I do not own the characters from the Bionic Woman. Universal does and probably a few other people. I borrow them. Mary Jane Price is mine and I've decided I like her!

Follow-up to Beginnings.

Rating K+

"I'm not sure if that is romantic or not Jaime." Mary Jane Price shook her head, her glorious chestnut curls floating around her head like a halo. "I mean it was in a game."

"I know." Jaime put a generous amount of suntan lotion on, (both arms to make it look good) and reached for the book, she knew she wouldn't be reading. "But it was very sweet and romantic. He said that he wanted to talk to me about who was the love of my life. I thought I might cry when I got to that part."

"But what kind of man tells you he loves you that way?" MJ insisted. "Why couldn't he just come right out and say it?"

"You know as well as I do, that not every one is blessed with directness. We can't all be you." Jaime grinned, splashing some water from her near by glass on to her best friend. Besides, I wasn't there. And I'd sure as heck he tell me in a note than not at all. Imagine if I had gone my entire life with him loving me as much as I love him and he never told me."

"You could have told him."

"I guess so. I don't know, I mean its Oscar. I'm not sure how he might feel about aggressive women. Incase you haven't noticed, he is slightly older than me."

"No, Jaim never noticed." Mary Jane rolled her eyes. "Which you do know doesn't make any difference."

"Oh God, yeah I know. " Jaime nodded. She didn't want to admit that had been one of the factors of not telling Oscar how she felt. She hadn't wanted him to pat her on top of the head and say how touched he was that she had a little crush on him. She wouldn't have been able to bear that.

"Okay, so let me play Devil's Advocate here. This man."

"Oscar Goldman."

"Right, Oscar Goldman that you love and he says he loves you, even though he just wrote it in a game. " Jaime started to protest, MJ lifting her hand to stop her." Devil's Advocate, remember."

"Go on."

"Oscar Goldman is 23 years older than you. He remembers Pearl Harbor from having been there. Well not there, there but around. He is a child of the Depression and had to save aluminum foil during the Second World War. He had been out of college a year before you were born! "

"Well, yes, but..."

"I'm not done." Mary Jane's little dog came running up to Jaime and plopped down on her lap. She scratched its neck and behind it's ears, thinking how much she missed Max.

"Pray, continue."

"Um, he remembers the Korean War."

"I remember the Korean War." Jaime rolled her eyes.

"But you were only four at the time. Let's see. Not only does he remember what he was doing when Kennedy was shot, I bet he worked on the assassination case.

"I was in school." Jaime cut in. "Mrs. Tompkins class. "

"I know I was there with you." Mary Jane remembered.

"Okay, so that proves that he is older than me, which I knew but I don't see what that has to do with anything."

"It means are your prepared to be with a man who will fall apart before you do, a man who will be old enough to be your children's grandfather the day they are born? A man that when you go out they will say hello Mr. Goldman, so nice you could bring your daughter?"

Jaime thought long and hard, finally nodding. "Yes, I am."

"Then let's go get you ready." Mary Jane jumped up. "And I think you should wear the green dress, it will knock him over."

Jaime set the small dog down and ran after her best friend. "Can I borrow your black pumps?"

"Absolutely. And my dangly earrings."

Jaime's heart did a neat flip and she giggled as she headed for the shower. In just two hours she would be seeing Oscar on a whole different playing field and she couldn't wait.

She couldn't wait to finally take his hand as lover would, to dance with him, their bodies close and moving together. To talk to him as more than just a friend or boss. Breathing she was sure was optional.