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6. Epilogue

Annie stepped in school ground cautiously, like coming back to this place could by itself ruin the perfection that she felt in her life.

Three months ago, in the last days of school, she would have never though she'd ever feel like this again. It was larger than life, this bliss, this peace. You know what they say: the Sun always comes out after the storm. And for Annie, whoever had said that couldn't have been more right if they'd tried.

Also, you can always find something right in all the wrong. She knew all she felt was a big cliché, but it was true.

She would never be in this place if that all hadn't happened. She'd still be trying to fit in, walking on egg shells with everyone, and shamefully unhappy.

So she had exploded, as he'd said…that wasn't such a bad thing. She smiled as she thought of him. Three months ago, she would never have thought they'd still be together, nor would anybody, in fact. But he was a rock through those darker times. Who would have known he had it in him?

Annie had never got a new car, she didn't need one. Her and Liam were like siamese twins, always together. And he had a car, so she never really needed to drive. In fact, he had picked her up this morning and drove her to school.

In the few moments they weren't together, she would be with her brother or with Silver. They had hung out a lot in the summer. At first, with the whole confusion, they had pulled back a little. And then, there was Liam, no one really understood what they had. But then, they'd noticed he was helping her getting better, and they'd come around. And anyway, he wasn't literally always present.

It was about a month into the summer when things had started to get better. After a month in a coma, Ty had woken up. Fortunately, no serious damage remained, only some broken bones. He still wore a cast on his arm and was in physiotherapy for his legs, that were a bit rusty after a month without moving, but he was fine. He was even coming to school, starting today like everybody.

With that out of her shoulders, she had enjoyed the summer. She had spent a lot of time in the beach and she now had a great tan.

She had also visited family back in Kansas and her grandma in Palm Springs in the first weeks. That had been her parents' idea for bringing up her spirits. But then, after a week in Pam Springs, they'd noticed that a loto f time she had smiled shyly or spent hours in her room on the phone. It was when they'd come back home that they'd found out about Liam.

Like everyone else, Annie's parents wouldn't trust Liam at first. They were very reluctant when she'd asked them to let him come to Kansas. It had been a very good idea for both of them. Annie could be spend time with her family and her boyfriend, and show him where she'd come from; for Liam it was all about being with Annie and away from his dysfunctional family.

It was about a week into their trip (they'd stayed in Kansas for two weeks), that her parents had finally realized that was being good to her, instead of being a bad influence. He had accepted sleeping in a guest room with no complaints and hang around the family always nicely and politely. In fact, he had a very charming side they hadn't know, and it amazed most ladies in the family. Somehow, the Wilson's soon gave him their approval. After all, he wasn't so bad, and Annie was happy. They'd get used to it.

But the biggest surprise had come about 2 weeks ago. Naomi, who had spent most of the summer in Europe, had come to make amends with her. Whatever happened in Europe had done her well, she had finally realized what had gone down with her sister and moved back with her father, not very happy, but resigned with it. She had also gotten over her year-long heartbreaks, apparently she had met a guy from Beverly…in France of all places. They were on their way to try to build a new friendship, a more fair and honest one.

The only thing changing for good was that Ethan wouldn't come back. After what had gone down with Silver, he had decided to stay in Montana. It was better for everyone, but no one could lie and say it wouldn't be weird and sad, not seeing him back like everyone else.

That wasn't enough to ruin her perfection though. Everything else was as it should be, and she was happy for Ethan, if that was the best for him.

The bell ringed, it was time to go in. He took her hand, they looked at each other and went in. Annie saw everyone, one by one. Naomi and a boy Annie thought should be the guy from Europe; Silver and Dixon talking by the lockers; Adrianna and Navid getting out of the AV room; and Ty, answering endless questions with a smile, surrounded by…girls obviously. Everyone looked happy. No one's face changed as they saw them.

Annie smiled too. She knew she'd be fine.


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