Shaolin Carnage

Liu Kang was more than happy when Raiden asked him to baby-sit his son, Raonko. Kung Lao, however, felt the complete opposite. After what he had heard from Sub-Zero, Kitana, Scorpion, Kenshi, and Li Mei, Kung Lao had every right to be wary of what destructive antics Raonko could cause. Kung Lao had a feeling that the ever peaceful Shaolin Temple would receive a taste of chaos.

"Kung Lao, he is only one year old. What harm can an infant do?" Liu Kang asked his fellow monk as he carried Raonko in his arms. Kung Lao looked at the baby and smiled. As much as he adored the baby, the power Raonko possessed was something to not adore.

"Liu, let us not forget that this boy inherited Lord Raiden's powers. He might as well have inherited the powers of Ashrah. We don't quite know the capabilities this child has," Kung Lao replied.

"You speak as if the child is a threat," Liu Kang readjusted Raonko in his arms before continuing. "But if you are truly worried, I have invited Master Bo Rai Cho and Shujinko to help us babysit."

Kung Lao sighed and took off his hat. As he combed his hair with his fingers, he glanced over at the group of monks who were meditating in the garden. The monks sat there in complete silence, unmoving figures resembling statues. The wind was cool and soft and the sky was a bright blue. Everything was so peaceful. Kung Lao allowed himself to savor the peace while it lasted.

"Why don't you accompany Raonko and I to the koi pond? Surely he can not cause trouble if he watches the fish," Liu Kang began walking ahead of Kung Lao and made a right. Kung Lao placed his back on his head and followed after his friend.

"Oh, may the Elder Gods watch over us," Kung Lao muttered in a whisper.

Liu Kang sat down on a rock and put Raonko on his feet. The little infant walked over to the koi pond, squatted down, and watched the giant koi fish swim around in the water. A few seconds later, Kung Lao appeared and took a seat on the grass to the right of the rock Liu Kang was currently occupying.

"See, Kung Lao? The baby is just watching the fish. No harm in that," Liu Kang smiled and watched Raonko giggle and poke his finger into the water.

"Well, for now, he seems docile," Kung Lao commented. Liu Kang shook his head.

"Kung Lao, you must stop holding onto the notion that Raonko is dangerous. Although, I must admit, he can be quite a handful. Like that time when he disappeared and Raiden, Sonya, and I had to look for him," Liu Kang rubbed his left temple as he remembered that incident. Kung Lao grumbled but Liu Kang ignored him and continued to watch Raonko.

"Liu Kang, I must ask you a rather personal question," Kung Lao turned his head towards Liu Kang.

"Oh, what is it?" Liu also faced his friend. Kung Lao was quiet for a few seconds before he spoke again.

"Do you wish to have children of your own?"

Liu Kang was speechless. He sat there, processing what Kung Lao had just asked him. Children of his own? The answer was a yes. Of course, now that Kitana had moved on with her life and was with Scorpion, the thought of finding another love seemed almost impossible. Kitana was the only woman he ever held romantic feelings for and he always thought that the two of them would wed and have their own family. But no, Kitana was carrying Scorpion's child and there could be a possibility that those two would wed.

Before Liu Kang could give his answer, the sound of electricity crackling and a bright blue light filled the air. Both Liu Kang and Kung Lao turned to see that Raonko blasted the koi pond with a bolt of lightning. The baby was laughing while the two Shaolin monks watched in horror as the fish were electrocuted to death at the hands of an infant. When the electricity died down, Raonko continued his laughing while Kung Lao gave a raised brow to Liu.

"No harm, eh? Tell that to the dead fish!" Kung Lao pointed to the fish that have begun to float on top of the water.

"In the words of Johnny Cage, shut up," Liu Kang got up from the rock and proceeded towards Raonko, followed by Kung Lao.

However, Raonko giggled at the two and disappeared in flash of lightning, leaving Liu Kang and Kung Lao with wide eyes.

"Well, this is just wonderful, Liu," Kung Lao crossed his arms and glared at his friend. Liu glared back and turned on his heel to find Raonko.

