Surrounded by guards; Marcus glided into the library, his eyes glaring. Marcus' eyes solely focused on Jadelyn's paralyzed figure, his guards separated into the library. Marcus kept walking forward.

Jadelyn saw the malice in his eyes. Jadelyn turned around and was ready to run, but not wanting to cause a scene she started to walk towards the emergency exit that was only several feet away from her. In a flash, she felt her arms being grasped tightly, their fingers digging deep into her arms. Jadelyn yelped in pain as the nails were piercing her skin. The arms that held her pulled her back harshly until she was pressed against something.

Something warm; angry as its uneasy breath pounded the back of her neck. "Jadelyn." he calmly whispered in her ear, "I don't want to hurt you, nor do I plan to. I am going to take care of you." Fiercely he turned her around to face him. Marcus looked everywhere but at Jadelyn's face, "You are going to come back with me." Marcus turned her around to face the entry, Marcus stood several feet behind her with his hand pushing on her back. Slowly they walked to the main entry. Several guards stood at the entry with umbrellas since the skies were getting brighter.

Starting to get extremely nervous, Jadelyn started to fidget, Marcus looked over at two guards who grabbed her and sat her inside the limousine where they slammed the door harshly behind her.

The ride commenced tensely quiet, Jadelyn sat by the window silently fighting back the flood of emotions. Marcus briefly glared at her before focusing his angered gaze out of the window.

Many emotions ran through her mind, she could feel the tears on the verge of falling.

Several minutes later they had arrived back at the building.

Marcus wrapped his icy fingers tightly around her arm. Jadelyn hesitated, but Marcus' strength was too much for her. He pulled her easily out of the limousine and tossed her to his immense guards who dragged her into the building. Jadelyn wriggled and wreathed in the hands of the guards that carried her into the building. No matter how much she fidgeted the guard's grips' got tighter.

Jadelyn began to kick her legs hoping to hit one of the guards, but several guards grabbed her legs in mid-air, and she was then being carried into the building by several guards.

They reached a dark isolated area that she had not seen while traversing the building. The guards held a wriggling Jadelyn, while Marcus walked ahead of the pact.

Jadelyn stopped moving when she noticed the dark, concrete hallway they were walking down. Lit be flickering florescent lights, with a smell of mildew consuming the deathly silent hallway. Marcus stopped in front of a metal door with a small window; he opened the door and signaled the men to carry Jadelyn inside.

The room was empty with no windows, and one small white light above. Jadelyn noticed in the middle of the room sat a bundle of chains. Her breath started became increasingly frequent; the fear consumed her entire being. Jadelyn started to fidget as violently as possible, but the guards held a tight grip.

Finally the guards holding her legs put them down, and as they did Jadelyn immediately lurched her foot forward with all her force kicking one of the guards in his chin with the tip of her leather boot.

"Let me go," she screamed trying to free herself.

Angrily the beaten guard walked forward and punched Jadelyn in the face. Jadelyn went limp; the throbbing pain seared the side of her face. She tried to regain herself but everything was a blur, the pain contorted her reality. Jadelyn, however; could feel her wrists being chained, as well as her ankles.

Opening her eyes she realized the guards were walking out of the room. Her foggy daze slowly clearing she found herself on her knees in the middle of the desolate room. She tried to move but the chains pinned her back to the ground.

Looking up she found Marcus' face in the small window of the door.

"Let me out of here!" she screamed in panic.

Marcus showed no emotion on his face, as he stared at Jadelyn's imprisoned body. Anger at the idea of what was about to happen to Jadelyn, distressed him.

Marcus noticed something in her pleading eyes, as he stared at the frozen body in the diminutive room. Gnawing at him he could not place his finger on what was bothering him, about Jadelyn; something that felt so familiar to him.

His thoughts were interrupted by the sounded of heels pounding the concrete ground.

"What are you doing here?" he asked without taking his eyes off of Jadelyn.

Chase was surprised, and peered into the small window. Jadelyn sat on her knees. Her head was slumped over, her dark hair casting a curtain over her face.

"Are you going to keep her in there?" she asked.

"Yes," he said with a solemn tone.

"Why?" Chase; however, was not concerned, but pleased.

"She needs to understand that without us she will not make it on her own…"

Three Days Had Gone By.

Marcus paced feverishly in his office, directing his secretary to have no one bother him.

It had been three days since he left Jadelyn in the small desolate room, chained like a prisoner. Many times since then he felt the urge to go see Jadelyn, but knew it would be detrimental to his plan.

The fear in her eyes haunted him; her screams for help replayed themselves over and over.

He ordered that no one go anywhere near the cell. But a strong pull in his hallow chest, made Marcus feel that three days had been enough and he had to go see her.

