Author: Sparta

Title: A Companions Christmas

Pairings: Jack & Ianto

Rating: R

Warnings: Slash, Femslash, Male Pregnancy, Het and Attentive universe, Rape, Self-Harming, Family disowning

Chapters: 1/?

Completed: No

Summery: As Christmas approaches, the children of time gather to celebrate life and mourn their losses, but little do they know what is waiting for them.

Chapter Summery: Ianto is left to prepare the dinner

Authors Note:

A Companions Christmas


Christmas Eve had finally descended on Cardiff city, Ianto (who had been up since dawn) was nervous as he checked the Turkey for the millionth time that morning. For today wasn't any normal Christmas Eve today was five months after the earth had been unceremoniously dragged back to it's rightful place in the universe by the TARDIS, after all was said and done the ex-companions to the great Doctor had gone their own ways back to their normal lives.

That was until they all received word that Donna Noble, the red head that Ianto seen at the doctors side. the woman had called the Sub wave network an outer space Face book which had made Ianto laugh had fallen. Though not in the traditional way of dieing (not that anyone did that these days) she would no longer remembered, the Doctor, her travels or the new friends she'd made which in Ianto's eyes was sad.

Hey may not of like the Doctor or even met him, but from what Jack had told him travelling with him was like nothing you could dream of and losing that in Ianto's option was a tragedy. Jack hadn't taken the news well (not that Ianto expected him too), Ianto knew that even if he lived half as long as Jack had he'd never truly understand the bond between the Companions had with each other or the Doctor unless he became one of them.

It had been a week later that Jack had come up with his new tradition, and after several phone calls, it was put into play. That was the reason why Ianto had been up since dawn and was running round like a headless chicken. Jack's idea had been that every Christmas (Jack valuation for this was the fact that it was more likely that the Doctor will be around then) that the companions should get together from Christmas eve/day to New Years Day and celebrate everything the Doctor stood for.

So while Jack was back at the Hub setting up the alien alert and automatic alarms, Ianto was now back at home preparing a meal fit for a royal court and what a court it was. Davros called them the children of time, the Doctors human army willing to fight for him at any moment and secretly Ianto agreed with him. He was still afraid that at a moments notice Jack would drop everything including him to be with the Doctor again.

"Hello anyone here?" came a voice from the hallway bringing Ianto back to earth.

"Martha welcome" said Ianto as Martha and another man joined him in the kitchen.

"You must be Tom Milligan?" said Ianto as he shook the man's hand

"Martha how did you get in? Jack didn't break the lock again?" asked Ianto as Martha laughed

"No I used the spare key Jack told me about, but I want to hear about this," said Martha as they headed into the kitchen.

"Jack has a bad habit of losing his keys, sometimes I think he does it intentionally so he has an excuse to kick in the door," said Ianto as he put the coffee maker on.

"That's just typical Jack, not to mention leaving you to do the dinner while he's swaning off somewhere," said Martha with a laugh.

"Hey I don't swan," said Jack as he entered the kitchen, walking over to Ianto and kissing him.

"Martha, Tom nice to finally meet you" said Jack as they sat down to talk and catch up.


This was going to be a one off but it seems to have grown as I wrote it, tell me what you think?