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-Akari is an actual, REAL woman, as she's Yuya's mommy! (but transgender people are still awesome)

-Yuya's father is alive, but he's always on business trips.

-Muramasa doesn't have as much hair and looks more fatherishly/modern day (though I'm sure you could have guessed).

-More characters will be introduced and they also wont be exactly as they are in the manga (yes this is after the manga NOT the anime, not that it makes a total difference in this story).

-This story will follow Yuya and Kyo all the way up to high school (where most of the action will take place).

-This is probably going to turn into an "M" instead of a "T"...just a warning, maybe.


Without further ado, the story!


Yuya didn't have too many happy memories from her childhood. Why, one might ask? The reason was none other than the crow-haired, blood-eyed demon that had, just had to live next to her. Sometimes Yuya envisioned a world where he didn't exist, a world where he'd have to paddle across the whole Atlantic Ocean just to get within a 5,000 mile radius. She pictured herself skipping across the border of her yard to play dolls with a sweet girl in braids, or a caring old lady baking her oatmeal cookies and letting her pet her cat. However, this was not the case; she had to live next to the very headspring of her hardship for years to come. Her little Pandora's box used to be shut tight and locked securely, until the li'l monster went and cracked the thing open like it was a piffling fortune cookie. He was the bee in her bonnet, the rainstorm on her parade, and the pee in her cornflakes.

He was the Godzilla of her Tokyo.

It was a day Yuya will never forget. She had been told they were going to meet the new neighbors so she had to wear her best dress. Yuya put on her precious pink-frilled frock gingerly so no threads would go loose, and so she wouldn't pucker a single layer of fabric. With a heart fluttering from nerves and excitement, Yuya clutched the hand of her mother on her left and the hand of her older brother, Nozomu, on her right. They set off to meet the new neighbors.


The door swung open. Yuya was met by a kindly looking middle-aged man.

"Hello, I'm Muramasa..."

"Hi! I'm Akari. We're your next door neighbors." Akari handed him a bowl of green jello; Muramasa thanked her graciously. "This is my son, Nozomu, and my daughter, Yuya." said Yuya's mom, gesturing towards her children. Nozomu shook his hand and Yuya smiled brightly.

"Nice to meet you...Ah, Kyooo! Kyo, please come down here and meet the new neighbors!" Yuya was wondering who Kyo was when suddenly, a boy materialized at Muramasa's side out of nowhere. Yuya eyed him excitedly--someone her age!

"Kyo, this is Akari, Nozomu, and Yuya." said his father. Kyo glared suspiciously at Akari and Nozomu. When he got to Yuya, he seemed surprised at first, but then he slowly started grinning. His crimson eyes flashed with something that made Yuya a bit uneasy; as if her innate instincts were saying something like, "Predator alert! Run gazelle, run!" Later, Yuya would fully grasp what that "leer" meant. Whenever that Cheshire cat look appeared, it foretold of trauma, humiliation, and of the utmost vexation of the spirit.

"Kyo, Yuya, why don't you two head outback and play for a bit!" said Muramasai, as if he'd just come up with a grand idea. Akari thought so as well. "Yes, Yuya!" said her mother, waving her away (she wouldn't need a baby sitter now). Yuya stared at her mother beseechingly, but to no avail. Yuya knew she couldn't be rude, but she couldn't shake off this bad feeling. Kyo just smirked and began sauntering off, making her follow him hastily.

She just followed the rabbit down the hell-hole.

First, Kyo insisted they play "dog". "You can be the dog. You look like one ugly...Dog-face! Dog-face!" he said, snickering and pointing at her.

Sure, Yuya's ego was damaged, but she wasn't going to start crying like most girls her age would, she was a bit stronger than that.

"I don't wanna play dog! Lets play something else, you, you c-CAT EYES! Cat eyes! Cat eyes with blood in them!" Yuya stuck her tongue out at him, "Bleh!"

Something in Kyo sparked. Perhaps it was ignited by the fire in Yuya's look. He must have realized this girl wouldn't go down easy, and that wasn't going to do. Kyo liked challenges. He was going to win today no matter what. He was going to be in control. Kyo smirked. This was going to be fun.

Kyo took off her sandal and threw it in the small pond behind their houses yelling, "Fetch!"

Yuya's first reaction was to stand rock still with a look implying "I can't believe you just did that." Then she realized he had in fact done just that. Enraged, she shoved him and Kyo choked on his own laughter. When Yuya tediously fished her sandal out of the pond with a stick, the game was still on.

Kyo thrust leaves in her hair. Yuya threw grass in his face.

Kyo pulled up her dress. Yuya tried to pull down his pants.

Kyo called her a mangy mutt with fleas. Yuya called him an ugly crow-head.

Kyo tripped her onto the sandbox, Yuya tried to bite his hand...

It was no use, Kyo was always one step ahead on the chess board. In fact, for years to come, he'd always be one step ahead. It was an endless game of Tennis, and Yuya's volleys never hit quite hard enough. This was a trend Yuya fought her darnedest to break, but in vain. Perhaps it wasn't his actual actions that was the worst of it. Perhaps the worst part about it was that while Kyo had Yuya in so many different emotions: anger, fear, frustration, Kyo not once broke from that haughty and viscous facade. Did the boy ever get afraid? Did he ever lose? What made him so damn self-assured? It was outright infuriating. When Nozomu finally came to the rescue, and escorted Yuya home, Yuya was a positive mess. It wasn't till she sat down for dinner that she realized her beloved dress was dirty, torn, and grass-stained.

Akari didn't notice the wide-eyed and pained Yuya at the dinner table, but Nozomu did. Nozomu went up to her room and sat next to her on her bed. Yuya finally let out all her pent up tears. When she recalled everything Kyo did, Nozomu smiled gently and pet her head.

"Now Yuya, Kyo's just being a boy."

"B-but not all boys are like that! You're not like that! Daddy's not like that!" Yuya said, wiping her quick running nose with her sleeve.

"That's cause were older."

This may have been a legitimate reason for a little while, until Yuya realized Kyo didn't, in fact, get much better with age...

"Anyway Yuya, you just need to relax. You can't let this boy get to you. Why, you're my sweet, loving sister! You made me rescue that bat once, remember?"

Yuya was glad she didn't tell Nozomu what she did back.

"Well, good night then Yuya." Nozomu kissed her on the forehead and left her.

Within the confines of her blankets, Yuya fought hard to ease the aggravation and torment flowing in her veins. Her tiny hands balled into fists. No way was she going to let this boy give her fear. No way was she gonna be a dog-face, and no way was she going to let him boss her around like some tyrant!

Up till now, Yuya had no antagonists--nothing to fight, no disruption.

This boy was the reason Yuya caught on to the word "sadist" before anyone else her age.

Yuya was 5 years old.