To pay off the divorce penalty, Bumblebee had to sell his house and most of his possessions. On the upisde, when he cancelled his cable subsription they refunded him for the unused time.

With nowhere else to go, he joined the Cybertron Army Reserve, just so he could live at the local base. To be frank, he would just as soon pretend his and Soundwave's marriage never happened.

Over time, it became clear the peace they'd created on Cybertron was an illusion. They had largely gone back to calling themselves Autobots and Decepticons, and about a year after Bumblebee's divorce the faction names were offically restored.

As it turned out, Cybertron's population had never really integrated, with the two sides more or less sticking with their own kind. The planet was still divided more or less as it had been during the war.

Eventually, the Cybertron Congress became so dysfuntional that Optimus dissolved it "for the duration of the emergency". He would now rule by decree, and had gone back to disregarding popular opinion when he felt it necessary.

It later came out the Shockwave was freed, and his actions funded, by Megatron, who would later admit he wasn't that serious about a lasting peace. The two Decepticons were now fugitives, but were aided by other Decepticons.

Optimus finally decided to officially divide the planet, with Autobots living on one side, and Decepticons on the other. This was made necessary by the increasing violence between the two sides. Relations continued to deteriorate, though.

Bumblebee spent what would've been his and Soundwave's tenth anniversary at the bar. He had mostly gotten over the divorce, but he'd found other reasons to get drunk. Namely, the increasing failure of Cybertron's peace.

Ratched sat next to him. "It's silly to blame yourself for this," he said. "What's happening right now isn't happening because of anything you did. In fact, it's really just as well. It's spared you from having to choose between the two sides."

"No, I hardly ever think about that anymore," said Bumblebee. "I don't even want a second chance, because I know I'd just slag it up again." He thought of something. "Whatever happened to my other baby?"

"She was adopted by an Autobot couple who then left Cybertron."

"I'm glad to hear that."

"Oh, and you'll be seeing a lot more of me. I've rejoined the Autobot Army."

They parted company for the day.

A year or so later, Bumblebee paid a visit to the amusement park where he and Soundwave had spent the last happy moments together. It now only served Autobots, and park rules prohibited pro-Decepticon activities on its grounds.

He really didn't have anything else to do at the moment, and he had enough money, so he decided to go on one of the rides.

Just then, an explosion tore through the park. He looked up, and Decepticons were attacking. He transformed and returned to the base as fast as he could. There, his worst fears were confirmed.

Decepticon forces were staging an all-out invasion of Cybertron's Autobot Section. Megatron had retaken leadership of the Decepticons, and was leading them in a rebellion against Optimus' rule.

Twelve years after the ceasefire, the war had resumed.

Now, just by looking at Cybertron no one would know there had been a time of peace. In fact, the fighting was more brutal and bitter than before.

Bumblebee paid little attention to the outside world anymore. All he had left was the Autobot cause, and his duty to it.