8. Raonko's Rampage

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Raiden paced back and forth along the grass of a park and grumbled to himself with Sonya Blade and Liu Kang watching him.

"Ashrah will kill me," the thunder god mumbled and rubbed his temple.

"Calm down Raiden. We'll find Raonko before Ashrah returns from Edenia," Sonya assured with him with a smile. But her words did nothing to ease the thunder god's panic. Raiden continued his pacing and sweat was rolling down his face.

"Lord Raiden, panicking will not make Raonko return. You must remain calm and allow Sonya's men and the others to find your child," Liu Kang spoke.

"Besides, Raonko is just a baby. He couldn't have run off too far," Sonya added.

"True. But Raonko has been displaying teleportation for the past few weeks," Raiden turned to face his friends. "It is possible that he teleported to another realm and is not here in Earthrealm. By the Elder Gods," Raiden groaned and resumed his pacing.

"Well, if Raonko's teleportation is that strong at such an extremely young age, we should check out the other realms," Sonya suggested and placed her hand on her hip.

"Yes, that is an excellent idea," Liu Kang nodded his head.

"Very well then," Raiden said and stopped pacing. "We should start our search in the realm of order," Raiden turned around and his hands glowed bright blue. Uttering incantations, Raiden raised his hands above his head and a portal appeared in front of him.

"Let us hope that Raonko is not in Edenia, Outworld, the Neatherrealm, or the realm of chaos," Raiden said and walked into the portal, with Sonya and Liu Kang following him.

Shao Kahn sat on his throne and growled at the sight before him. His guards, plus Mileena and Baraka, were chasing little Raonko.

"HOW DIFFICULT CAN IT BE TO CATCH AN INFANT?!" Shao Kahn slammed his fists on the arm rests of his chair.

"My emperor, this child is not like any other infa—"Spoke Mileena.

"I DON'T WANT TO HEAR AN EXCUSE! JUST CATCH HIM AND SEND HIM BACK TO EARTH!" Shao Kahn interrupted her and groaned. As much as he adored his nephew, Shao Kahn did not enjoy the chaos little Raonko was causing in his palace.


Shao Kahn looked in front of him and saw Raonko electrocuting Mileena. The pink clad woman was lightly singed and she collapsed onto the ground. Raonko giggled with joy and teleported out of the room in a flash of blue light.

Wonderful. Just what I need, a baby hunt. Shao Kahn thought and shook his head. "Find the child!" His servants and Baraka nodded and scattered into different directions.

Mileena was still lying on the floor with smoke coming off her body. Shao Kahn face-palmed himself.

"Perhaps the child is in here," Shang Tsung spoke to two guards and pointed to a wooden door with long silver handles. The three entered the room to see tables and cabinets filled with glass jars and beakers, every single one of them filled with colored liquids. In the middle of the room were two cloaked sorcerers standing in front of a giant silver pot.

"You two," Shang Tsung pointed towards the two sorcerers as he approached them.

"Yes, Shang Tsung?" The blue cloaked sorcerer replied without looking up from the pot.

"Have either of you seen a baby in here?" Shang Tsung crossed his arms.

"No, we have not," the purple cloaked sorcerer responded.

"Hm, well if you two do find a baby, let me know," Shang Tsung turned on his heel and walked towards the door, the two guards following after him.

"We will," the cloaked sorcerer answered at the same time. Nodding his head, Shang Tsung exited the room.

"A baby? Why would a baby be here in the emperor's palace?" The blue sorcerer asked.

The purple sorcerer shrugged and continued to stir the contents inside the pot.

Meanwhile, in another part of the room, Raonko reappeared in flash of lightning. The infant looked at his surroundings; smiling as glass jars and vials came into his view.

"Can you hand me the bowl filled with the blade scrapings?" The blue sorcerer nodded and turned to the table behind them.


Both sorcerers looked at each other after they both heard the sound of breaking glass. Dropping what they were holding, both sorcerers ran off to find the source of the sound.

"Is there someone else in here besides us?" The purple sorcerer asked.

"That is a possibility," the blue sorcerer replied.

As the two continued their search in the room, more sounds of breaking glass filled the room.

"Whoever is destroying our equipment, they will be severely punished," the purple sorcerer growled as more glass was heard shattering.


Both sorcerers looked down to see that they both stepped on pieces of glass and liquids. Looking up, they saw Raonko shooting small bolts of lightning at the glass jars on the tables and shelves.

"A BABY?!" The blue sorcerer pointed at Raonko.

