Disclaimer~ I don't own Naruto, if I did then their would be way more gay romance, and Sakura would not be alive.

The Love Letter

"I love you more than words can say

I love you so I wrote you a love letter today

I don't know how it will make you feel, I don't know what you'll say

I love more and more everyday, that's why I wrote you a love letter today"

-The Book of Poetry

Naruto was pacing back and forth waiting for Iruka to show up for school. Naruto has long since graduated from the academy. He was about 18 now and had matured considerably. His hair had since grown out and he was now resembling the forth hokage more and more everyday. It was a year after the battle with Pein. Sasuke had even come back at his own will. Actually it was the Uchiha who killed Pein. Sasuke had killed Pein to protect Naruto. And that brings us to why the blond kitsune was in school at 6 in the morning waiting for his old sensei. It was all that damned temes fault. At long last Iruka finally entered his classroom. Iruka walked in with Kakashi following close behind carrying a few boxes that looked quite heavy but Naruto was too panicked to even care or notice.

"Iruka-sensei I need to talk to you… and why is Kakashi-sensei with you?" huffed the anxious blond.

"Kakashi is helping me with a demonstration in class today. He is showing the students rare ninja weaponry and how to use them." answered the chunin.

"Oh okay so yeah umm… I really need some advice on someone ah…something" Naruto said as a slight pink dusted his features.

"Sure go a head Naruto" Iruka said getting a parental glint in his eyes.

"Well I uhhh…" Naruto did his oh so familiar hand gesture of rubbing the back of his neck and smiling sheepishly continued on with his problem, "Heh heh I had this dream last night where I… uh was… well…um kissing Sakura-chan and uh well in the middle of making out she kinda turned into Sasuke."

"Oh so it just surprised you a little?" asked Iruka.

"No that was just it. It didn't surprise me and the hiss got so fervent and heated and then the background changed and we were in his bedroom, and uh…" now Naruto was completely crimson, "uh… we kinda had um…sex and uh…I was…uh…the uh………uke."

Iruka was blushing and couldn't come up with something to say. Kakashi was smirking because Naruto was finally realizing his feelings towards Sasuke. Now if only Sasuke would do the same. Like that would happen, he had his damned Uchiha pride in the way.

"Is that it Naruto or was there more to your rather interesting dream?" the silver haired shinobi questioned.

"Um…for the dream yes but uh… when I woke up this morning my sheets were kind of a……and I was sort of kinda……hard. The worst part was when I was walking here this morning I ran into him and started getting hard just looking at the basterds face. And I just don't know any more." sighed the Kyuubi vessel.

"Naruto do you like Sasuke like that?" Iruka inquired.

"Maybe I'm just…not….I don't know. I mean I think I might be…you know in like……love……or something." Naruto whispered.

"Naruto instead of training with the rest of our team today you can just train by yourself. Meet me by the waterfall outside of the village in the forest. Bring a bathing suit I'm going to teach you water jutsus see you at 1 pm." Kakashi said.

"Fine thank you Kakashi-sensei. It would just be weird sparring with Sasuke today." Naruto sighed before disappearing in a puff of smoke.