Chapter One: Not Glowing

Rodolphus was anything but happy as he dressed in his new robes; black silk. He smoothed his dark hair back over his scalp, gelling it down firmly, and took one last look in the mirror before he joined his brother, prepared to wait at the altar for his wife-to-be: Bellatrix Black.

He had never liked her. She had always had a bit of a tendency for violence, even as a child she would step on butterflies and drown lizards in puddles. As she grew older, it was becoming more and more apparent: several times she had gotten into duels with Severus Snape, her cousin Sirius, even her own sister Andromeda- though Andromeda had had it coming, marrying a Muggle-born.

At least he was making a better match than that.

Music swelled from the black-jacketed musicians in the corner, and Bellatrix swept into view.

The voluminous white dress looked strange on her, at odds with her haughty face, her dark, tangled curls, and her black eyes. It was undoubtedly of her mother's choosing, after all, this whole wedding had been her mother's doing.

Cygnus looked bored, half out of his mind with drugs anyway, so that Bellatrix ended up being the one supporting him as they strode between the rows of chairs. Her veil hid her face, but he could tell that she was at least as put-out about this as he was.

She left her father at the steps leading up to where Rodolphus stood, impassive. They went through the motions of marriage together, but neither one had their hearts in it. When the time came, Rodolphus swept Bellatrix's veil away and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. She scowled.