Author's Note: Stand alone story. NOT part of the Girl'verse. This is actually my first multi-chapter relationship story (I don't think Snake Pit counts) that exists completely separate from the larger world I've created. It was a little weird writing it because I have Girl'canon in my head. But I was trying to throw that aside. So if you are a regular reader, you should too.

I know I have no business putting up yet another story, but let's face, I'm not going to be done with any of the big ones for months so what difference does one more make? And I wrote this first draft back in the winter. Before I put up Second Chances, THIS was the original idea I had to get Emily pregnant. But then events transpired in Girl that made me go the other route. But I had expended some energy on this different angle and I hated to toss it so I asked Kavi and Arc both if they thought it was unique enough that it had promise as a different baby story. So with their blessing, I decided to pursue it further.

In this world, Emily has become pregnant by one of her loser ex-boyfriends at a point after Hotch is divorced. She and Hotch are not involved, but they do have a warm relationship. So come at this one basically from canon, but you know with my spin on them.

The title, I'll explain at the end.

March 2008

Single Mama, Drama

Emily froze at the top of the stairs.

And though she needed to keep moving, her eyes instead stayed locked on Hotch's closed office door for almost a minute. A wave of tension and anxiety was washing over her.

Drowning her.

But then she realized that people were starting to look . . . Derek and Spencer included . . . that she was making a spectacle of her self. She shook her head in disgust.

Just DO it you big coward!

This was the third time that day that she'd made this walk from her desk to his door, and she had SWORN to herself as she stood up, that this time she was going inside.

Okay . . . her jaw twitched . . . granted last time she'd said that too, but THIS time she'd really meant it damn it! And after another thirty seconds of mustering her courage, she took a deep breath and gave the door two quick raps before she lost her nerve again.

Finally . . . she slowly exhaled . . she did it!

And hearing a muffled, "come in," she took another breath as she turned the knob and pushed open the door. Then she hesitantly poked her head around the corner.

"You have a minute sir?" She asked while inching a few cautious steps through the doorway.

Hotch was standing behind his desk, hurriedly pulling together the reports that he needed for his meeting with Strauss. And as Emily stepped inside his office, he paused to look over at her with a pained expression.

"I actually have a meeting with the section chief. Could it wait until I get back?"

At his response . . . it hadn't occurred to her that he might actually be busy . . . Emily's face immediately fell in disappointment.

"Uh . . . yeah," she stammered, "sure."

God . . . she bit her lip . . . she was going to have to psych herself up AGAIN! And it had taken her two full days just to get this far into his office!

As Hotch saw the obvious disappointment on Emily's face, his brow pinched.

Huh, it must be pretty important. And the meeting didn't really start for another ten minutes.

He bit the inside of his cheek.

"Well, I suppose I have a couple minutes," he checked his watch, "but I really do have to run in five," then his eyebrow inched up as he looked back over at her, "is that enough time? Do you want to talk now?"

"Please," Emily nodded enthusiastically as she slipped the rest of the way into his office, "yes," she shut the door behind her, "I just need to . . . yes."

Oh thank God! She didn't have to come back!

Of course now that she was standing there . . . and he was looking at her . . . she had no idea how to actually start the conversation. All of her prep work thus far had involved psyching herself up to knock on the door. And given how poorly THAT had been going, she hadn't planned beyond that to get to Step 2.

Actually saying words aloud.

But now she could see that Hotch was beginning to stare expectantly at her. The eyebrow was sliding further up to his hairline. And why wouldn't it be? Generally when people ask if they can talk to you and you say, "yes" then conversation subsequently follows.

But yet STILL, she was staring at him like a deer in headlights.

GAH . . . she screamed in her head . . . SAY SOMETHING!

Hotch was starting to become very confused by what was happening . . . or more specifically what wasn't happening . . . at that moment. Emily clearly hadn't wanted to put off speaking with him, but now she wasn't saying anything. And she seemed nervous.

His brow furrowed . . . Emily was never nervous.

Oh God . . . his eyes widened slightly . . . he hoped that jackass down in media relations hadn't touched her! That idiot had a sexual harassment file as long as his arm, but for some reason they still hadn't gotten rid of him. And if he HAD touched her, and Emily had to tell him about it, that would definitely make her nervous.

It would also guarantee that Hotch was taking a fresh pair of testes as a trophy, God damn it!

And now that he'd gotten himself completely worked up over his utterly groundless speculation, Hotch ended up blurting out.

"This isn't about John Walsh is it?"

