7. Tickets and the Show

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"But I don't want to!" Raiden whined, as he sat on the couch in the living room of her and Ashrahs's house. Ashrah had her hands on her hips, glaring at Raiden. Raonko was busy playing with his toys, obviously not paying attention to his parent's small argument.

"Come on Raiden, just do it okay? I really want to know who the father is." Ashrah nearly pleaded. She sat down on Raiden's lap and looked him straight in the eye. "Don't you want to know who the father is? It's been a week since Kitana told us she was pregnant. And now she's going to tell everyone on television!" She retorted and wrapped her arms around his neck. Raiden sat there, thinking of the whole situation. To be honest, he too did want to know who the father was. But he really didn't want to spend money to buy tickets just to see who the father was. It was just a waste.

"I also want to know who the father is but I don't really want to spend money." Raiden said back. Ashrah was quiet for a few seconds, but then she decided to use the one thing she knew that would change Raiden's mind. She got off from his lap and left the room. A few minutes later, she came out carrying a Raiden doll. Raiden's eyes went wide.

"No Ashrah please not that." He said in a scared tone. Ashrah smirked and twisted the Raiden doll's left arm around the neck, causing the real Raiden to do the same action. He groaned in pain.

"Ow that hurt." He grumbled, much to Ashrah's satisfaction. This time, she took the left leg of the doll and wrapped it around the waist of the doll, again, causing Raiden to do the same thing. He growled in pain and anger. "O-Okay Ashrah, you win...I'll buy them...please...put me back to normal." He said through gritted teeth, beginning to lose the feeling in his arm and leg. Ashrah gave a triumphant smirk and returned the doll to its original position. Raiden gave a sigh of relief and massaged his arm.

Raiden had his arms crossed over his chest, tapping his foot lightly. He had an annoyed and impatient look on his face as he waited in line to buy tickets to see the show in which Kitana would reveal the father of her baby. The whole thing was still pointless. Why couldn't Kitana just have the courage to tell her friends who the father was? It was just pointless. As he waited in line, he noticed from the corner of his eye Cyrax was talking to a small group of people. But he decided to shrug it off. He thought that if he stepped out of line to talk to the cyborg, he'd have to go back to the end of the line, and as he looked to the back of the line, it was very long. The line moved slowly but being patient that he was, Raiden finally made it to the front.

"Yes may I help you?" The young lady behind the glass window asked politely.

"Yes I'd like to buy two tickets for the..."Raiden looked to the side and saw a sign with the words 'Cyrax Show'. 'Cyrax Show! Since when did Cyrax host a show!' Raiden thought in his head. "Cyrax Show." Raiden finished.

"Okay that will be 500 gold coins." The woman replied. Raiden reached into his pocket and took out a small bag. He opened it and poured a pile of gold coins in front of him.

"Um is this enough?" He asked. The woman stared at the pile and shrugged, her hand sliding under the small opening at the bottom of the window and bringing in the coins. She then slid two tickets under the window. Raiden took the tickets and walked out of line.

"Ashrah owes me 500 gold coins."

"And welcome to the Cyrax Show!" The announcer guy said over the microphone, making the audience cheer and applaud loudly. Raiden and Ashrah, who was carrying Raonko in her arms, were seated in the fourth row in the front of the studio. To Raiden's right was Sub-Zero, Johnny, Sonya, Jax, Ermac, Kung Lao, and Kenshi. To Ashrah's left was Li Mei, Bo-Rai-Cho, and Nightwolf.

"And here's our host, Cyrax!" Everyone applauded and clapped as Cyrax walked out from behind the curtains, waving to the audience and sat down behind a desk. The cheering then ceased.

"Hello everyone and welcome to the Cyrax Show. Today's show is called 'Who's the Daddy?' and to get things started, here is our first special guest...Princess Kitana!" Everyone cheered as the Edenian princess walked out waving to the crowd. She took a seat on a couch next to Cyrax's desk.

"Hello Kitana and welcome to the show." Cyrax greeted.

"Thank you Cyrax." Kitana replied warmly.

"Now Kitana, we heard that you are pregnant. And the reason you're on this show is that would reveal the father of your child." Said the cyborg ninja.

"Yes...and if you don't mind Cyrax, I'd like the father to come out here himself." The audience gasped at what the princess said.

