Chapter 1-

The sun shone through the window. Shining directly in Uehara's face. She flickered her eyes and threw her arm over her face, she rolled over and fell onto the floor. " Ow…" she groaned and slowly got up. She made for the door and fumbled with the knob, and after spending more than 10 seconds, opened the door.

Uehara went into the bathroom and somehow managed to put her contacts in, without seeing two. She made her way down stairs and made a cup of coffee, pouring loads of sugar into it. Sitting down, she looked at her blank calendar and thought for a moment. That's right…I need to go shopping today…she thought. She shrugged and sipped her coffee.

Uehara took time to finish her coffee and made her way up stairs to get ready for the day. She got dressed, used the bathroom, and grabbed her wallet. Running down stairs, and out the door. She locked the door behind her and looked around, stretching out in to the morning. She looked next door and noticed a blonde girl tending to a garden. Uehara took the moment to greet her neighbor, " Hello there!" she called out. The girl turned around and smiled pleasantly, " Eh? The new neighbor is out? Hi there! How's your new home?" she called back. Uehara smiled, " Good thanks." She waved and made her way down the walk. The girl's gaze followed Uehara until she was far enough down the road. The girl went back to her garden and she laughed to herself " I bet Neuro be interested in her…"

Uehara walked all the way to her parents house, which appeared to be still asleep. She shrugged, her parents expected her to take her car. She walked up to her car and looked inside, the keys were inside. Opening the door and started the engine, she sat there getting use to the sound and then backed out of the driveway. On her way to the " Eco-Friendly Mart".