The sun was overbearingly high in the sky, midday, and it shone down furiously on its miniscule planet. The sky was immaculate bar a few wispy clouds that were just passing by, not really intending to threaten the summery day.

Laughter was ringing in the air, multiple conversations overlapped one another. All the voices were masculine, as the only female present was sat in the shade some few feet away, enjoying an ice cold bottle of water and watching the congregation with a seeming acidic outlook. They were all so clearly bonded, and Jill silently scolded herself for being such a moody female, who decided inter-office acquaintances were out of the question, friends or water tank conversations. She decided a week after S.T.A.R.S. was founded that she would try and stick to her work, and let nothing get in the way.

Her eyes strayed to the only member of the Service she'd spoken to in more than just a short response. The arrogant, cocky, disorganised and annoyingly friendly partner of hers however, she had given a slight bit of respect to, and so, she spoke to him when she needed to. 'Why was this such a hard thing, Jill?' she thought to herself as she tilted her head back to rest on the tree supporting her spine. She stared at the intricate patterns of the leaves and bark above her head, when suddenly a face filled the gap. She narrowed her eyes and glared at her interrupter.

Short, strangely smooth brown hair and dark blue eyes, a boyish grin and a neat, shaven jaw line. Her partner, Chris Redfield. He was leaning over her, his face far too close for comfort according to Jill, with his goofy smirk plastered over his youthful face. She blinked into focus before moving her glare downwards and folding her arms across her chest.

'Come on Miss Valentine, come and join in the lunch. You haven't spoken much to any of us, and we've been working together for over three weeks now!'

'I'd rather not, if you don't mind, Christopher' She replied, picking up her bottle of water and unscrewing the cap slowly. Her gaze stared straight forward in an unspoken attempt to ignore him.

'The name's not Christopher, just Chris' he grumbled childishly in response and slumped down next to her. He angled his body to face Jill's, bending his legs and resting his elbow on his knee, shifting his weight to his other arm and leaned over to her. 'What's so wrong with us, is it because we're all men?' He watched as she tipped her head back and took a quick drink of water. Being the young male he was, he was already starting to find her more than attractive. But her icy appearance kept him from putting his moves on her. Chris smirked inwardly; he was so good with the other women back in the Racoon City Police Department. He'd seen Jill around, but had never had more than a few seconds to notice her before she disappeared behind another door. She was never at meetings, or training.

Whilst Chris was lost in his own egotistical thought train, Jill looked over at him. He seemed to be staring just past her, and smiling cheekily. She lowered the bottle from her mouth, raised an eyebrow and placed the cap back on.

'No' she stated flatly. He snapped out of his reverie and looked at her. She continued. 'It's not because you're all men, I've been around men more than women in my life, and as such even I forget I'm a woman sometimes' She joked, although her tone remained mirthless. Chris caught the joke, though and laughed shortly.

Jill's eyes widened slightly. No-one ever grasped her dry sense of humour; most people gave her confused looks, so Chris' chuckle shocked her.

"I guess being in the Delta Force and a police department doesn't leave much room for femininity?" Chris smiled warmly at her. Her piercing gaze met his for a fleeting moment, and before she knew it, her face softened into a rare smile.

"That's better, now come on, Captain Wesker's going to be taking photographs of us all; it'd be nice to get one of our blossoming partnership, right?" Chris said, standing up and offering Jill a hand. She grabbed it gently, pulling herself up and realising how short she was compared to him. At least half a foot, perhaps.

The rest of the afternoon, the rest of the team had fun, excluding Wesker who seemed too surly to join in, taking photographs of one another. An older man, named Barry Burton seemed to know Chris already, Jill noticed. He was fatherly to everyone, and it didn't take her long to find out he was a father of two daughters. He showed her a photograph inside his wallet, pointing out his daughters and his wife. Jill looked wistfully at the picture, remembering how close she and her father were. She smiled at the beaming man, which stunned him.

More clicking of Wesker's camera followed, mainly two other men whom she remembered were called Forest and Joseph were teasing a younger man called Brad some distance away on the grass, with Chris stood watching and laughing. He turned to look at Jill and walked over to her with a smile on his face.

"That wasn't very nice Redfield, you should have stopped them" Jill folded her arms and looked up at her partner. He made a passive noise and waved it off. It struck Jill that Chris was a very laidback individual.

"You were watching me watch them, you could have easily stopped them, Valentine" he smirked back at her "And call me Chris" he added on a thoughtful note.

"OK, Redfield" She replied, smiling back at him.

"Shut up, short stuff" he used a term he usually held for his sister. He grinned and grabbed Jill's wrist, ignoring her when she started protesting against calling her short, but he ignored it and shouted for Joseph to bring the camera over.

"Take a picture of me and my lovely short-assed partner here" They'd been speaking for an hour at most, and he was already winding her up. And she realised something important - she didn't mind it one bit. Chris put his arm around her shoulder and bent a little lower to emphasise the height difference between them, and his happy attitude rubbed off on her, she smiled brilliantly at the camera as they posed for it.

Click. The shutter closed on the moment in time and captured the smiling partnership.

It had been a few months, but it felt like Jill Valentine had just introduced herself for the first time.


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