"Damn I cant get this car to open." Said Jadelyn struggling to open the car door. Jadelyn was in the parking lot of a Detroit night clubt. This was her first time in the city of Detroit visiting her long time friend who recently moved. Jadelyn was not used to the very cold weather. Jadelyn stood tall at five feet and eight inches, but her black leather boots made her slightly taller. Her hazel eyes were accented by the full moons peircing light. Her long silky brown hair grazed her mid-back, making her more intriguing. Her smooth light caramel skin gave away her southern Floridian roots. Even though her appearance was that of a beautiful fragile girl, at heart she wasn't, she was always very serious,and had a guard up at all times. A barrier that had only been broken through be so few.

Finally getting the car door to open, she leaned in to grab a small bag. Closing the door her eyes drifted upwards to see a limousine slowly drive up to the front of the restaurant, which caught her attention making her stop what she was doing and just focus her attention to the limousine. The driver hurriedly ran to the door in which he opened. First to exit was a tall blonde woman whose complexion was extremely pale. The extreme sassy smugness on her face somewhat made the limousine driver even more nervous.

Second, to exit the limousine was a tall, and very handsome man that even made Jadelyn stand up straight and more attentative to his appearance. He wore what seemed to be a very expensive silk suit. His very short blond seemed to shimmer in the moon's light. His sparkling hair accented his very pale skin. His face was a very strong face also smug like the one of his partner. He had a smirk that made any girl catch her breath for a very brief second.

As Jadelyn brought herself back to reality, after falling into a trance staring at the man, she was surprised when his piercing diamond blue eyes strolled along and got caught with Jadelyn. For a minute the two just stared at each other in a daze, then a piercing cold breeze swept past Jadelyn causing her to snap out of her trance, gripping her coat even tighter. Jadelyn rolled her eyes finding that he was too smug for her taste, she turned around;

to stop breathing.

A very tall man with long rough, bristle black hair, and a dirty, thick moustache. The beastial man stared at her hungrily. Jadelyn could feel his hot rancid breath on her, but then something surprised her even more; the man opened his mouth and extremely large yellow fangs slowly portruded from his hidden gums. Unexpectedly the man grabbed her neck, reacting quickly Jadelyn tried to kick the man in the groin with her knee. Then she punched him across the face with her right arm. The man was hunched over briefly, but as though nothing happened he jumped up, and grabbed for her neck. Gripping tightly onto her neck, with sharp claw like nails digging into the sides of her neck. The man pushed her backwards harshly pinning her against the car. Jadelyn tried to move but his grip kept getting tighter. The man's face contorted with satisfaction as his grip on Jadelyn's neck got even tighter. Jadelyn held his arm with both hands hoping he would release his grip, but she couldn't move. She started to feel faint, the lack of breath started to get to her head. As her eyes slowly started to close they opened wide when something caught her eye.

The blond man who arrived in the limo made an inhuman giant leap over the twenty foot fence. When he his feet lightly touched the ground he bent over and charged at the man like a bull tackling him to the ground. Pain seared as he released his grip from Jadelyn's neck, she grabbed her neck and was able to feel the indentations of the mans fingers. She inhaled extremely deep.

Jadelyn grzed her dazed eyes to see the blond man pounding his tight pale knuckles into the attackers face. The punches were heard loudly throughout the parking lot as they hit the mans face, a crackle and a booming pop. For a second Jadelyn thought that the man was out cold when he suddenly punched the blond man in the chest causing him to fly ten feet in the air hitting the fence. Jadelyn looked over to the blond man who seemed to be unconscious. She looked over to the attacker afraid that he was going to come after her again, but his attention was now focused on the blond man. Anger contorted the face of the attacker.

Suddenly there was an ear shattering growl which pierced the cold night air, a growl that sounded as though it had came from a ravenous lion. Jadelyn looked over to the blond man who was standing up. His hands in the air, furiously opening his mouth that was when Jadelyn saw two white, and pearly fangs portrude from his hidden gums as the attacker's. She was paralyzed by the shock and fear from what she was seeing.

In a swoop the attacker ran over to the blond man and tried to punch him, but the blond man quickly ducked then hit him in the rib. Over and over the blond man furiously kept jabbing his fist in the ribs it seemed to be taking effect at first but then the attacker stood up straight. With a swing of his enormous arm he hit the blond man causing him to fly back several inches away, falling onto his back. The attacker threw himself on top of the blond man and started to choke him. A grolwing chuckle could be heard from the beast, as he choked the man. The man was defenseless, Jadelyn had to help him. She ran over to the attacker, lunged her foot forward kicking him in the face making him release his grip from the blond man. Jadelyn stood there at first to see if the blond man was okay..

The attacker turned quickly and lunged what seemed to be a dagger into her stomach. Jadelyn stumbled back more in shock than in pain. She looked down to see the dagger inches deep in her stomach, blood pouring from the wound. Jadelyn tried to grab the dagger to pull it out, but she started to feel to weak to do so.

The blond man looked at Jade to see the dagger in her stomach, an anger flared up in his eyes. He walked over to the attacker and kicked him over and over. Until the woman that arrived with the blond man came over with what appeared to be a silver dagger. She lunged it into his back, and with out another breath the attacker blew up turning into nothing but dust. The blond man walked over to Jadelyn, he put his hand on the dagger and on Jadelyn's hands. Their eyes met and Jadelyn plead with him to help her, but she knew there was nothing left to do.

The blond man then slowly pulled the dagger out of her stomach. Jadelyn moaned in pain, but she felt herself getting extremely weak. Everything around her started to fade. The last thing she remember was the blond mans smooth hand grazing the side of her face. A saddened expression spread across his face as he stared into Jadelyn's closing eyes. Then an idea came to him, the last thing Jadelyn remembered was the grabbing of her wrist. He raised it to his face, as Jadelyn's eyes closed she could feel two painful needles digging their way into her wrists, deep deep into her vein.

End of Chapter One.