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Jason Reso

I woke up, the effects of my hangover hitting quickly. I moaned and wiped my face, a drool stain covering my chin. "Never again," I moaned, although I knew I was lying. I would always go back to the drink, no matter how much she betrayed me. And besides, it was an awesome house party. One of the best Adam's ever thrown. I wasn't complaining.

I sat up and yawned, trying to work out my muscles a little. Someone near me groaned, and I froze- I slept with someone last night. Holy shit, I slept with someone last night. I looked over at the other side of the bed and put my hand over my mouth.

Adam was still asleep, long hair all over his face, both blond and brown. The brown hair belonged to Matt, and Adam had his arm around Matt. Matt obviously once had his arm around me before I rolled awake. I peeked under the blankets and they were both naked, and, by the looks of it, a little sticky. In Matt's case, very. I was sticky too, but not as sticky as Matt.

Holy shit, I had a threesome. With Matt and Adam. I didn't even think Matt liked Adam, much less wanted to get in the sack with him. And even though I'm both their friends, I was never attracted to them sexually... was I? I looked under the blanket again, and took long looks at them.

Okay, I was. They are beautiful. Matt looks so sweet, so innocent asleep... a far cry from the overprotective, dominant guy he is when he's awake. And Adam looked a little less devious and a little more human with his arm around Matt.

Matt woke up first and murmured, "Shit, remind me to never drink again." Liar. He'll drink again too, soon enough. Matt tried to get up, but Adam held firm- when Adam held something he wanted, he never let go willingly. Matt was no exception. "What the-"

Matt's eyes opened and he took in the situation. There I was, looking at them like some kind of pervert, and then there was Adam, holding him like a life preserver. Matt tried to pull out again, but Adam's vice grip was too tough. "What the hell's going on, Jay? Why am I here? Why am I sti-" Comprehension filled Matt's eyes. "No way."

I nodded. Matt shook his head. "No, we couldn't... all three of us?" I nodded again. It was the only way to explain it. Matt started struggling more against Adam, eventually pushing him off of him- and onto the floor. Adam hit the floor with the thud, and that finally woke him up.

"What the hell?" Adam stood up. "Oh, you guys are up. I thought your hangovers would keep you asleep a while longer." He grinned and looked at Matt and then at me. "You two are dirty. You can totally use my shower..."

"Wait a minute. You don't have a hangover?" Matt asked. Adam shook his head. "You weren't drunk?" Adam shook his head, and Matt stood up and pushed him. "What the hell? Then why did you let this happen?"

"Have you ever tried to say no to you?" Adam asked, "It's very hard, especially when you're pushing your sweet ass into my groin."

"I suggested this?" Matt asked, pointing from him, to Adam, to me.

"No, Jay did. But you were quick to agree to it." Matt pushed him again.

"I can't believe you! Why the hell wouldn't you just take us home?" Adam wrapped his arms around Matt's waist and pulled him closer.

"You seemed to like it well enough... you're a screamer, you know. And you look way too beautiful when you cum..." Matt pushed him away and began looking around for his clothes.

"Matt, we were drunk," I said, "Don't blow this out of proportion. We can just check it off as a one night stand and go back to the way things were." Matt walked out once he had his clothes on, not listening to a word I said. I sighed and sat on the bed.

Adam sat next to me. "Are you mad at me?"

"It'll take a lot more than that to make me mad at you, Adam," I said, "We did that shit a lot when we were younger and fooling around, so it doesn't matter to me. Don't worry about Matt though- he'll come around, and things can go back to normal."

"I don't want them back to normal." I whipped around and looked at Adam, confused. "Jay, I had a revelation last night."

"Oh really, Addy? Well, enlighten me. What was this revelation of yours?" Adam cupped my face and pulled me in for a kiss. I was shocked at first, but then I kissed him back. Adam stuck his tongue in my mouth, and I pushed against his, letting Adam know that I was not the bitch.

Adam pulled away and said, "I'm in love, Jay. With you... and with Matt."

"The both of us?" I asked. Adam nodded. "That's impossible."

"Says who?" Adam said, "I like you both for different reasons. I think you're both fine as hell. I like the way the both of you made me feel. I want you both."

I laughed. "So you really think you, me, and Matt can have a relationship together?"


"You're nuts."

"You just don't remember last night," Adam insisted. "Once you do, you'll see. That's the way it should be. You and me and Matt."