Inside one of the temples, a group of ten monks were seated in two rows of five. They all sat in front of a giant statue, meditating, with incense burning in the front. The floor was a dark shade of brown and the windows were open allowing the sunlight to peak into the giant room. Raonko teleported into the room and stood behind the giant statue. He looked up to admire the statue and smiled. His hands began to glow a bright blue.

"Where do you think he teleported to?" Liu Kang asked as he looked up at a tree, hoping that Raonko was up there.

"I haven't the slightest idea," Kung Lao replied as looked through a few bushes.

"Perhaps we should ask for help from the other Shaolin monks," Liu Kang approached Kung Lao. "They could hasten our search for Lord Raiden's son."

"That does sound like a good-"


Both monks turned their heads towards a temple that had fellow monks running out of it, screaming. Smoke was pouring out from the building and both Liu Kang and Kung Lao ran to the temple. Liu Kang stopped a running monk by grabbing him by the arm.

"What has happened?" Liu asked.

"I-I-I do not know. Several monks and I were meditating when the statue in front of us exploded!" The monk yanked his arm free from Liu Kang's grasp and ran off. Kung Lao sprinted to the temple and entered, his arms dropping to the side and his mouth wide open.

"By the Elder Gods! What could've done this?" Kung Lao stared at the rubble that used to be the statue. The once bright and golden figure was now reduced to large chunks of scorched and cracked pieces.

"Look, what is that?" Liu Kang appeared next to Kung Lao and pointed to a piece of the statue that had electricity crackling around it.

"Hehehe! Boom!" Raonko squealed as he step out from behind one of the pieces of the statue.

"Raonko!" Liu Kang ran to the child and picked him up.

"Well, why am I not surprised?" Kung Lao rolled his eyes and walked towards Liu. "Still believe that Raonko cannot cause any harm while residing here?"

"Kung Lao, I am certain that Raonko did not mean to decimate our sacred statue," Liu Kang defended and held Raonko closer to him.

"Right. And I suppose his did not mean to scare off the monks?"

"Kung Lao, just be quiet," Liu Kang was becoming annoyed with his friend's attitude towards Raiden's son. It's not like the infant meant to destroy the statue or cause a small panic. As the two men made their way to the temple doors, Raonko began glowing blue. Kung Lao noticed this from the corner of his eye and backed away from Liu.

"Um, Liu, look at the baby," Kung Lao pointed to Raonko. Liu Kang looked down to see Raonko glowing, but before the Shaolin warrior could do anything, the feeling of hot needles pricking into his flesh overwhelmed him. Liu Kang screamed in agony but despite the pain coursing through every muscle in his body, he kept a firm hold on Raonko to prevent himself from dropping the child. Kung Lao could only watch as his friend was electrocuted.

When Raonko ceased glowing blue, Liu Kang's skin was scorched, smoke was emanating from his body, and with a breathless sigh, he fell on his back.

"Liu Kang! Liu, are you alright?" Kung Lao kneeled before his friend's body but Liu Kang did not answer. Raonko, on the other hand, managed to free himself from Liu Kang's limp arms, slid off from his torso, and stood up in front of Raonko.

"Hehe," Raonko giggled and began walking towards Kung Lao. Kung Lao's eyes widened.

"N-No, stay away from me!" Kung Lao stood up and began backing away from the approaching child. Raonko continued his advance but stopped and just laughed. Kung Lao released a breath and placed his left hand on his chest. He was relieved that the baby had actually listened to him. Kung Lao glanced over at Liu Kang, who was still lying on the ground. Kung Lao had guessed that his friend was unconscious. He was about to retrieve his friend and take him to the infirmary when he ducked to avoid a lightning bolt aimed at his head. Kung Lao turned his attention to Raonko, whose tiny hands were glowing blue.

Raonko fired two more lightning bolts at Kung Lao, causing the warrior to cartwheel to the left. Raonko shot two more bolts of lightning, both of which Kung Lao easily dodged.

