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Yuya Shiina did not want to move an inch from where she lay for fear the sheer layer of safety she felt would disintegrate. She'd awoken around 5:00 AM, approximately 2 hours before her alarm would go off in the future.

The future.

Yuya Shiina was terrified of the future.

When her cream colored eyelids had first opened, the events of yesterday were a blur in the far distance, then they slowly drifted closer and closer until SMACK! They trounced her like a herd of cattle.

Why? Why did I do that? Dear Lord Why?

She could have cried; not from sadness, but from sheer embarrassment and fear. The truth was she was so afraid. Sure, he kissed her, and she was almost sure he harbored true affection, but what now?

What happens now?

Yuya had been so vulnerable. This made her scared. She cringed when she realized what could very well be the core of her mortification.

She confessed first.

She lost. He had all the power.

No, He can't! He can't!

The future.

It dawned on her. If she was going to try and be with him in the future that meant a lot more losing. She'd have to show her weak spots continuously--like a dog bearing its belly. Would he always be laughing at her? The mere thought made her feel sick. The last thing she wanted to ever be to him was a joke or a loser, and for some reason, right now, that was precisely what she felt like. What if he never showed his weak side? Did he have a weak side? Well, sure, she knew he did, but she wasn't sure how much she'd see it…Oh the agony! Her head hurt and her muscles felt stiff, and her heart beat faster every time she saw the minute switch on her menacing alarm clock.

She didn't want to go to school. She didn't want to see him—the source of the roiling pit of nausea that was now her stomach, the throbbing pain in her brain…

She went to school, or rather, her feet dragged her there. That was one thing about Yuya, even though her whole being feared and fought it, that special part of her made her go anyway, the part of her that positively loathed it whenever fear won.

Many times she sensed Kyo near her. She could almost see his eyes trying to catch her attention though she wasn't looking. It could have been strange that when Kyo was hovering by, Yuya suddenly needed to discuss urgent matters with the person sitting next to her, or Midori, or even the girl she'd never even spoken to in her whole life with the unibrow. This strategy was something Yuya had good reign on. What Yuya couldn't control, however, was her damned face that had a tendency to burn scarlet whenever ink black hair floated into her peripheral vision. As the day went on, her face burned more continuously, and her now scratchy throat let out coughs...

Great, now I really am sick. Pierced by anxiety inducing emotions, and feeling just plain wretched, Yuya pondered if she'd live to be 17 at all....

She was safe. She had made it all through school. Now she could go home, get some rest, continue to worry, and—

Oh shit. She should have known it couldn't have been that easy.


Yuya reluctantly pivoted around. More blood hovered towards her cheeks.


His eyes tried to find hers but she stealthily evaded them from interrogation.

"Oh, are you being shy today?"

Yuya snarled despite herself. She had no idea what she was supposed to do in this situation, or any other future situations with Kyo for that matter. Then she remembered she felt sick. She also remembered she lost. She always loses, and she always "amused" him. Unwarranted Anger began to simmer, before it could be controlled.

"I can be whatever I want any day."

After Yuya's testy remark, a pause ensued.

"Yeah, you usually are too. You're like freaking Tyler Durden. I'm probably the only person alive that can put up with your mood swings. You look kind of sick…"

This somehow ticked a nerve. Before Kyo could feel her forehead, she slapped the hand away.

"Then don't put up with it! No one's asking you to!"

"What the hel—"

Yuya shoved past him and rushed on home. Her head was pounding like a jackhammer. In a haze, she called for her mom, then she realized her mother was with her brother visiting colleges, and her damned dad was, once again, not there.

"Whatever, I can take care of myself." She didn't need to take her temperature; she already knew she had a fever. Yuya clumsily took two aspirins and slipped into bed. Her mind began to take her on a journey. Before she knew it, she was mumbling the "Itsy-Bitsy Spider" song. In fact, She could have sworn there was a real, hot-pink spider dangling from her finger…or was it red?


"Oh," murmured Yuya, squinting her eyes, "that wasn't a spider, that was your eyeball…"

She felt something warm press against her flaming cheek.

"Holy shit." said a distant voice.

She heard a clatter and then the sound of running water.

Something pleasingly wet and cold was placed against her head. Time passed and Yuya's eyes started to focus on her surroundings—she became more conscious of the boy's presence.

…Too conscious.

"Damn it, why!" moaned Yuya, turning into her pillow, the wet cloth sliding off.

"…Oh, why, thank-you Kyo, for being here when I'm sick." replied the boy himself.

"Sure. More like, thank-you, Kyo, for always being there to see me at my worst!"

Kyo's brows furrowed. "What do you mean?"

"Just…just take a picture of me right now!"


"You know, so you can look at it whenever to boost your confidence…"

"What the hell? What are you talking about? I'm a bit confused, just yesterday…"

Oh no, not yesterday again! Yuya buried her head more in her pillows, trying to pretend he wasn't there. She could have sworn she heard a laugh.

"Oh, I see, you do have a crazy amount of pride don't you? You must have surprised even yourself yesterday." said Kyo. He then leaned towards her ear, "You're embarrassed" he whispered. She could almost hear his smile.

"No I'm not!" Yuya lashed out, smacking him in the face. She was attempting to strangle his neck when she suddenly gave up and retreated back to her pillows. Much to her bewilderment, Kyo managed to slip in next to her. Lying next to the sick girl, he felt her forehead. Yuya flushed but remained silent, averting her gaze.

Kyo spoke finally, "Once, when I was little, I tried to stick a dinosaur toy in a VCR."

This confession initially shocked Yuya, but once she registered his words she had to stifle a laugh. The whole idea of Kyo trying to stick a dinosaur was almost too much. She'd never seen Kyo show this side to her before. It made her heart thump with glee. She remained alert, eager for more.

"One time I was watching the Discovery channel on T.V. and there was this show on about like meteors hitting the earth. Anyway, I thought a meteor was coming so I made a huge mess and rearranged all the furniture in my room to create some kind of barrier or something..."

This time Yuya laughed out loud, she couldn't possibly help it.

"…My dad was so pissed." Kyo was now laughing too. He went on to tell her a few other stories…

"Tell me more!" wheezed Yuya, her abs now sore, "Tell me more of your silly failings!"

"…Well there is one thing." Kyo replied, looking away.

"What?" said Yuya, feeling the atmosphere turn stolid. She waited intently...

"I made the girl I like hate me for 16 years."

The amused joy she had melted into something more sweet and tender. His honest words and the vulnerability was too much. She didn't think before she placed her arms around his chest and curled against his back. At that moment, she felt like one very fortunate girl. A very happy, fortunate girl. They layed there until Kyo finally stirred. He got off her bed.

"Well, you need to sleep. When you wake up take two more aspirin and drink more water."

Yuya was so annoyed he left her side, she felt like pouting.

"Why should I do what you say?" she asked snippily.

"Because you're my girlfriend." he replied.

Yuya collapsed on her bed.

The boy was too cunning.