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Please forgive me, Deidara fangirls. I didn't intend for the nightmare to be so bad.

The Akatsuki were in the kitchen, Hidan complaining that Kakuzu burnt his toast, Leader was reading the paper, and Tobi was eating "Lucky Charms" cereal (somehow it gets in his mouth without taking the mask off.)

Then Deidara stumbled into the kitchen like he would fall asleep right on the spot. His blonde ponytail was messed up and there were bags under his eye. He managed to walk to the table and sit down, but his head ended up landing in Tobi's cereal.

"Come on, Deidara, don't eat it like that," Kisame joked.

"Shut...up...un," Deidara said from the cereal bowl.

"Sempai! You're doing it wrong today," Tobi commented. "Normally Sempai pushes Tobi's head into the cereal. It isn't right when-"

"Get away from me, un." Deidara tried to pushed Tobi with one hand.

"Sempai? What's wrong?"

"Had a nightmare, un."

"What it that bad?"

"You don't want to know, un."

Before anyone could ask further, Itachi grabbed Deidara by the hair and looked him in the eye. (For those who don't get how he's using genjutsu on Deidara, it's simple, his left eye needs more training.) Itachi was looking at Deidara's dream.


Deidara was in a world of red when all of a sudden he heard several voices.

"Sempai! Sempai! Sempai!" There were Tobis, thousands of them, all skipping towards Deidara. "Hi Sempai!"

Then Deidara ran, ran for his life. All the Tobis following with the chorus of "Sempai! Sempai! Sempai!"

Deidara smiled as he remembered something. "I have art, un!" But when he reached into his pouches, THEY WERE EMPTY! "AHHHHHHHHH!"

Then a big white bird came flying next to Deidara, his art. But when the head looked at him, it was wearing Tobi's mask.


"Help! Help! Someone! ANYONE!"

The Tobi finally managed to catch up and were beginning to surround Deidara.

"Help! Sasori-danna! Help me, Sasori-danna!"

Then there was a new voice, louder than the Tobis'. "You did say art was fleeting. Just look at how short your life was."

"Sasori-danna! Help!" The Tobis were trying to push his head down from a view, as they kept yelling "Sempai! Sempai! Sempai!"

"So long, brat."

"DANNA!" The Tobis finally managed to keep Deidara's head down...


Everyone in the kitchen was looking at Itachi and Deidara. Tobi had his head cocked to the side.


"He was right," Itachi said. "It was a bad dream."

The end.

lol, I'm so evil. ^^

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