A Haruka Fanfiction

Disclaimer~ I don't own any of these characters, nor the world which they live in. I do however own this original take on poor Kotengu-chan's story.

Sorry it's so short, I'll try to update every week so it won't be too bad. My first posting, but one of my later (read 'better') stories.

Chapter 1 ~

The First Encounter

Here in front of me was the very definition of heartless evil. I trembled at his horribly mis-matched eyes, that weird mark on his face. Drawing a deep breath, I summoned my fan to defend my home against this frightening intruder. He merely stood there, impassive to my power. His face never betrayed any emotion, nor did his hands falter in their malicious intent. As the small white slip raced towards me, I braced myself for a physical attack, never dreaming the nightmare I would endure from his dirty trick.

"Tengu, I will seal your power away!"

When I awoke, it seemed nothing had happened. I wasn't in any pain, all my limbs were accounted for, and my tree was still standing. I sighed in relief; my home was safe. I thought that stupid Sorcerer had been intimidated by my full strength and ran away. Ha, serves him right, I taunted in my head. As I got up, however, I noticed something was off. I squinted at the leaves beneath my hand, trying to see what was wrong with them. Not being able to recognize anything out of the ordinary, I flew up to the top of my beloved tree. Or at least, I tried. Normally it takes a single leap to reach my favorite perch, but this time it seemed to take a lot longer than it should just to get half-way up. Annoyed, I put more effort into flying at top speed. My wings just couldn't seem to give me their usual lift. Becoming alarmed, I tried to pull out my trusted fan. It didn't come. I tried again and again, panicking more with each failed attempt. I glanced around, trying desperately figure out what was going on, when a crow swooped down on me, impossibly huge. His dirty claws tore at my face, leaving ragged bloody gashes across my cheek and clothes. My heart skipped a beat as the grim truth dawned on me...

I had lost my powers. And on top of that, I had shrunk to the size of a sparrow.