Passion, you think you've finally figured it out, then suddenly, you lose your grasp on the concept that it is…

Chapter 1:

"Your family won't survive the night without someone protecting them," Darla coerced to the gypsy man standing in front of her. Spike started walking over to the wagon that contained said gypsy's family. "Don't even think about it, Spike," Darla growled.

"Why not? I'm starving." He sauntered over to his great grandsire. "I say if the bloody pouf got himself a soul, then he deserves to stay with a soul."

"Lucky for Angelus, your opinion won't change a thing." Darla turned back to the gypsy. "So, can you do it?"

"Well, yes, but I would suggest that you bring the ensouled vampire here first."

"Fine." Darla turned to Drusilla. "Dru, honey, would you mind fetching Angelus for me?"

"Angel?" the deranged vampire asked.

"Yes, Angelus."

"He's all alone, all alone in the darkness!" said Drusilla, clutching her head in agony.

"It's alright Dru, he won't be alone for long," Darla comforted, annoyance seeping into her voice.

"I'll go with you, Dru," Spike said, walking to his sire's side. They left the clearing, disappearing into the fog. It wasn't long before they returned with Angel, his eyes clouded with guilt as he thought about all the people that he had killed. The gypsy started to mutter something, then suddenly Angel fell to the ground, gasping as his soul was ripped out of his body. Darla smiled in glee as the filthy soul disappeared.

Angel got up, the suspense building as he remained quiet as if unsure of where he was. Suddenly his true face gleamed in the moonlight. A smirk grew upon his cold visage. "That feels so much better."

"Angelus?" Darla questioned, a seeming uncertainty lacing her voice.

"Yes," he confirmed, before continuing, "it sure is good to be myself again."

"Daddy!" Drusilla jumped with joy.

Once again, the chain of sires was together.

Another night of slaying. Don't slayers ever get a vacation? Buffy wondered as she staked a vampire that was charging at her from behind. Next, three soon attacked, and she staked them just as easily as the first. It was too easy now, just like Giles had said: 'It's plunge and move on, plunge and move on.'

After her first watcher, Sam, had died, Buffy had been more dedicated. She was determined to kill anything that was even the slightest bit evil. Sam wouldn't have died in vain! After Sam was attacked, Mr. Giles moved to Cleveland and took over her duties as watcher. He was originally supposed to have been her watcher, but when Buffy's mom decided at the last moment to move to Cleveland there wasn't enough of a notice for Giles to move out there. Now that Sam had died, he was the most classified watcher in the council and they had insisted in his move.

The moonlight shone down on the field and the next group of vampires soon attacked. Although it seemed like the line of vampires never ended, she would keep on dusting them; she would wipe them out, even if the task killed her.

After she had killed a total of nine vampires, she began her walk back to the place that she called home, a decent sized inside garden. Laying down on the hard tile, she looked up at the sky through the glass dome and had the strangest feeling. It felt as if someone she knew was watching over her. Soon her vision faded and she was sucked into the realm of dreams.

The next morning Buffy stood up, stretching, her back aching from sleeping on the hard ground. She was bathed in sunlight, yet for some reason she had the urge to hide in the shadows. She wanted to fight, she wanted to be in the place where she could fight, find the demons that had killed her watcher, make them pay.

A loud sound caused Buffy to swing her arms, the stakes that were hidden in her new leather jacket to sliding into her hands. She lifted her arms, allowing them to slide back down her sleeves as she realized that it was just Giles, coming in with doughnuts.

"Are you sure that you don't want to spend the night at my house? I've got room," Giles offered, taking note of Buffy's previous actions.

"Thanks, but I'd prefer to stay here. It just feels like I'm supposed to be here."

"Well, ok, if you're sure, but the offer still remains standing if you ever change your mind. Doughnut?" He offered the box to Buffy.

"No thanks," she refused politely.

"Buffy, you have to eat something. See, I even brought your favorite, jelly-filled." Giles held out a donut with a bit of pink strawberry jam oozing out of the side.

"Oh, alright." Buffy took the offered doughnut and took a bite out of it, trying to eat it slowly, so that Giles wouldn't realize how hungry she really was. "Thanks for the jacket."

"Hmn? I didn't get you that." Giles looked surprised.

"If you didn't get it for me, then who did?" She pulled the card that had come with it out of her pocket. "'You looked so cold, so I figured that you could use this more than me.'"

"It could be from one of your friends," he suggested.

"Since when do I have friends. Unless of course you're talking about one of my bloodsucking, fanged friends." The young slayer looked up at her watcher, waiting for his reply, but he was too caught up in thinking about the possibilities of where that jacket had come from.

"It's a very nice leather jacket. The card said that you looked like you could use it more than the previous owner."

"Giles, I don't like this, someone or something was right next to me when I was sleeping two nights ago. They could have been there last night." Buffy remembered the strange feeling that she had had the night before.

"I don't think that they'd be any harm if they're just leaving you jackets, but just to be safe, we should set a trap or come up with some sort of a plan."

"Or, I could just leave a thank you note and ask them if I could meet them," she said in a sarcastic tone.

"Yes, that might work!"

"Um, Earth to watcher. I was being sarcastic, that would never work!"

"No, it might. Leave a note, then I'll hide in the plants, and if the person comes I'll be able to ask them questions."

"Or, I could just pretend to be sleeping and if someone comes, then I can jump up and ask them who or what they are."

"Oh… That might work too."

"It's probably nothing to worry about. They just gave me a jacket."

"Just don't forget to be safe," Giles said, before putting down the box that contained the rest of the doughnuts and leaving.

Tonight, I will meet the original owner of this jacket, Buffy thought, looking down at the amazing material.

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