Startled at the unexpected outburst, Emily blinked as she looked over at Hotch in bewilderment.

"What? No," she shook her head, "not all. What makes you think that?"

She'd only met the guy once. And based on that one experience, once was enough.

With a shake of his head, Hotch tried to blow off his previous statement before he came off looking like a total idiot.

"Uh nothing, forget it," he took a breath to refocus, "so then Prentiss," his brow inched up slightly, "what is on your mind?"

Apparently the direct approach was the only one that was going to work here.

As Emily stared at Hotch, a stream of thoughts went flying through her head.

. . . That you're going to think less of me

. . . That you're going to cut me from the team

. . . That people are going to be talking behind my back

. . . That they don't make maternity clothes in black

When the last thought popped into her mind, she finally just spit it out.

"I'm pregnant."

Hotch's jaw opened . . . and snapped shut.


He dropped back down in his chair. Though, he hadn't known what it was he'd THOUGHT that she'd wanted to talk about, he definitely had not been expecting her to say that. God, was she even dating anyone?

His brow furrowed as he tried to remember.

Oh right, that pretty boy from the DEA. Personally Hotch thought that he was kind of a douchebag. But as a rule Prentiss and JJ didn't ask him for his opinion on the men that they dated. Which was probably just as well, because he'd met a few of them over the years and he hadn't thought that any of them were good enough for his agents.

They all ranked on the sub-par scale.

And that was the point where he realized that he was ranking pretty sub-par on the scale himself. Because Emily had just told him that she was pregnant . . . she was clearly nervous as HELL about his reaction . . . and he's now left her hanging for a good fifteen seconds with absolutely no response beyond dropping into his chair.


So he quickly plastered on a smile and inserted some upwards inflection to his voice.


Emily nodded, but as she thought about the rest of the conversation that was to come, her smile was tinged with sadness as she responded softly.

"Thank you."

At least aside from a slight bit of shock . . . which she was expecting . . . she was relieved that part went well enough. But that wasn't the reason that it had taken her two days to get up here.

Seeing the look on Emily's face, Hotch immediately sobered as he tipped his head.

"I'm sorry," he asked with concern, "is this not good news?"

He supposed that it was possible. Though it did seem really, really unlikely that she'd come in here and tell him that she was pregnant, if she wasn't planning on keeping the baby. They were work friends, not personal friends.

And work friends . . . as a rule . . . did not share information like that.

That was definitely true. But then another thought occurred to him . . . he was her boss, and if she needed the time off to have the procedure, then she might actually share that kind of information.

But then why wouldn't she just take personal leave? Realizing then that he was going off on a ridiculous tangent, Hotch rolled his eyes to himself.

Jesus Christ Aaron, stop speculating and give the woman time to answer you!

So opting to ignore the little voice in his head that was telling him that it was time to go to his meeting, Hotch instead gestured towards his visitor's chair.

"Why don't you take a seat?"

Yes, Strauss was going to be pissed, but this was important too.

Emily looked over at Hotch nervously for a second, before she crossed over and sat down. Now that she'd gotten the biggest part out, she figured that she might as well just tell him the rest of it and then hope for the best.

So as she leaned forward slightly in the chair, and rubbed her hands together nervously.

"Um," she started slow, "it's not actually bad news. It's kind of mixed news. I am happy about the baby," she patted her stomach protectively, "I'm keeping it, but the situation, well . . ." she sighed, "I'm sorry to have to burden you with my personal problems Hotch, but I wanted you to hear this from me directly and not the rumor mill."

After pausing to make sure that she had his complete attention, she added pointedly.

"Your opinion is very important to me."

"Prentiss," Hotch blinked in surprise, "I hope you know by now that I hold you in the highest esteem. You've more than earned my respect over the last eighteen months. So I can assure you that no," he scowled disdainfully, "rumor, would ever do anything to change my opinion of you."

Feeling her eyes sting at his praise, Emily whispered back.

"Thank you sir."

Still not quite understanding what the problem was . . . why would she be worried about rumors . . . Hotch's brow wrinkled as he leaned forward slightly.

"Prentiss, is this because you're single? Because you're certainly not the first unmarried woman at the Bureau who became pregnant. And there's certainly no . . ." he huffed, "shame in it. And I really would be surprised if anyone was still so narrow minded as to make a derogatory comment." Then his expression darkened, "but if anyone does make a comment, then you tell me and I'll take care of it."

A shadow of a smile passed Emily's lips as Hotch's words of support . . . he had always been very protective of them.

