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1. Breathing

Liam drove down the highway. Out the window you could see the Sun shining, the ocean, transparent and calm in the distance. The day was nice, but a cold breeze came in from his open window.

You could almost drive with your eyes colsed today: after prom night and this early, almost no one would dare driving this early.

Still, he was constantly looking both sides, as if he had been looking for something on the empty highway.

His cell phone rested on the passenger side. He had thrown it there after leaving the last message to Naomi. Her inbox must have been full by now, or maybe he thought she'd be sleeping, one thing is for sure: after what seemed like a milion tries he'd just given up.

For some reason he didn't want to go home. He had driven almost the whole night, he should be tired by now, but he wasn't. He was as awake as he could be, he had even sobered up from all the drinks he'd had at the parties. Actually, the last thing he wanted was to be in an empty room, staring at the ceiling, waiting for sleep to come, like he knew he would be. That was not an option.

Ironically, everything seemed to be as empty outside: the road, his thoughts, his life. That's why he was out there searching, searching for something to end this emptiness. He just didn't know what it was.

Suddenly, when Liam was looking at his right side, scanning the trees, one by one, he saw it. It wasn't what he was looking for, he was sure of it, but something about that car, parked like that in the shadow of the trees in a weird angle, was frightning and compelled him to go there and see what it was.

Don't be stupid, it's just another abandoned car. He thought to himself. It sure seemed that way from the distance in which his car was.

But still he couldn't just drive away. As if he couldn't get hold of himself, he started driiving toward the trees and parked the car some trees away.

After locking the car, Liam walked closer to the other car, moving very slowly, looking every tree up and down. His head kept telling him he was being stupid, that it must be the effect of last night's hangover, or maybe he didn't want to be the only one with a crushed like.

Somehow, he kept walking towards the car, like he was posessed. He didn't seem logic, but he couldn't shake the feeling that made him worry about that car.

He stopped one feet away from the front of the car. The glass on the lights was broken and the paint scratched. He came a little closer and then he saw her.

She was bowed down, her head lying on the Wheel, her hair hiding her face. The body was stiff like a statue's, but her arms were embracing the Wheel.

Liam went around to the passenger door. He stood there for a second, decing what to do. Somehow the car, now that he was close to it, with the accident marks and the girl on the driver's seat, looked even creepier to him.

He took a deep breath and then the last step towards the car. He tried to open the door, slowly and gently. Luckily, or not, it was unlocked.

On the passenger seat were a purse and a bottle. He looked at the purse for a long time. He know he had seen it before but he couldn't place it.

He shook the feeling, thrown the purse and the bottle to the back and sat in the passenger seat. It was wet, the bottle probably spilled some of it's content on the seat. Now that he was near the girl, shivers started coming up his spine. What if she was…?

He leaned closer and looked at her. She was in a party dress that suited her body and her hair looked beautiful. She must have smelled really good as well, but all could smell now was the strong scent of alcohol. He shook that thought and continued looking, searching every incho f her body for na injury. She was perfect, not a scratch could be found on her skin. He continued, now making na effort to see what was hidden by her bent position. He paused on her breats. They surely looked good. He couldn't take his eyes off them, not in a sexual way, but as if they had na answer to a very important question.

He suddenly placed it: they were moving up and down, that was what had caught his attention. She was breathing.

He sighed in relief and leaned back for a moment. Now that he knew she was alive, it was all that much easier to be here with her.

Liam leaned on her again, then he stretched his arms slowly and touched her, softly with one hand. She didn't move. He moved his hand to her head and placed the other hand on her torso.

Slowly, trying to be as gentle as possible, in fear of causing any damage, he pulled her back again the seat. Then, again gently, he brushed the hair of her face. Her face was perfect, not a scratch on her silky skin, The only visible marks wear tear stains, blackened by her make-up. Even so, her face looked perfect, beautiful…familiar?


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