"I still think you're nuts. Even in a parallel dimension where three people relationships do work, Matt would never agree with this."

Adam put his finger on my lips. "Matt wanted us just as much as we wanted him and each other. You think you two acted a little crazy under the influence of the drink? I think we finally told each other the truth. Admit it; we've both always had a thing for each other. We fooled around tons when we were a tag team. And you've always had a crush on Matt, Mister I-Requested-ECW-So-I-Can-Work-With-Matt. You can have me and Matt. It'll be awesome."

I laughed. "As tempting as that sounds, I'll pass."

Adam smiled. "Wait until you remember bits of last night. You'll understand. You'll see." I doubt it.


I went into Adam's shower and turned on the water, washing off the cum. I wondered whose was sticking to me. Was it Adam or Matt? I didn't know, but I was curious. Obviously, we all enjoyed it- after all, all three of us were sticky. I grabbed the loofa, put some soap in it, and began scrubbing.

Matt and I stumbled around the house, arms around each other and laughing as we downed a couple of beers and sang Womanizer. Adam watched with an amused smirk on his face and he took a picture, one he would probably use against us later.

I blinked, wondering where that came from. That must've been from last night. I shook off the feeling and began washing myself again

I pulled Matt into Adam's room. "Let's have a slumber party!" I whined, "We can play truth or dare or something!"

"You're an idiot," Adam said, as Matt fell to the floor. He helped Matt up and said, "I should call him a cab."

"No!" I walked over and snatched Matt from him. "Mattie stays! Mattie's my slumber buddy now- he stays!"

"Ah giss ah stay," Matt mumbled, his accent made more prominent by his drunken stupor.

I stopped fighting it and just stood there, just letting the images wash over me. Was Matt remembering this too as he drove home? Was it as intriguing to him as it was to me?

Matt sat on the floor with me and I told Adam to sit too. He sat down and I reached out to hold him, and I dropped my bottle.

"Oops," I said, "Sorry Addy."

"It's okay, Jay. You'll just pay for a new carpet later." I held him close.

"Why don't we have sleepovers more often?" I asked.

"Because we're not little girls, Jay," Adam said.

"Don't be mean," Matt said, "You don't have to be little or a girl to have a sleepover." He picked up the bottle. "I'm sure little girls didn't invent spin the bottle."

"Ooh! Spin the bottle, spin the bottle!" I said, "Guys, let's play!"

"I didn't mean let's play," Matt said.

"Come on Jay, let's be serious," Adam said.

"No, I wanna play!" I pushed them into a circle and spun it. It landed on Adam and, before he could say something, I kissed him hard on the mouth.

"Wow," Adam said.

"Your turn," I winked. He took the bottle and spun it- it landed on himself. He kissed his own hand, making Matt and I giggle.

"Go Matt!" I said, pumping my hands like a cheerleader. Matt laughed and spun the bottle, and it landed on Adam again. "You're one lucky son of a bitch," I mumbled.

Adam laughed and grabbed Matt over, putting him on his lap. "You owe me a kiss," he said.

Matt nodded and grabbed Adam's cheeks and kissed him softly. Adam kissed back, opening his mouth and pushing his way into Matt's mouth. Matt grinded his hips into Adam's and returned the ferocity Adam was showing. I fidgeted; the sight was too hot to bear.

I pulled Matt away from Adam and started kissing Matt, wanting to taste the other member of this game. I pushed him onto the floor and kissed his chin, his nose... any bit of skin I could get my lips on. Adam's lips joined mine all over Matt, and Matt moaned out.

I groaned as the memories got more and more vivid. I grabbed myself as I remembered Adam carrying me to the bed, and then kissing me violently. I remembered Adam telling Matt to come join us. I remembered… everything.

I felt fingertips dragging up the side of my legs, and I gasped. Adam was in here with me. He leaned forward and whispered against my neck, "Now do you understand?"

I gasped, shivering at Adam's touch. Adam pressed closer into me, and I bit my lip, feeling him press his manhood to my ass. "Yes," I said.

"I want you both, and you want us both," he said, pressing me into the shower wall. I nodded as Adam began kissing my shoulder. He moved his hand to my cock, stroking it lightly.

"This can work," I said, "It can, can't it?"

Adam nodded. "It can, Jay. Just you, me, and Matt. Of course, we'll have to talk to him about it, but I'm sure he'll see things our way once he remembers."

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