"Thanks sir, but that's not what I was referring to." Their gazes locked for a moment before Emily closed her eyes. "God," she muttered, "this is so embarrassing."

And then with a sigh she looked back up at him again.

"Okay," she took a breath, "for the past two months I've been dating this guy, Chris. I think you met him once or twice."

Seeing Hotch nod, Emily took a breath, making sure to keep her eyes directly on his as she said the next part.

"Last week I found out that he's married."

The second the words left her mouth, Emily's gaze dropped to the carpet.

Though she'd thought she wanted to see his reaction . . . to the see the truth of it . . . in that moment she realized she wasn't ready for it. Because she couldn't bear to see the disappointment that she was sure was going flitter across his features.

She was ashamed of herself . . . so how could he not be disappointed in her?

After all she got knocked up by another woman's husband. That was so Jerry Springer. And SO not the way that she'd ever planned to start a family. Her eyes began to sting.

She really had made quite the mess of things.

Hotch blinked in surprise at Emily's announcement, and then a second later a flash of white hot anger hit him.

THAT FUCKING ASSHOLE! How could he DO that to her?

Hotch's jaw clenched . . . he was a dead man.

As she started picking at an imaginary string on her shirt Emily continued, "I broke up with him and then I missed my . . ."

And she stopped, realizing that she'd already shared enough personal information with Hotch for one lifetime. No reason to discuss her cycle with him as well. So she shook her head as she finished softly.

"Uh, anyway, I found out I was pregnant four days later."

Trying to calm his raging temper, Hotch instead focused in on the body language going on in front of him. Emily had broken eye contact as soon as she'd told him the news about the father . . . and she hadn't looked up since.

His expression softened . . . she thought that he would think badly of her. That he would think that she'd done something wrong.

Oh, Emily.

He pushed his chair back and stood up. Then he circled around his desk to crouch down in front of her.

She still wouldn't look at him.

He sighed.

"Prent . . . Emily, this isn't your fault. And I certainly am not angry, disappointed or anything else I'm guessing that you think I am right now," he paused, "okay, I'm angry, but certainly not at you. I'm angry with him. He's the one that deserves condemnation. You trusted someone and he took advantage of that trust. You didn't do anything wrong."

Emily slowly lifted her gaze to his, looking at him warily.

"Really, you don't think that I'm a terrible person?" Then her eyes became moist and she dropped them back to her lap as she whispered, "because I feel like a terrible person."

Feeling his teeth sink into his lip, Hotch stared up at her for a moment.

The poor thing. It would figure, she does absolutely NOTHING wrong and she feels guilty. And this jackass cheats on his wife, screws Emily over, leaves her with a baby to raise by herself and HE'S probably already sleeping in some other woman's bed!

Hotch's jaw twitched . . . but he'd deal with him later. Emily was what was important right now.

He reached over and picked up her hand.

"Prentiss," he squeezed her fingers, "you're NOT a terrible person, and you need to stop thinking like that. This is on him, not you." He softened his tone as he tried to appeal to her protective instincts, "also, remember that stress is bad for the baby, so you need to make your peace with this and let it go."

She really didn't need to concern herself with the circumstances of conception any longer. Hotch had definitely decided that he was taking this guy's testicles. He'd already proven that he couldn't be trusted with them, so clearly he'd forfeited the right to have them.

And then . . . trying to think of something comforting to say . . . he added.

"And though I do understand how this situation might be slightly," he rolled his eyes, "newsworthy, I still don't think it's going to be that bad. It's nobody's business who the father is."

Emily raised her head to give Hotch a grim smile.

"His wife works here."

At Hotch's look of horror, she nodded.

"Yeah, THAT'S how I found out he was married. I was down in Forensics and I saw his picture on her desk. Needless to say, I was pretty shocked. So I asked around, discreetly, and that's how I found out. As much as it killed me I did tell him about the baby because I thought that he had a right to know. But I should have just saved my breath, because he doesn't want anything to do with it, and that was fine with me because I want him completely out of my life."

Then she shook her head wearily.

"I wouldn't be so worried if I just knew for sure that this was all going to stay private. But when we were going out I certainly wasn't keeping our relationship a secret. So I'm assuming that other people in the Bureau, outside the team, might know that we were dating. I just don't know if any of those people know his wife," then she cringed, "I don't think he'd actually tell his wife DIRECTLY that he got another woman pregnant, but who knows," she rolled her eyes, "this is a man who decided to have an affair with a woman who not only works in the same agency, but also in the same BUILDING, as his spouse! Clearly, he's a moron."

