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Chapter One -

Cardiff Bay, Cardiff, 8:20

It was a chilly, cloud-filled morning and Millennium Square was almost completely deserted. If you were there, that very morning, the only things that would catch your eyes would be the building of the Millennium Centre, a gushing waterfall and a number of people, blurred in the distance, making their way to work.

It was rather quiet too. The only sounds being the low rumble of the traffic roaring by, on the main roads... and the quiet clatters of a pair of high-heeled, leather-clad feet making their way across the smooth paved stones of Cardiff Bay; well, that, and the shrill ringing of a mobile phone.

With what could only be described as a cross between an exasperated sigh and a yawn, Gwen Cooper stuffed a hand into her jean pocket and pulled out her mobile with her free hand. She stopped. Rhys, she thought, with a small smile – which, at the moment, the only thing a mere two-hour's sleep would allow her, courtesy of Torchwood's late night stake out.

However, her slightest-of-smiles turned into an amused and quite flummoxed one, soon accompanied by the meeting of her eyebrows, as it was not the name Rhys who was flashing on the screen. It was Ianto.

"Odd," she murmured to herself. He never usually called. She pressing the device to her ear. "Hello? Ianto, is that you?"

"Starbucks?" came the familiar Welshman's reply over the receiver, teasing. "I thought I did the coffees, around here."

"'Scuse me?" Gwen's confusion turned into a chuckle as she realised, looking at the drained polystyrene cup of coffee in her hands. "How did you--" She paused. "Where are you?"

"On your left."

So Gwen did. And she saw Ianto standing, a standard black briefcase grasped in a recognisable gesture in his right hand, about 50 yards away to her left.

"You're never usually this late," she remarked. "Always the first here, in fact."

"Believe me, it wasn't the best night I've had."

"Neither me."

"…The neighbourhood cats were playing their version X-Factor, all night. Their version is a lot more irritating than the real thing."

"I won't even ask."

"The usual?"

"If you wouldn't mind, ta." Another shrill beeping invaded Gwen's eardrums and she peeled the phone away to see Jack's number forcing its way through the line. "Right, I'll see you later, then. Jack's trying to get through. Prob'ly wondering where we are, actually." She chuckled to herself. "Anyway, I'll see you in a minute!"

Gwen snapped her phone shut, only to find Jack had chosen this moment to stop calling. She muttered a curse under her breath. She was going to kill whoever'd just did that!

"Right! Whoever-" But then she looked up and saw nobody around her but herself. Funny... there wasn't a wind about either. She scrambled up, off the floor, picking up the bit of polystyrene and her mobile as she went. Something made her freeze and she felt this... fuzzing sensation run through her. She gasped, shivering. But, back turned, Gwen didn't see or notice the hazy, purple light float into her body.

Frowning, Gwen shook her head furiously, wrapped her arms around herself and changed route, making for the tourism office instead of the invisible pavement. Perhaps Ianto could enlighten her on this matter.

Sweet child. Sweet, human child. Sweet, human child with so much emotion and energy. Mmm... Her body is fresh and young; the perrrrrfect host for Chichow. Waaaaait. Chichow smell- Chichow detects past energy from last life... Chichow go. Chichow take no chance.

Little did she know, a certain purple mist was following, no, floating close behind her.


"Ianto, you haven't feeling strange or anything, on the way to work, have you?" Gwen asked, walking in.

"Nope," he replied, his lower lip jutting out slightly as he shook his head. "Should I have?"

"No... just wondering." It was probably just the wind, nothing to fuss about. However, the niggling part of the brain that was her conscience told her otherwise.

But just as the cog door swung obligingly open for Gwen to pass through into the Hub, a purple mist drifted away from Gwen and headed in a different direction.

Behind the counter, Ianto let out a small gasp.…

Mind is too powerful. Too much emotion and brain activity. Too much warmth and... love. Not suitable. Must find more appropriate specimen. Chichow try follow Welsh little girlie again. Chichow smell other life forms nearby…

It zipped out of Ianto's head, leaving him blinking rapidly and incredibly perplexed.

As soon as Chichow spotted Captain Jack, tucked away in his office, it smelt richness and stability. Chichow rushed through the air in a large ball of lavender-coloured mist, charging straight for Jack… WHOOSH! Chichow was repelled as soon as he'd entered the threshold of Jack's office; it was like there was some sort of invisible forcefield in the way. It was sent hurtling backwards, the brisk breeze catching Chichow's misty, disembodied state.

Origin different. Mind too strong. Mind too wrong. Mind too strange. Mind too impossible. Territory dangerous; must not be crossed. Danger, danger! No more of this one. Chichow continue search.

Chichow giggled with unblemished pleasure as it found its next test dummy. A man. A strong but weak-minded man. The man in battered, black leather and born with spiky, black hair.

Owen Harper.

Chichow propelled itself forwards, instantaneously recovering from its earlier failure. Without stopping to think, it entered Owen's head. Chichow soon regretted this decision, rushing away from Owen in disgust.

Body not fresh. Body smell rotten. Body not pure. Body incompatible. Man smells like body of a dead man, not alive man. Not comfortable, not good, for Chichow. No Owen Harper.

Owen swore, a chill running down his spine. It was as if somebody had just… walked through him. Reflexively, he found himself sniffing the air around him.

Gwen stared at him. "Cold?"

Owen shook his head, muttering furiously under his breath. Something wasn't right. He could feel it in the air.

Aaaaah. One more specimen left. And this one smells fresh, and supple, and oh-so... delectable.

It sucked in the air around the child of Japan, ignoring the conversation the puny Earthlings were having, and Chichow giggled with glee.

This one perfect. This one has wisdom and knowledge and intelligence. It do Chichow good. This one subtle and fresh and flexible. Mind is fountain of information and is... easier. For this one is different to others; full of such loneliness. Chichow found host.

With a contented cackle, Chichow ducked and drove determinedly into its new-found host.

Toshiko Sato.

To Be Continued...

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