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1. Planning for the Baby

The sound of a baby crying was heard throughout the house. After Ashrah gave birth to Raiden's child, they both made a home to settle down in and care for the child. Raiden walked tiredly towards his son's room and picked up the bundle of joy.

"There, there don't cry daddy's here now, shh." Raiden assured his young son. The crying wouldn't stop after the baby moved in. Both Ashrah and Raiden were deprived of their precious sleep. Ashrah walked in and saw the beautiful sight of a father and his son. She couldn't help but smile, and walked toward Raiden, standing beside him.

"I think he wants his mommy." Raiden handed Ashrah his son and walked out of the room. He went back to bed and closed his eyes, only to open again when he heard the baby cry.

He sat up and rubbed his eyes. How many times had he been woken up by the baby now? To tell the truth it was getting kinda annoying, but it was worth it.

Ashrah returned minutes later and snuggled back into bed. "You know this baby is going to change us right?" She whispered.

"Mhm." Was all he could say before drifting of to sleep.

"Waaah!!!" The baby cried as Raiden tried to change his diapers. "Ashrah I need that new diaper!" Raiden yelled. "Here!" She shouted back and threw him a new diaper.

Raiden vaporized the dirty one, cleaned his baby, and put the new diaper on him. "There you go my little Raonko." He cooed.

(A/N: The baby's name is Raonko. It's pronounced Ray-on-ko, got it, good.)

"Ashrah I changed his diaper, so can we go now?" He asked as he picked up Raonko's baby bag filled with all his toys, diapers, food, and other baby stuff.

"Yes you can go, and I'll be there later okay?" She said and planted a kiss on Raiden's lips. He smiled and disappeared and then reappearing in Edenia.

He entered the palace and into the living room to see Scorpion and Kitana sitting down on the couch playing with baby toys. "Hey, hey it's the baby!" Kitana exclaimed reluctantly grabbed the baby out of Raiden's arms. "Who's a cute little baby, who's a cute little baby, you are!" She cooed and poked a finger onto the baby's nose which giggled happily.

"Oh please." Scorpion rolled his eyes in protest and picked up a rattle. He handed the toy to the young baby who reluctantly took it and cooed happily.

"You wanna hold him Scorpion?" She asked. "Fine." He said plainly and took the baby into his arms. He stared into the baby's eyes which were so innocent, and beautiful it made Scorpion smile under his mask.

"Aw who's a cute little bundle of joy?" He said and poked the baby in the stomach softly. Kitana and Raiden's went wide open.

"What? Remember I used to have a family and a kid so shut up!" He snapped which made the baby cry.

"Waaah!!!" Raonko cried who raised his arms calling for his father. "Now look what you did, you made Raonko cry." Kitana chided him.

Scorpion handed Raiden his son and turned to glare at Kitana. "Oh please at least I have more experience than you with kids you pampered spoiled little bitchy princess!" Scorpion yelled.

"Scorpion you should never yell and cuss in front of a child!" Kitana retorted.

"Blah, blah, blah I'll speak however I want to speak got it?!" Scorpion yelled back.

Raiden sighed heavily and walked to the kitchen. There he saw Sindel, Jade, Sub-Zero, and Fujin having a small snack.

"Oh it's the baby!!!" Jade exclaimed and walked up towards Raiden.

"Yes but Mister Hot Head and Princess Shouts-a lot are in there arguing, and it's upsetting Raonko." Raiden explained and handed his child to Jade.

"Don't worry about it; I hear they have great make-up sex." Sub-Zero blurted out. "What?" Fujin said in shock. "What it's true. For someone who's a specter, he knows how to please women." "Okay can we not talk about this especially in front of a child?" Jade scolded.

"Sorry." Sub-Zero apologized sarcastically.

"No you're not." Sindel smirked and took a bite out of her sandwich.

"Shut up." Sub-Zero snapped. "Don't say shut up in front of a baby." Jade said and rocked Raonko in her arms.

"Okay can we please talk about something else?" Raiden said out of annoyance of all the arguing.

"Ooh Scorpion!" A moan was heard in the living room. "Ah yes!" Scorpion's voice was heard. "HARDER!!!" Kitana's voice roared in pleasure.

"Let's go out into the backyard shall we?" Sindel suggested and took the plates of food outside. The others followed.

"So when's his birthday?" Sub-Zero asked and took a sip of his cool drink.

They were all sitting around a marvelous marble table, sitting in the warm sum followed by a cool and soothing breeze. "It's in a few months which give us plenty of time to prepare." Raiden replied.

"That's cool. So what's the theme?" Fujin asked. "Well I don't know, what do you think?" He asked.

"How about a god theme?" Jade suggested. "That's sounds cool. We could have like huge idols of the gods, and whatever fits the theme." Sub-Zero added.

"Well it's settled then, we're going to have an Elder God themed birthday." Sindel concluded and they all toasted to it.

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