Title: Apotheosis
Rating: Mature
Pairing: evil!Sam/Dean; several implied/unrequited relationships
Word Count: 47,488
Warnings: gore and violence; codependency; angst; darkness; evil!Sam
Summary: a·poth·e·o·sis (n. - əˌpɒθɪˈəʊsɪs): (1) deification; (2) glorification of a person; (3) a glorified ideal; (4) the best or greatest time or event

In this time, in this place-all of these and none of these are true.


the space between worlds is H(X)=[ε^n where i=1]p(xi)log(b)1/[p(xi)=-[ε^n where i=1]p(xi)logbP(xi)

it is falling


without anything to slow you

to touch, to mark the

p̶a̶s̶s̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶o̶f̶ time or depth or speed it is

Entr o P y

This place is asymptote, forever racing towards Ø but never achieving it, except there are Two, One and One, falling together, light years apart and so close they almost touch. This cannot be.

The equation is unbalanced it cannot willnot support/allow/containlimit-

Their expulsion ripples outwards, shakes earth and sky and space.

They shine like stars falling through the atmosphere, leaving bright trails in their wake. Creatures on the surface scramble to divine their meaning and fall prostrate as the force of their landing, at exact opposite points on the Earth. Where the shock waves of their reentry meet, water spouts several hundred feet in the air. it crashes down, sending a tsunami racing towards the coasts.

One slams into ice and rock, the ground giving way with a screaming groan. The ice melts to steam and the rocks glow red with heat. The sky turns dark with soil and ash. There are mountains here, now. Jagged bits of earth thrust towards the sky, rising high like prison walls around a deep cratered pit and splintering outwards like imperfections in the earth. For a moment there are no shadows, light shining at the center of this newly formed mountain range, melted rocks glowing with transferred heat. But it fades into darkness, the barest hint of sky slipping in from above.

In the darkness One draws breath. And another. There is a rush of sensation, overwhelming and incomprehensible. Too bright, too loud, too coarse and obscene. She blinks, and then again, and thinks blue without understanding. 467 nm.

She staggers to her feet in panic that is both new and familiar; she has felt this sense-blindness before, though not as all-encompassing, and takes strength from the fact that she can survive, move past it, regain what is missing. She cannot hear the Song, her constant companion. She searches for it, desperate, reaching out with everything and there's the sound of crystal breaking, pure and resonating, and a sigh of relief when she sees the sinuous, tantalizing beauty of pi curl languidly around the confines of the earth wherein she stands.

The sinus rhythm of her heartbeat curls into an eddy of air. Da-dum. Knowledge and understanding comes back, slowly. Language, limited but necessary. Imprecise.

She kneels and touches the earth, allows her awareness to expand-not too far, she's still too unsure of what marks the boundaries of herself for that-. The force of her impact stretches for miles, a dark cloud of dirt and ash from her reentry coalescing above her. The land has changed, she has changed it, and she slowly casts herself outwards until-Him.

There is a place that used to rise to the sky, reaching higher than life was meant to go, that is no more. He stands amidst the wreckage, feet on the ground, and revels in the chaos and destruction.

He senses her then and she careens back, into the most contained version of herself, but his hate and anger follow her, score the flesh from her bones and leave angry blisters in their wake. She gasps into the pain and hears a sound her sluggish mind eventually labels laughter for lack of a more precise word for the harsh, abrasive sound.

Beneath the laughter there is a whispered promise that seeps into the very core of the earth-Vengeance.