"Well let's bring him out. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the father and our second special guest...Scorpion!" The audience once again gasped and applauded as the yellow clad ninja walked in from backstage and took a seat next to Kitana on the couch.

"Hello Scorpion and welcome to my show." Cyrax greeted the ninja.

"Yeah whatever." Scorpion replied rudely, earning a smack across the chest from the princess.

"So you're the father Scorpion?" Cyrax asked.

Scorpion sighed and nodded his head. The audience gasped and began chanting Cyrax's name.

"Well Kitana, how long have you been in a relationship with Scorpion?" Asked the cyborg.

"Well to be honest, I don't even remember. Do you Scorpion?" Scorpion shook his head.

"Well I think three people have the answer to that. Let's hear it for Sindel, Jade, and Mileena!" Everyone cheered as the three women came out waving to the crowd. The trio took seats in three individual chairs next to the couch where Scorpion and Kitana were seated.

"Now ladies, would one of you tell me how long have these two been in a relationship?" Cyrax asked.

"Well me being her sister, I think they've been dating for three months. Or was it four? I'm not sure, but I do remember seeing them spend a lot of time together for the past few months." Mileen replied.

"Me being her best friend, I do believe they've been going out for seven months." Jade said and made a face to Mileena.

"You two are wrong. I'm her mother so I know that they've been going out for eleven months." Sindel said with a confident smile.

"Well it seems you three obviously have no damn clue as to how long these two have been going out." The cyborg said almost insultingly, earning a glare from all three woman. "But lucky for us and for the audience, I have another special guest who knows exactly how long those two have been dating. And princess, it's someone you used to like." The entire audience gasped. Kitana looked nervous, wondering who Cyrax was talking about. "Well come one out...Liu Kang!" The crowd cheered as the Shaolin monk walked in and took a seat on the other side of Cyrax's desk.

"Hello Liu Kang." The cyborg greeted.

"Hello Cyrax. But let's get to the real case here. Those two have been going out for a year and four months." Liu replied, glaring at the couple on the couch.

"Now before we move on here, Kitana is it true that you briefly dated Liu Kang?" Cyborg asked, his hands folded in front of him.

"Yes, but after he was killed, I moved on, but when he was brought back to life but as a human, I already found someone else. And it was Scorpion." The audience all said "Awww."

"And Scorpion, how did you feel when Kitana looked to you for comfort?" Cyrax asked in an amused tone. If he had human features, he would be smirking.

"Well I'm not entirely sure how I felt but I knew I had to do something to keep the princess happy." Scorpion replied plainly.

"YOU STOLE MY WOMAN!" Liu Kang shouted and pointed a finger at the specter.

"It's not my fault she went to me for comfort. But at least I was there to be with her, unlike you!" Scorpion retorted, making the audience go "ooh".

"That's it! You're going down specter. Waataah!" Liu Kang jumped into the air and did his flying kick, kicking Scorpion in the chest and sent him flying across the studio.

"Cyrax! Cyrax! Cyrax! Cyrax!" The crowd cheered as they watched Liu Kang and Scorpion fight in the studio. Kitana, Jade, Sindel, and Mileena all got out of the way and took cover behind Cyrax's desk.

"Wow, they're fighting over me! How lucky am I?" Kitana remarked as she watched the two fighters continue their battle. However because the studio wasn't meant to be an arena, many of the studio audience members ran out of the building, for they feared that they would get hurt from the fighting. One person almost got burnt from Liu Kang's dragon fireball, three people nearly got crushed by studio lights because Scorpion's spear yanked it down from the ceiling.

"I think it's time we leave." Raiden said and grabbed Ashrah, who was carrying the baby and teleported them all away.

"Raiden's right. I'm leaving." Sub-Zero stood up and ran out of the studio, with the others following him.

"Great...those two are destroying the studio and scared away the audience. Boy am I scre..."Cyrax couldn't finish his sentence as a fireball blasted him out of his chair. The three women looked at each other and ran away, the studio beginning to fall apart, with Scorpion and Liu Kang still fighting.

A girl with long brown hair with blonde streaks and glasses came into the view of the camera wearing a name tag with the name Ronnie. "This is all the time we have on the Cyrax Show. Please join us again next time on our next segment. Thank you." She smiled into the camera but flinched when a giant portion of the ceiling fell down and crashed behind her. "This job is so not worth 500 gold coins." She said and walked away from view. The last thing that happened was Scorpion's spear hitting the camera, destroying it.

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