This child is out of control! Kung Lao dodged another barrage of lightning bolts and he managed to make his way back to Liu Kang's body. He took Liu Kang's right arm and placed it over his shoulders and kept it their with his right hand. He lifted his friend off the ground and wrapped his left arm around Liu Kang's waist. As Kung Lao did so, a thought suddenly occurred to him. If the lightning bolts never hit him, what did they hit?

His question was answered when he heard the sounds of creaking and the shattering of the walls and ceilings. Pieces of the temple began falling and crashing down onto the floor. Kung Lao cursed under his breath and quickly made his way to the temple doors, dodging the falling debris. He could've easily dodged them if he didn't have to carry his unconscious friend.

Kung Lao finally made it outside and placed Liu Kang in a seated position, his back against the outside wall. Kung Lao entered the temple once again to retrieve Raonko but the baby was nowhere in sight. Thinking that the child had teleported himself out, Kung Lao returned outside and called out for several monks to help him with Liu Kang. A few seconds later, two monks had approached Kung Lao and took Liu Kang's body.

"Take him to the infirmary," Kung Lao instructed the two monks and pointed to the right.

"Yes, Kung Lao," one of the monks replied and he and his companion walked off carrying Liu Kang's body.

Kung Lao looked back into the destroyed temple and groaned. First the koi fish were killed, now the sacred statue and a temple were destroyed, and to top it all off, Liu Kang was barbecued and taken to the infirmary. Kung Lao walked down the steps of the ruined temple and was about to begin his search for Raonko when a monk had walked up to him.

"Kung Lao, Master Bo Rai Cho and Shujinko have arrived," the monk informed him.

"Okay, thank you for letting me know," Kung Lao nodded his head and the monk bowed and walked away. Kung Lao ran to the temple gates, where he saw his master and friend.

"Ah, Kung Lao! There you are!" Bo Rai Cho called out to Kung Lao's running figure. Kung Lao finally approached the two and bowed.

"Welcome, Master Bo Rai Cho. Welcome, Shujinko," Kung Lao greeted. In response, Bo Rai Cho and Shujinko bowed back.

"So, where is Lord Raiden's son? Is he not in your care?" Shujinko asked when he noticed that Raonko was not in sight. Kung Lao scratched the back of his and cleared his throat.

"Well, you," Kung Lao was at a loss of words. How could he tell the two that he lost the child?

"Kung Lao!"

Kung Lao, along with Bo Rai Cho and Shujinko, turned their heads to a monk who was running up to them.

"IT'S LORD RAIDEN'S SON! HE HAS SOMEHOW MADE HIS WAY TO THE SPARRING ARENA, AND IS DESTROYING EVERYTHING!" The monk was breathing heavily, his chest pumping in and out too quickly. Bo Rai Cho and Shujinko looked at Kung Lao.

The right side of Kung Lao's mouth curved upward and he scratched the back of his head again.

Raonko laughed as he released a barrage of lightning bolts in the surrounding area. The stone tiled ground was stained with dark scorch marks, cracks, and filled with deep holes. The surrounding trees were on fire, and the racks of weapons were now broken pieces of wood and steel. Raonko continued his little rampage, oblivious to the approaching figures of Kung Lao, Bo Rai Cho, and Shujinko.

"How can one infant cause so much damage?" Shujinko stared agape at the wreckage while Bo Rai Cho held a calm expression on his face. His eyes merely watched the child's every action and his hands were clasped together behind his back.

"We must find a way to calm the child," Kung Lao said and ducked to avoid a lightning bolt. "Before he decides to completely obliterate the entire Shaolin Temple," Kung Lao sprinted towards Raonko, followed by Shujinko. Kung Lao easily dodged the bolts of electricity, but Shujinko, with his elderly age, had trouble dodging the streams of lightning. They moved to quickly for Shujinko's old body to avoid.