"This must be the child Shang Tsung spoke—AAH!" The purple sorcerer was struck by a ball of lightning and fell back.

Raonko laughed and waved his arms up and down, two more balls of lightning forming in his hands.

"Now, now little one. Don't hurt me and I won't have to hu—AAAH!" Raonko shot the blue sorcerer with both spheres of lightning and laughed even louder when the sorcerer fell down.

Raonko continued his laughing and teleported once again.

"Grrr, how difficult can it be to find a mere baby?!" Baraka slammed the kitchen counter, shattering it into pieces.

"Calm yourself, Baraka. We will find the child," Quan Chi was the calmer of the two and he opened several cupboards, thinking that the baby had made his way inside of them.

Raonko reappeared once again and he found himself in the kitchen.

"Look, the child!" Baraka pointed at the baby and made his way towards the infant.

"Remember, the emperor does not want the child to be harmed. Raonko is his nephew, after all," Quan Chi reminded him and followed after Baraka.

Before Baraka could even pick up the child, Raonko's entire body glowed blue and was surrounded in electricity. He flew up from the ground and struck Baraka in the face. The tarkatan fell down with a singed face and Quan Chi ducked as the child few around the room. Raonko had turned himself into a human lightning bolt, ricocheting off the walls and crashing into objects in the kitchen.

"How Raiden could have such a child," Quan Chi remained low, trying to keep himself from being struck by the flying baby. Raonko giggled as he flew around and he began shooting bolts of lightning in the air, striking everything. Quan Chi gasped and he grabbed a nearby frying pan and held it above him, hoping to use it as a shield. As Raonko passed by a few knives, the sharp utensils were lifted up from their resting place and surrounded Raonko.

Quan Chi looked up once again to see the floating knives around Raonko. His eyes widened as the knives were fired and blasted into the directions they were aimed at. One knife moved towards Quan Chi's position and the sorcerer sweated as the knife made its way en route for him. Luckily the knife didn't hit Quan Chi himself; instead, it landed in the spot between Quan Chi's legs. The sorcerer fainted.

Raonko blasted his way through a wall, leaving a large hole as a result. He continued blasting his way throughout the remainder of Shao Kahn's fortress, leaving behind nothing but rubble and unconscious servants and guards. When he blasted through one more wall he ceased his glowing and flying, and began falling down, giggling as he did so. Shang Tsung, Mileena, and a few other guards were chasing after him.

"No! He must not be harmed in any way!" Shang Tsung yelled as he saw that Raonko was about to land on the floor. But before he did, he was caught by Shao Kahn himself. Shang Tsung, Mileena, and the guards stopped in their tracks.

"How is it that a baby manages to outsmart and harm my allies and managed to wreck almost every single room in my fortress!?" Shao Kahn was so furious that he looked like a possessed Rottweiler, eyes the color of blood and his teeth gritted together. His minions were silent and their heads were down in shame and embarrassment for letting a baby overcome them.

"Shang Tsung, open a portal and send my nephew home. I think he's caused enough—what the?" Shao Kahn looked down to see that Raonko began glowing once again and he was waving his arms like a bird. Seeing this, Shang Tsung, Mileena, and the guards fled the room. Shao Kahn watched as they left and looked at Raonko once again. He groaned.


Shang Tsung peaked his head into the room and saw that everything inside was destroyed and scorched. Tiny flames were scattered across the area as well, and the emperor was burnt. Raonko, on the other hand, was spotless and he giggled.

"Shall I, open that portal now?" Shang Tsung asked. Shao Kahn collapsed.

"Ashrah will kill me!" Raiden placed his head into his hands while Liu Kang patted his back.

"I'm sorry we couldn't find him, Raiden," Sonya had a small smile on her lips but the guilt inside her was eating at her like a parasite. They searched everywhere, every realm, except for Outworld.

"We still have Outworld to search, Lord Raiden. Raonko has to be there," Liu Kang tried to lighten up Raiden's spirits, but the thunder god kept his head down and did not say a word.


Raiden, Liu Kang, and Sonya turned their heads to the right and saw Raonko running towards them.

"Raonko!" Raiden ran towards his son and picked him up and spun around. "Raonko, it's you! Oh, I'm so happy you're here!" Raonko hugged his son and Sonya and Liu Kang watched fondly as Raiden held his baby.

"Aw, he came back. But…where the heck has he been?" Sonya looked at Liu Kang.

"Perhaps he was playing hide and seek with us?" Liu Kang shrugged.

Sonya slapped his arm.

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