If she'd randomly picked a name out of the phone book she probably couldn't have picked a WORSE father for her kid! But this might be her last chance . . . so despite the God awful situation . . . it still only took her about thirty seconds to decide that she was keeping the baby.

And she was just going to hope that Jackass stayed completely out of the picture.

Ordinarily she'd say that a child should know his/her father, even if he was a lousy one. But in this instance she was hoping that never happened. Chris not only didn't want the baby, he was pretty pissed off when she told him she was keeping it. Apparently, before he started cheating on his wife, it had never occurred to him that there was a possibility that one day a condom could break. So he had yelled at Emily, telling her that he wanted her to terminate, and she responded that she wanted him to have his testicles gnawed off by wild dogs, but that they were both going to have to learn to deal with life's little disappointments.

And the conversation unbelievably went further downhill from there. It was a horrible scene. A semi-violent one actually. And barring one additional meeting down the road where she asked him to officially waive his parental rights, she hoped never to speak to him again.

Hotch's jaw opened and snapped shut again.

Okay, yeah she was right. If this got out it was going to be pretty bad.

He cleared his throat.

"Well, that's . . . something I was not expecting."

"Yeah," Emily snorted humorlessly, "you and me both sir." Then she paused for a second, "but I'm keeping the baby. And as you said, I need to stop feeling guilty about it if I want a healthy fetus, so I guess I'm just going to have to deal with all of this other crap, if it comes up."

Hopefully it wouldn't. She was praying that it wouldn't.

And though she knew at minimum the team would probably figure out the sperm donor, she still didn't plan on disclosing the details of the situation to them unless she absolutely had to. It was humiliating enough just having to tell Hotch. And she had told him about the baby first because she was a field agent, and he needed to know that she was pregnant.

But she'd decided to tell him everything because she was most worried about what he'd think of her if the whole story did get out, and he heard it third hand. Not that she didn't care what the others thought of her as well.

Of course she did.

But . . . Hotch was her boss. Yeah, they were friends too. But they were work friends, so their predominant relationship was professional, not personal. And it had taken her so long to earn his respect and trust, to get them where they were now . . . which was a really good place . . . that she hadn't wanted this colossal screw-up on her part, to taint his feelings for her.

Which was why she had decided that it was better that he heard the whole ugly tale from her directly.

Not to mention, she also knew how much pride he took in the Unit's reputation. Everyone in the Bureau knew that he ran a solid shop. So she certainly didn't want him to get blindsided if . . . God forbid . . . this did blow up in her face.

She didn't want his reputation to take a hit as well.

"Okay Prentiss," Hotch said with a little smile as he squeezed her hand, "whatever you need, you have my full support."

Emily felt her eyes starting to burn.

"Thank you sir," she swallowed, "that means a lot. And um, I obviously would rather not tell anyone about the baby for the time being. Not even the team. I'd really like to keep this, uh, under wraps for as long as possible."

"Of course," Hotch nodded as he let go of her hand and stood up, "whatever you want." Then he raised a quizzical eyebrow, "though, what do you want to do about field work? If I pull you, the team's going to know that there's something going on."

There weren't any restrictions specifically saying that pregnant agents couldn't be in the field. That was provided they could still perform all of their regular duties. And Emily mostly likely would still be physically fit well into her second trimester. But on a more personal note, he'd really prefer to take her out well before that time.

It would be much too distracting worrying about her getting hurt.

Yeah," Emily nodded slowly, "I thought about that. Of course I don't want to risk the baby, so I'm going to discuss it with the doctor. And then provided it's okay with him, I'd like to stay in the field for the first trimester. Then I guess month four, you and I can revisit the issue." She shook her head in frustration, "I know that once I'm showing that's going to change how the team interacts with me, and that's going to be a distraction, and God knows I don't want that. So once I can't hide it anymore, then," she gave him a pointed nod, "whatever you think is best."

Hotch tipped his head.

"That sounds logical, but," he gave her an imploring look, "I would appreciate it if we could agree now that even in the first trimester, that if a situation arises, like a chemical spill, or a fire, something where it would be irresponsible to allow you onsite, that you would not fight me about leaving you behind." He exhaled, "I know that it's perfectly within your rights to keep working but, I can tell you now that it would be a distraction to me if you were there."

"Agreed," Emily said as her eyes crinkled, "because you know, I'd personally also rather not have a baby that could headline its own tent at Barnum & Bailey's."

