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Chapter 1 VRC

Harry was sat at his desk with his best friend Ron. Harry had known Ron since his first day at Hogwarts, the school for young witches and wizards. They had stayed friends all the way through school and had then become aurors together.

After three years of working in the auror office the two of them had finally been promoted. They now worked in the Vampire Research Centre, or VRC for short. They had been working in this department for 2 months before they found anything of real interest.

About a week ago a body had been found in the middle of a forest. The post mortems revealed that the body had no blood left in its veins. Similar killings had been cropping up over the past week.

Harry and Ron were the only people working in the VRC as the last two employees, Arnold Smith and Eloise Cunningham, had come to a sticky end when they had come face to face with three vampires. All Harry and Ron had to work on was the note written in one of Eloise's books saying "they aren't like we thought they were". Harry and Ron had studied this and had tried to think of what it could mean. All that they had come up with so far was that the vampires, in some way might be different to all of the legends that had been told about them.

No more evidence had been found on Arnold's and Eloise's bodies. All they had was the note. The two of bodies had been found in a small city in Washington state in America called Forks. So that's where Ron and Harry where off to.

The plan was to retrace Arnold's and Eloise's footsteps in the hope of finding more clues as to what the note could mean. They were leaving on their expedition tomorrow afternoon. They had been planning this for three weeks and were pretty prepared.

Ron broke the silence, "I can't believe we are leaving tomorrow!"

"You must have said that at least a dozen times." said Harry exasperated.

"So! I mean it. I can't wait." replied Ron.

"I know me neither." said Harry looking at Ron excitedly. The fact that they would be leaving on a vampire slaying mission tomorrow was only just starting to sink in. "Ginny still cant believe that I am doing this. Leaving her, you know."

"Ditto, Hermione." sighed Ron. "And you know what she's like. At least Ginny doesn't fuss over you 24/7. All I hear is "be careful" and "make sure you take clean clothes". I mean what does she think we've been doing the last couple of months, slacking off and not doing any work."

"Well we have slacked off quite a lot." replied Harry.

"That's besides the point, she isn't supposed to expect that of me." said Ron. "And we haven't slacked off that much we've been mainly doing work."

"Don't lie. Remember the other week? When we spent the whole week building that gigantic exploding snap card castle?" This was something Harry and Ron had wanted to do for a long time but neither Hermione or Ginny had let them do it in the house. They thought as they had their own office now, they could do what they liked.

"Oh yeah I forgot about that. We should do that again. That could still be up now if somebody hadn't gone and sneezed and made the whole thing explode." he looked at Harry meaningfully.

"Look it wasn't my fault I needed to sneeze okay. This exactly proves my point. We spend half our time at work just messing around." said Harry.

"I know. It's great isn't it?" said Ron wistfully. "But we do work. Other wise we wouldn't be ready to leave on this trip tomorrow."

At that point a sliver otter floated into the room. It was Hermione's patronus. It opened its mouth and said. "Ron we've both been invited to Harry and Ginny's for tea. So get to Ginny's quick. Oh and Harry Ginny said to tell you that you are to come home with Ron. See you in a min." The otter vanished.

Ron looked at Harry. "What?" asked Harry.

"Girls are so bossy!" exclaimed Ron. Harry burst out laughing. "Seriously, Hermione practically rules my life."

"It's alright mate." said Harry putting his arm around my shoulder. "We best get a move on."

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