyone groaned except for Robin and Chopper. Robin, in fact, looked humored. Chopper was just as confused as I was. "So that also means female reindeer have different organs as males?" Chopper innocently asked,

Robin nodded.

Chopper looked down, "Oh,"

"But what besides the point, what are we gonna do with Luffy!? Is there anyway we can change him back?" Nami said.

Robin pressed her lips into a thin line, "Once you ate the leaves, there's no point changing back," she muttered.

My jaw dropped to the ground. My eyes widened as I gawked in horror. I felt all the blood in my body drained away.

"However," Robin said, breaking the horrid silence, "I do believe that there is a cure,"

I smiled immediately when I heard the word 'cure', "Really!?"

Robin nodded, "It's where the Grand Line is. The island is called Twesuyo, the natives there long ago performed the same religion as the Suyotwes did. Although, their leaves have different affects from the Milesfofo leaves. Those leaves, Fiftismi leaves, can change you back to a male, Luffy," Robin explained.

I grinned and shot my arm into the air, "Alright! Let's set sail to Twesuyo island!"

Before everyone could cheer with me, my shirt fell down.

"GAAAAAHH!" Usopp, Nami, Chopper, and Sanji cried.

I grinned sheepishly and pulled my red vest back up, "Eh, sorry about that," I guess being a girl requires wearing smaller clothes. Why are girls so smallish when they have these sags of skin glues to their chest? It's weird and gross.

"Luffy, we're gonna have to go shopping for clothes, including buying you a bra!" Nami shouted.

Usopp snickered, "Luffy in a bra," then Chopper and he laughed. I frowned.

"Do I have to?" I whined.

Nami looked at me sternly, "Yes, you do."

I pouted. Damn, I'm a guy! Err, or I used to. But I'm a guy inside! …Or not. Robin did say that guy and girls have different organs. Okay then! I'm a man at heart! And a man should not wear stupid girly clothing! Especially a bra!

"What's with all this racket?"

We turned and saw Zolo behind us. He looked at me curiously.

"Who's the chick?" he asked.

~up on the ship~

After Robin explained to Zolo everything, he looked incredulous.

"So you're saying that this girl is Luffy," Zolo said.

We all nodded.

"And he turned into a girl by eating those leaves,"

Nods again.

"I don't believe this,"

Sanji glared at Zolo, "Listen Moss head, do you really think that our lovely Robin would lie all this to us? Huh?"

Zolo glared back, "Well tell your lovely Robin that I still don't trust her. She used to be our enemy, remember?"

"Used to, punk. And if you don't believe her, than explain why Luffy isn't here and there's this girl in his place instead," Sanji demanded.

My eyebrows furrowed in confusion, "I'm right here Sanji," I called.

They quarreled, then ended up fist fighting each other. I would have laughed at them if I was a guy, but I'm not. Then Nami called me in.

"Yeah Nami?" I asked.

Nami smirked and held out a dress, I paled.

"Oh no," I shouted, holding my hands in front of me.

"Oh yes, we can't have you dressed like that Luffy. You'll catch a cold!"

"And since when did I catch one?" I retorted.

"Soon if you don't get dressed! And here, put on this bra,"

I shook my head.

Nami sighed, "You're so stubborn. Robin! I could use some help," Nami called over her shoulder.

Robin looked up and closed her book.

No one's POV


Usopp looked up and his head looked at the girls' cabin. He shuddered, "That sounds like Luffy," Usopp mumbled.

Chopper hugged his leg, "Is Luffy in trouble?"

"I don't know. But it looks like the girls are forcing him, erm, her to wear a bra,"

The two giggled.

Then Chopper looked worried again, "But what happens to Luffy when he, uh, she's a girl now? Wouldn't she be weaker?"

Usopp looked at him, puzzled, "Luffy's weaker?"

"Well, Nami's a girl and she's helpless. Robin is a girl, and she's helpless without her powers from the Devil Fruit."

Usopp smirked, "Why, you are so right! A witty girl shouldn't handle being captain, so it's up to me to be in charge!" he shouted.

Chopper looked at him in awe.

"AH! USOPP! YOU'RE SO COOL!" Chopper exclaimed.

Then Zolo smacked Usopp, "Shut up, you're too noisy," he muttered.