Hotch sighed, "I know, I just wanted to make sure that we were on the same page beforehand, so if the situation arises we don't have to discuss it."

Emily's expression softened as she stood up.

"Consider it discussed."

Now that she'd gotten all of this crap off of her chest, she felt a thousand times better than she had when she walked through his door. Which was . . . she cringed as she looked down her watch . . . fifteen minutes ago.


Her nose wrinkled slightly as she looked back up at him.

"I'm sorry, but it looks like I have now officially made you late for your meeting with Strauss."

"It's okay," Hotch's lip quirked up slightly, "she has a three o'clock. So the later I get there, the less time we have to go over my inadequacies as a leader."

Emily's raised an amused eyebrow.

"Okay, well then I retract my apology, and if you'd like I can stay a little longer and we can discuss baby names and what color to paint the nursery."

Hotch's lips twitched, "thank you for your offer Prentiss, but I don't think that will be necessary."

She shrugged, "your call sir," then she started back towards the door, "and thanks again."

As Emily reached for the doorknob, Hotch's brow narrowed.

"Prentiss, wait."

When she looked back expectantly, "yeah," he walked back around his desk, and over to where she was standing.

He pulled her into a tight hug.

"Congratulations," he whispered in her ear, "really."

Emily was a little surprised at the unexpected display of affection from her boss . . . he wasn't usually much for personal displays on the clock . . . but she quickly recovered as her eyes crinkled and she slid her hand around to his back.

"Thanks Hotch."

Then he stepped back slightly, squeezing her shoulder as he flashed a dimple.

"I know I'm not generally much of a hugger, but I figure seeing as you aren't telling anyone else right now, I needed to step up."

Emily chuckled, and Hotch gave her an amused stare for a moment before his eyes softened.

"This is a really big deal Prentiss. Being a parent is going to change your life in ways that you can't even imagine," he smiled, "you're going to be a mom."

God . . . Emily's eyes started burning . . . now he was being really sweet. And the stupid hormones could not take a sweet Hotch right now. So, not trusting her voice, she just smiled and murmured, "mmm, hmm," as she tried to blink away the moisture in her eyes.

Hotch . . . seeing the tears attempting to pool, and remembering the hormonal fluctuations Haley went through with Jack . . . patted Emily's arm.

"I'm sorry," he said gently, " I'm not trying to make you cry. But if you want to talk more later, you know I'm always here."

Given how isolated she was going to be these first couple months, Hotch knew that he was going to have to step up beyond just giving her a proper congratulations.

She was going to need a friend.

And as he thought about that . . . about extending himself further into her life in a way that he hadn't before . . . he suddenly felt a little spark of genuine happiness at her news.

He dealt with so much death it would be nice to have a new life growing around him.

Emily smiled softly. "Thanks."

As much as she appreciated his offer . . . and she might just take him up on it . . . she really wished that he wasn't always here. Hotch had kept long hours as long as she'd known him, they all did, but since his divorce, he had basically moved into the office.

She wouldn't be surprised if he had a sleeping bag under his desk.

Her gaze shifted back up, and they stared at each other for a second, each realizing that their relationship had just shifted a notch. And then the moment was broken as Hotch's phone started to ring.

He rolled his eyes and Emily chuckled.

"Do you want me to get it for you? I can say you left ten minutes ago, and then you can just tell her you got stuck in the elevator or something."

At this point in their relationship, a little white lie was the least that she could do for him.

Hotch looked at Emily for a second before he nodded.

"Yeah, actually maybe that would be best," he rolled his eyes again, "she's already pissed at me for being late to the last meeting."

What Strauss didn't understand was that nobody aimed to be early to a gathering where you were told that you sucked. That was usually agenda item one, then they'd cover a couple of general topics related to the actual running of the FBI, and then they'd close on the 'you suck' point again. He scowled.

She really was a horrible woman.

Hotch and Emily both walked back over to his desk and Hotch hastily grabbed his stuff for the meeting, as Emily reached for the phone. Then he hurried back across the room, giving her a quick wave as he opened the door and ran out.

Emily's lips twitched as she watched him go, and then she lifted the receiver. She winced as she held it back from her ear.

Man, that woman could YELL!

And because Strauss was obviously under the impression that Hotch had answered the phone, she was tearing into him for his unprofessionalism as soon as the receiver was off the hook. First, for not showing up, and second, for not even having the courtesy to call to ask if he could reschedule. Emily rolled her eyes.

