More Than a Want

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Summary: What happens when The Doctor's deepest desire becomes a dangerous need?AU/ Post Doomsday, rose reunion fic. Rose/10

Chapter One

It'd been nearly a month since the Doctor had lost Rose and he was still alone. He spent his days under the console fiddling and playing with the settings on the Sonic Screwdrivers. He spent his nights lying in Rose's bed, smelling the sheets and staring at the ceiling, not sleeping. He missed her more than anything. He hadn't left the TARDIS since he'd dropped off Donna. He wanted to be alone. He wanted to feel the emptiness, the hole in his hearts. The loss of her presence, his yearning for her voice and her smile, was becoming a physical ache.

He wondered when he had become like this. When had Rose's scent become as necessary to him as air? Her touch necessary to sustain proper brain function? A wire shocked him and he didn't flinch. He had become numb to all feeling, physical and emotional. It was as if a part of his soul were missing. As he crawled out from under the grating he wondered if she was feeling the same depression he was. Most of him hoped that she was coping better he was, but a small part of him, the selfish part of him, hoped that she felt them same because if she didn't, it meant that she didn't actually mean what she said to him on Bad Wolf Bay. Rose knew what she was saying when she said, "I love you." She knew the implications. She wouldn't say it if she didn't mean it, which meant she was feeling the same as he was. This made him feel even worse.

He was pulled out of his thoughts as he noticed that his slightly psychic paper had fallen off the console and on to the floor. With a sigh he reached down to pick it up. When it fell it had opened at the Doctor nearly closed it without look at it, but luckily he caught sight of the message it held out of the corner of his eye. His curiosity got the best of him and he brought it up to eye level to read the writing there.

"Help required. Please come."

The Doctor sighed. Help, was the one word he could never refuse. Even in his advanced state of Timelord lethargy he began setting the TARDIS to trace the psychic return signal on the message. Once it had read the signal and set its coordinates, they were off.

Not five minutes later the TARDIS landed with a heavy thud! Even the TARDIS seemed to be working less efficiently without Rose, or maybe it was just because the Doctor had spent the last month playing around with her insides. The Doctor pulled himself up from where he had landed and took the TARDIS out of gear and into park.

"I'll be back soon girl." He told the TARDIS, shrugged on his brown coat, and walked out the door. Once outside he just stood there, taking in his surroundings. He found himself on a dirty street corner, surrounded by dirty, one-story shops and houses. There were a few people scattered about. They were talking, look in shop windows, and carrying packages wrapped in paper. They weren't as dirty as the street but they appeared to be getting close. Wherever he was had fallen on some hard times recently. He took a deep breath, trying to get a feel for the atmosphere.

"The air is full of dust! Smell that? " He asked Rose. Then he realized what he had just done, "No, of course you don't. You're in a different dimension, how could you smell that?" He shook his head and pushed off down the street.

Suddenly a man came running down the street. Everyone who was about, meaning four or five, stopped what they were doing and looked up at him. He stopped in the middle of the street and after catching he breath he looked at the small throng that had gathered and shouted,

"He's coming this way. Come and join the revolution! Do not fear change!"

Everyone was frozen for a second, and then the street dwellers began panicking. The Doctor picked up some of what they were saying.

"Get in side!"

"They're coming! Hide!"

"Listen to me not him!"

It didn't sound like any of them were a fan of the revolution. The man who had made the announcement shook his head in disappointment and began running down the street again. The Doctor stopped a man who was trying to get inside a building but fumbling with his keys.

"Excuse me, but what's happening?" The Doctor asked him.

"Didn't you hear?" He asked, "It's Ratitian and his gang. They're planning to try to take over the world capital, today!"

"And the world capital is where exactly?"

"You from another planet? It's right up the street. Just follow that running non-conformist."

"Thank you!"

"Yeah, you're welcome. Now if you'll excuse me."

"Oh right, yes, sorry! Go back to running and hiding." The man successfully opened the door, snuck inside, and slammed it in the Doctor's face. "Right then!" The Doctor stated and took off down the street.

As he walked he noticed that the houses were getting steadily bigger and at the end of the street he found a large mansion surrounded by a gate. Undoubtedly the world capital building, however the Doctor had been expecting much more security, what with a budding revolution on they're hands. The gate that surrounded the large building had a lock and keypad but it wasn't very tall. He could have climbed it if he had wanted to. That was mostly likely what Ratitian and his gang planned on doing. Luckily, the Doctor had his trusty sonic screwdriver because he did not feel like wrinkling his suit, not today.

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