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Trapped, unable to move, to escape. The claustrophobic feeling of the walls closing in on you. There seems to be no escape…

Chapter 17: Joy Found in Tragedy

Rupert and Jenny Giles sat on the sofa in their rather spacious house. "Are you sure it worked?" the Englishman asked.

"Positive," his wife affirmed.

Sighing, Giles leaned towards the coffee table, putting his elbows on it and then proceeding to rest his head in the palms of his hands. He knew that they'd have to go to Sunnydale, California once again. They'd been over the plan numerous times yet he still didn't feel comforted. No slayer had ever been turned into a vampire before that he knew of, why did Buffy have to? He should have protected her. "Very well, let's go over the plan once again."

"But we just went over it!" Jenny complained.

"Once more won't hurt."

The gypsy sighed in defeat. "Alright, we go to Sunnydale, arrive at our old house and then proceed to locating Buffy. When we find her she'll probably be in bad shape now that she has her soul, so we'll need to convince her that it's alright and she had no control over what she did. Then we'll fly her home. If we run into any trouble then we'll either hide and formulate a plan or, if we can handle it, then we will." Giles's brow furrowed after she finished. "What?" she asked.

"There's a lot of 'we's' in that plan."

"We already went over this, I'm a gypsy, I can take care of myself. Besides, you need me to stop you from doing anything rash."

"Very well. Tomorrow night, we leave for California."

Buffy sat on her and Angelus's bed. He had recently left, most likely out to find a snack. Buffy, terrified of what was to come, slowly got up, hoping that now she might be able to escape since Angelus had left. She crept towards the door, her feet betraying her as loud creaks seeped through the wooden floor boards.

When she got to the door, she opened it slowly, it too creaked and she silently cursed her luck. She leisurely walked towards the door. She was barely halfway through the room when she noticed Drusilla leaning against the wall.

"Miss Sunshine thinks that she can't be cured," Dru cooed. "Li'l does she know that darkness overpowers all that is bright. She won't ever escape the storm."

Buffy didn't understand a word the dark vampiress had just uttered. "Dru, I need to leave." Buffy was hoping that the other vampire would just step aside and think nothing of her departure, but alas, she did not.

"Didn't you hear, deary? You're not allowed to leave." She laughed maniacally.

Buffy, seeing no other option, ran at Drusilla and tried to kick her in the face. Dru easily dodged the attack. Buffy felt a surge of power run through her. She needed to escape. Who knows what would happen if she didn't? Their battle heated up. Buffy, being a new vampire, found herself being more reliant on her instincts, despite the many times she had fought as the slayer before. The older, more experienced vampire was able to predict about half of the ex-slayer's moves. Every time Dru expected Buffy to react a certain way, she'd do the opposite. It made the fight very unpredictable.

Buffy had to refrain from looking her opponent in the eyes, knowing of her mind games. It was very difficult, for it was greatly different than her usual fighting style. Buffy managed to gain the upper hand when Dru stopped mid-kick and looked around. The blond vampire tackled her 'sister' to the ground. They were rolling around on the floor until finally Drusilla held Buffy down by her neck. She applied great pressure, as if she was going to yank the younger's head off.

"Stop." A single word that froze both the frenzied vampires. Drusilla immediately released the blond and stood up. Buffy just laid in shock on the floor, unable to move. She slowly turned her head and her fear was confirmed. Angelus was back. "Looks like someone's been misbehaving." He heard him click his tongue and make a "tut, tut, tut" sound. Slowly she sat up, feeling vulnerable from her place on the floor. She heard a sigh. "Can't you behave yourself, Buff?"

"Daddy, Miss Sunshine was trying to run from the storm," Drusilla pouted.

"Thank you, Dru. I appreciate you keeping our little sunbeam safe." Angelus stalked towards the blond. "Now we just need to get her to eat." Buffy shuttered in fear. Eat? Surely he didn't mean…? But of course, what else could he mean?

"N-No. I'm not hungry," Buffy lied. She expected her stomach to growl just to spite her, but it didn't. She then wondered if her stomach could even growl… She was jolted back into reality when she noticed the disturbing smirk that graced her sire's face.

"Sure you aren't. Why don't we just go out for a little walk then?"

She gulped, but dared not refuse. "Just a walk?" she asked hopefully. A little too hopefully.

"Unless you want something more. We could pick up a snack on the way…"

"N-no t-thank you. I really am not hungry. Really."

"We'll see." Angelus' smirk was still creeping the slayer-turned-vampire out. "Dru," he said, catching the insane vampire's attention. "be back soon, make sure everything stays where it should be." She seemed to understand this more than Buffy did. Why wouldn't things be staying where they should be?

They left the dark house and began walking down the lamppost-lit streets of Sunnydale. Buffy was trying to come up with some plan to escape, as this might be her last chance. If Angelus stopped to eat, then she could try to run while he was doing so? Would that work? Possibly…

The ex-slayer froze when she sensed fear. Angelus stopped as well and smirked at her. "Smells good, doesn't it?"

"Good?" It did. It smelled very good. No. It smelled bad. Yes, bad. Fear should not smell good. Yet it did. Buffy grumbled under her breath. She did not like the predicament she was in. She felt betrayed and she felt dirty. If she was to add another feeling to the list, she'd have to say weak. Yes, definitely weak.

Still, confusion was yet another one of the emotions jumping around her head. Why should she care? It was no longer her fight, she had died defending the world. She frowned, seeing as technically she had died on a date…

"You want to see where it's coming from, don't-cha?" Angelus's voice suddenly whispered into her ear. She jumped, having been too caught up in her own thoughts to notice him creep behind her. A faint "yes" had slipped through the ex-slayer's lips without her having consciously thought about it.

"Come, then, and let's feed…" Angelus took his new, hesitant, childe's hand and lead her through the town, towards the source of the fear. The Bronze would be too much for her right now, but a wandering student should do just fine. A smile lit his features as he thought of the fun it would be with an ensouled slayer-vampire.


Blue eyes opened and glanced around a dark room. Coming out of whatever dream he had just been in, Spike curiously tried to figure out where he was. Taking a whiff, he recognized the scent. It was only a matter of seconds before he recognized the place as well. The basement under their residency… But why was he there? And why did his arms feel like…

"Fire?" Spike asked out loud, as his arms burned. He glanced down at them and found that he was shackled to the floor, and the chains were… make of chain link crosses sprinkled with holy water? "Angelus!" a growl turned roar ripped out of the vampire's throat.

The room he was in was dark and closed off, the walls made out of stone. Sound proof. This was his punishment then; for having almost lost Buffy for good. A pain in his heart caused him to wonder where the newborn vampire was and if she was doing alright. He'd have to get out of the wretched room he was trapped in to find out. And so he would.

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