Hi, Smiles555fofo here. I'm sorry about the inconvenience but this is important. I took notice of how some of you reviewed me and said that I'm taking too long to update. Well, I agree with you. And I'm sad to say this but I am no longer able to continue this story. I just ran out of inspiration and ideas, plus I'm starting to see that it's a little strange-for Luffy to alter his gender is rather out of wack. Well, not so much in my other story, Angel Return Angel Reborn, because the character was changed through high technology and chemicals and all that fun stuff. :)

I'm also here to say that Voyaging For Cure Or Love will not be officially over, unless the majority really don't like this story so I'll take the liberty to delete it. Good bye bad memories, then. If not, then anyone could continue this story if he or she likes to. Now, I'm not going to choose who is going to adopt this story because I don't want too…because I'm lazy, I guess. SO! So you can title your story as Voyaging For Cure Or Love Continuing From Ch. 8, or something of the sort. I'm sorry, everyone.

If you want to, you can do this, but if you don't want to, I understand. This story is pretty unique in its own way, but funky nevertheless. I like it, but my head is so empty that I don't have the will to keep going on with it. That's a problem with me: my inspiration diminishes quickly and I can't finish it. I somehow managed to finish one of my stories, and I really want to finish the others. But I just can't.

Once again, I am so sorry.