Shujinko tripped over a broken piece of a staff and fell. Raonko laughed and, instead of shooting lightning, he released a bright orb of light towards Shujinko. Shujinko braced himself for the impact of the attack but felt nothing. Instead, he heard the sound of metal flying across from him. Kung Lao had thrown his hat in the way of the attack, saving Shujinko in the process. Kung Lao's hat flew back to him and he grabbed it, placing it back onto his head.

"Are you alright, Shujinko?" Kung Lao asked his friend.

"I am fine. Just retrieve the child!" Shujinko called back.

Kung Lao nodded and continued his way towards Raonko. He dodged a few more streams of electricity and a few orbs of light but he finally made it to the baby.

"Alright now, Raonko. It's me, Uncle Kung Lao. Be a good a boy and stop destroying the temple," Kung Lao had squatted down and held out his own towards Raonko. Raonko smiled and he ceased his attacks. He walked towards Kung Lao and took his hand. Kung Lao smiled and grabbed the young infant and held him in his arms. He stood up and turned around to walk back towards Bo Rai Cho, who, after all this time, had not moved from his spot. Shujinko had also gotten to his feet, dusted himself off, and followed after Kung Lao.

"Master, why did you not aid us in retrieving Raonko?" Kung Lao was almost glaring at Bo Rai Cho and his tone held a small amount of annoyance.

"I wanted to observe just how much power Lord Raiden's son possessed," Bo Rai Cho reached his hand towards Raonko and ruffled his hair. "He is very powerful for someone still very, very young. He will grow up to be a very formidable warrior," Bo Rai Cho smiled and his eyes held a small twinkle in them as he stared at the baby in Kung Lao's arms.

Bo Rai Cho took another drink from his rather large cup and burped. Raonko, who was across from him and still held in Kung Lao's arms, laughed and waved his arms.

"Shujinko, please, can you-hic-get me-hic-a-hic-bucket? Oooooh," Bo Rai Cho shook his head gave another loud belch.

"Oh, Master, not in front of the baby," Kung Lao waved his hand in front of his face when the aroma of Bo Rai Cho's breath reached his nose.

"Here you go, Master," Shujinko handed Bo Rai Cho a wooden bucket and walked over to Kung Lao to sit next to him. Bo Rai Cho brought the bucket to his mouth and released a stream of vomit into it. Kung Lao crinkled his nose and stood up from his seat. He left the dining area that they were all in and stepped outside for fresh air. Kung Lao saw many of the monks cleaning the damage that Raonko had caused and laughed to himself. As hectic the day had been it had also been an exciting one. From the corner of Kung Lao's left eye, he saw a recovered Liu Kang, Raiden, and Ashrah walking towards him.

"Ah, Kung Lao, I apologize for my son's destruction. I had no idea that he could cause this much damage," Raiden bowed his head in regret.

"Do not worry, Lord Raiden. We are just lucky that no one, other than Liu Kang, was injured," Kung Lao poked Raonko's cheek which earned him a giggle.

"Well, we're still sorry about what happened. Here, how about I take him off your hands?" Ashrah held out her arms.

"You be a good boy, okay?" Kung Lao asked Raonko. The little baby only smiled and Kung Lao returned him to his mother.

"Well we should be on our way. Thank you again for watching him. Despite the damage he caused," Ashrah said and adjusted her son in her arms.

"Well, it's alright, Ashrah. You have a safe trip back home," Liu Kang bowed to the family, as did Kung Lao. Raiden smiled and he and his family turned around to head to the temple's gate.

Kung Lao turned to face Liu Kang and glared at him.

"What?" Liu Kang asked.

"We will never babysit...again," Kung Lao crossed his arms and walked back inside the dining temple. Liu Kang was about to follow after him when he heard a scream.


Liu Kang turned around to see that Raiden and Ashrah had stopped walking.

"He...he threw up on me!" Ashrah yelled.

So, I was going to have this chapter uploaded yesterday, but I didn't because I didn't finish it. So, the idea for this chapter came from Menny Man and mkfreak123. They were the two monks who had brought Liu Kang to the infirmary. So, until next chapter!