God, she sucked. Yeah, he really was only late because he was being nice to her, but what if he'd had a real emergency that held him up. Like a call on a case or something.

Not that it was ever okay to talk to somebody in this tone, but here Strauss doesn't even know the circumstances behind his delay and she's still ripping into him!

Emily shook her head as the dragon continued to roar . . . how did he put up with this crap all the time? Emily herself hadn't had to deal with Strauss directly since Milwaukee.

Hotch had fortunately provided a solid buffer between the two of them after that day.

Finally . . . after what Emily estimated to be a good minute into the call . . . Strauss took a breath, and Emily was finally able to get a word into the one side conversation.

"Uh, actually, ma'am, this is Agent Prentiss. Hotch left about ten minutes ago for a meeting," Emily's lip quirked up, "I'm presuming from your extended greeting, that meeting was with you."

Though Emily knew that she was pushing her luck mocking her, she didn't care. Seriously, after all that crap, the woman didn't have a leg to stand on!

She'd just behaved like a complete ass!

There was silence on the other end of the line. Then after two beats Emily heard a clipped, "oh," followed immediately after by a dial tone.

Irritated at Strauss' rudeness . . . and her shabby treatment of Hotch . . . Emily stared at the buzzing phone for a second before she muttered.

"Yeah, you're welcome," as she put it back into the cradle.

Okay . . . she tipped her head . . . well, on the plus side, maybe now that Strauss had already huffed and puffed, Hotch wouldn't catch quite as much flack when he ran in late.

And now that the call was done, and Hotch was gone, Emily no longer had any good reason to be in his office. But still she stood behind his desk for a moment.

It was weird seeing the world from this angle . . . his angle. Her gaze dropped down, traveling over the items on his desk.

. . . case files, stacks and stacks of case files

. . . pens from police stations around the country

. . . paper clips, he preferred the coated ones

. . . reports waiting to be reviewed

. . . sticky pads flipped back with names and phone numbers all over them

. . . official FBI coffee mug complete with official FBI coffee ring stains

Suddenly her gaze stopped roaming and she stared.


Her eyes crinkled as she picked up the picture of her boss' son . . . God he was a cutie. And he looked just like his daddy, right down to the dimples.

Though Hotch's set were seen far too infrequently

Emily's finger slowly traced over the glass . . . she was going to have one of these. A mini-me. And thinking about, she felt a wave of panic rising up . . . how in the world was she going to do this by herself? The pregnancy and then the actual raising of the child. And for the first five or six months at least it was going to be literally by herself.

She wouldn't have any support at all.

Nobody else was going to know.

Well . . . she stared at the picture in her hands . . . this little boy's daddy knew. But she really couldn't depend on Hotch to . . .

Emily's thoughts were cut off as she remembered the hug, and the offer to come back and talk. Then her expression softened as she gently placed the picture frame back on the desk.

Maybe she wouldn't be completely alone.

A/N 2: So there you go. If you're reading Second Chances, as you can see the circumstances here, both of conception and fallout, are QUITE different. And the opportunities for angst and drama really go off into a completely different direction. Plus, we can get some angry over-protective Hotch worked in as well! That's always fun :) In terms of Emily's guilt over the baby, even though she didn't really do anything wrong, remember in canon, she is Catholic. And I can tell you, even if you're lapsed, the guilt is a living entity. So she has that working against her beyond just the simple mortification anyone would be feeling if the rug got pulled out from under them.

And the reason I called it Mirror, Mirror is because I see this as a mirror world. Some of the events that take place in Second Chances will also take place here but they will unfold differently because their relationship is so different. Two that I've already written (in both stories) are Emily's first bout of morning sickness, and her first Lamaze class. And the reason I got it stuck in my head that this was a mirro, was because I had originally written those chapters for THESE circumstances, and when I changed the story and made them a couple over in Chances, I didn't want to toss what I had written here. Some of it was pretty decent – if I do say so myself :)

And the goal with this story is to have H/P together by the time the baby comes. As I already have them in full couplehood expecting a kid, I'm going to keep them apart in this one as long as I can. So again, I think there's enough that's completely unique about this angle that the stories won't be redundant.

Also, JJ does not get pregnant here. And as you can see from Hotch's mention of their boyfriends, I'm not even sure if Will is going to make an appearance.

I'm not sure how often this will be updated but, just like the others, it'll keep rolling along :) I promise folks, eventually we'll get to the end of all of them. I just hope my hair isn't white by then.