Harry walked into the common room unnoticed by the studying fifth, sixth and seventh years. He slowly made his way towards the back table where Ron and Hermione where talking. They were sitting across from each other, leaning in and whispering. Harry often wondered what they talked about when he wasn't around; sometimes he would feel so out of the loop and they always spent so much time together. Harry paused and grabbed an empty chair. He reflected on Ron and Hermione's relationship. Whenever he was not with them, the majority of the time they were together. He remembered the summer between fourth and fifth year that they had spend together, mostly without him and how Hermione lately had been getting to the burrow even before he did. He knew she wasn't desperate to get away from her parents, so how come she spent so many holidays with the Weaselys? And even whenever Ron had news and Hermione wasn't there, he would go and send her an owl. Harry smiled at the thought of his two best friends. Now that Ron was no longer going out with Lavender Brown, surely he and Hermione would finally get together? He turned towards them, they had not noticed that he had entered, or that he was only a few seats away; Hermione chuckled at something Ron said. Ron smiled as she laughed, then caught sight of Harry. Harry noticed that the smile changed, it was still a genuine smile, but it was not the same one he gave Hermione. Harry had to stifle a laugh as he walked towards them.

"What's so funny?" He asked Hermione

"Oh nothing" She said quickly, glancing quickly at Ron. Harry raised and eyebrow

"Ya it was nothing" Ron repeated "How was detention with Snape?" He asked.

Harry took a seat in the empty chair and began to talk about his detention with Snape, but he couldn't help noticing the quick glances that Ron and Hermione kept giving each other.

This is the first fanfiction that I have posted for Harry Potter, I've posted for Bones before. Please let me know what you think.