Walking out of his office, Marcus' guards immediately began to follow him. Marcus abruptly stopped raising his hand, "No one follow me," The guards stared at each other perplexed, but turned back.

Marcus walked quickly heading for the cell in the underground levels of the building. Ignoring everyone who tried to approach him, he kept his focus on reaching the room.

As he walked he saw the door just a few feet ahead of him, causing him to slow his pace. Reaching the door he peered into the small window with hesitance. To his surprise he saw nothing.

Marcus threw the door open and stepped inside, with the large steel door slamming behind him. Marcus looked at the center of the floor where the chains were nailed down, and noticed they all headed in one direction. The chains were stretched to the dark corner of the room.

A smirk spread onto his smug face. He pulled out a set of keys from his pocket and began unlocking the chains tied to the floor. After several minutes all the chains were unlocked. Marcus leaned against the wall waiting for a reaction.

"Jadelyn?" he asked.

Yet, the dark figure huddled in the corner did not move.

"I need you to know I did this to show you that you need us…"

As he finished the words an immediate flash rushed towards him and pinned him against the wall. At an astonishing speed Jadelyn rushed out and pressed her forearm against Marcus' neck pinning him to the wall with an amazing strength.

Marcus stared at her face which was extremely pale. Her eyes severely blood shot. Jadelyn's cheeks were less fuller than before. There were very dark circles under her tired angry eyes. He could feel her shallow breathing.

"You need to understand…" he began.

"What have you done to me?" her voice was dark; she pressed her forearm harder into his neck.

Marcus immediately threw his arm against her punching her back to the opposite wall. Jadelyn's back hit the concrete wall, she slid down the wall. Jadelyn sat stunned.

Marcus began to loosen his tie and unbutton his shirt, "If you do not feed, you will weaken until you are nothing but a pile of dust," he said moving his collar away from his neck. "I know the thirst is killing you," he said arrogantly.

Jadelyn could not quell the insatiable blood lust that dominated her. All she craved was to have a sip. Fiery anger coursed through her veins. Infuriated; she let the anger course through her veins. Channeling that fury Jadelyn jumped up from her place and charged after Marcus.

Quickly as she came within a few inches, he reached for her arm turning her around and wrapping his arms tightly around her waist. Jadelyn could barely breathe as his arms wrapped tightly.

Marcus walked Jadelyn to the wall, turned her around, and pinned her against the wall.

Marcus pressed his body against hers to keep her from moving. Jadelyn was weakening by the minute and Marcus could see it in her eyes.

Jadelyn could not move very much anymore, she tried to lift her self to pry Marcus off of her, but something inside of her did not allow it.

Marcus grabbed her hair, pulling her head back looking into her pale face; Jadelyn stared into his sapphire eyes pleading for help in her gaze.

He pulled her head closer to his neck, and whispered into her ear "Just bite,"

Suddenly Jadelyn could feel a searing pain in her gums, as they were being torn open causing Jadelyn to moan in pain. An odd sensation irritated Jadelyn as she thought she felt two of her teeth growing.

Jadelyn stared at Marcus's smooth pale neck. A strong attraction pulled her lips towards his neck. At first she pressed her lips to his neck, causing Marcus to release the grip of her hair, moving his hand down to gently hold her neck. Then Jadelyn bit down piercing his white skin. She could feel the blood pouring in, feeding the crippling craving; she could not stop herself she had to have more.

Marcus held her tightly, Jadelyn found comfort in his arms as she suckled in his neck.

He felt a painful pleasure as Jadelyn's teeth dug themselves into his neck, pulling the blood from his veins into hers. Jadelyn was overwhelmed by the subduing of her fierce bloodlust, and the slight pleasure she was receiving as she was being nourished.

Jadelyn could not take it anymore after several minutes, and released her bite. Leaning her head back she could feel her lips drizzled with specks of blood.

Marcus grabbed a handkerchief from his pocket, gently tapping her lips to remove the blood. He noticed that the color was returning to her face, her eyes began to light up.

Jadelyn could feel energy rising, after days of severe paralyzing weakness overcoming her.

For a minute the two just stared into each other's eyes.

Marcus could feel her breathing becoming strained as her bosom rose and fell against his chest.

Jadelyn was warmed by the powerful heat coming off of Marcus. She could not take her eyes off of his own.

Marcus couldn't help himself anymore; he began to lean in to kiss her when the door opened.

Chase walked in, surprising the two. "Marcus what are you doing…"

Marcus stepped back throwing Chase an infuriated glare, "Leave now." he demanded. Chase shot Jadelyn a quick look of disgust and rushed out of the room.

Marcus grabbed her arm, yanking her out of the room. His pace was quiet fast, and Jadelyn tried to keep up as he pulled her down the hallway into the elevator.

"Let's get you cleaned up. And tomorrow evening you begin working with me,"