Lullabies and Nail Polish

Chapter 1

1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4
give me more lovin then I've ever had.
Make it all better when I'm feelin sad.
Tell me that I'm special even when I know I'm not.
Make me feel good when I hurt so bad.
Barely gettin mad,
I'm so glad I found you.
I love bein around you.
You make it easy,
as easy as 1 2, (1 2 3 4.)
There's only one thing two do three words four you.
I love you.
(I love you)
there's only one way two say those three words
and that's what I'll do.
I love you.
(I love you)

I woke up to the alarm on my phone. It was Tuesday morning in late august. I lay there listening to the unbearable silence echoing from my house. Everyday was the same. I always woke up to an empty house and went to bed in the same empty house. Sometimes I truly believed I lived alone. The only sign that my parents even existed was the fact that the taxes were getting paid and the rare phone call. My dad was a general in Iraq and my mother was doctor on the battlefield. My father never comes home and mother kept getting called back for service so she just decided to stay there. Right now she was a month from reprieve (meaning one more month alone.) before she would have to go back to treat a new wave of soldiers. And there was always that looming chance that they wouldn't come back at all.

I sighed and got out of bed. I am a 17 year old girl with short brown, almost black hair with longish bangs that came down to the middle of my nose and black squared glasses. I have a slim figure but always wore clothes that didn't show off much. I just liked to be comfortable. I walked to the bathroom and turned on the shower. While under the warm spray, I thought about calling my best friend, Scout, to invite her to watch the new episodes of Naruto(our favorite anime) that I Tivo-ed. Scout has long auburn hair that used to be blonde but got steadily darker as she grew. She has a small piece of side bangs that she often tucks behind her ear. She's strong, tough, and beautiful. No one ever wanted to mess with her. I was sometimes jealous of her loving parents, good looks, and charisma, but she often got carried away with the cussing and violent habits she had acquired. Her favorite character from Naruto is Hidan and mine are Deidara and Sasori. She was my closest friend ever, and I don't know what I'd do with out her. I stepped out of the warm shower and into my beat up denim shorts that were once my jeans, so they naturally frayed at the ends, but I liked it that way. I pulled on a fitting navy blue T-shirt and a black jacket on top. I combed my wet hair and brushed my teeth. Then padded down the stairs to find me some food. I was in my spacious kitchen, in the process of making myself some cereal, when I heard a thud followed by 2 thumps from the living room. My first thought was 'OMFG! BURGLARS!' so I grabbed the bat I had left out for the occasion (don't ask why, I'm just paranoid that way) as I listened to the muffled profanities coming from the living room. A new thought crossed my mind: 'Crappy burglars' I fought my fear and pushed myself around the corner, only to see 3 disoriented anime characters sitting (or laying) in various positions in/on my furniture. The thud, I learned, came from a dazed Sasori who lay sprawled out on my catnip rug. (For my cats, I'm not that weird 0_o) one thump came from Hidan, who lay half on-half off my sofa, with his head slightly bleeding from the impact with the floor. I also learned that he was the source of the muffled cusswords. And the owner of the last thump was none other than, Deidara, who happened to land on the chair, but slipping down off of it.

"Why did that hurt?" Sasori whined rubbing his head tenderly.

"De-deiara, S-sasori, Hidan?!" I yelled in disbelief

"Yeah, and who the hell are you, Bitch?!" Hidan stated rudely, "And why do you have a fucking baseball bat?" he added

"Hidan, un!" Deidara scolded, "We're sorry, un. We don't really know...what are you doing, un?"

Before he could finish, I punched in scout's number into my cell phone as fast as I could. She picked up after the first ring.

"Sup, Olivia?"

"SCOUT, GET OVER HERE!!!!" I yelled into the receiver.

"Sure, sure, why?"

"JUST HURRY!!!" I begged and hung up.

"What is she doing?" Sasori said, with no emotion what so ever. Hidan crudely answered,

"I think she's calling for fucking back up."

"Back up? Why?!" Sasori panicked.

"No! I'm asking the questions here! Why are you in my house!?!" was the only reply he got from me.

"How the fuck should I know?" Hidan said unhelpfully. Just then, the door bell rang.

"YES! Scouts here! She'll help explain things better!" I thought out loud.

"COME IN!!! NOW!!! HURRY!!!" I shouted frantically down the hall.

"Yo? Olivia? Where are you?"

"LIVING ROOM!!! HURRY!" I repeated and raised my bat to swinging position, because Hidan was starting to get up. "DON'T MOVE!" I commanded

"Yeah, Yeah, I'm coming." I heard scout say and as she appeared in the door way. "So what's the rush?" she questioned and I pointed to Deidara and Sasori.

"THEM! Wait…" Then I murmured "Gimme your hand." To scout and she obeyed and I molded it so it was pointing at Hidan. "THEM!" I said again. Scouts hand dropped along with her jaw.

"Whoa, Hidan, Blondie, and Sex Puppet!!!! What the fuck are they doing in your living room?!" she demanded

"s-sex puppet?!" Sasori said, taken aback, as Deidara examined a piece of his hair, contemplating Scout's nickname for him.

"What part of 'how the fuck should I know' don't you women get?!" Hidan replied. "And who the fuck are you two?!" he added.

"I think the lighter haired one is scout, un." Deidara commented.

"And I believe this 'scout' called the dark-haired one 'Olivia'"

"wow that's not sex puppet," Sasori smirks triumphantly, "That's fucking Sherlock Holmes!!!" Sasori smirk fell at Scout's final remark.

"So, now that we know your names, how do you know our names, un?" Deidara questioned.

"Good question!" I congratulated him "take it away scout!" I said motioning for her to continue where I had left off.

"What am I supposed to fucking say?!" she demanded

"You know I suck at explaining." I reminded her. "Besides, that's why I invited you over… Kind of."

"Um… okay…" she began and turned back to me "Where's your Tivo at? You keep moving it."

"Basement. Why?"

"Why can't this bitch get a full fucking sentence out?" Hidan growled and pointed at scout. Turning to Hidan, scout challenged,

"Who you calling bitch, you bloody fucking moron."

"You wanna start something, onna?" Hidan spat at her.

"Oh, its so on!" scout declared. That started the most epic cursing war ever that we are skipping to spare the ears of small children and the elderly. Knowing scout, this cussing war wouldn't end soon, so in the meantime, I decided to carry out Scout's plan of showing them the Naruto episodes I had staked up in my Tivo queue.

"C'mon." I said to Sasori and Deidara and grabbed both their hands and pulled them down stairs to the basement. We had nearly reached to bottom when I felt something licking my hand. "Erm… Deidara, your hand mouth is licking me." I muttered, blushing. Deidara turned a shade of red that matched Sasori's hair color.

"Sorry, un. I can't really control them." He admitted.

"HEY OLIVIA!" scout called down as I started up the first episodes. "DON'T SHOW THEM THE ONES WHERE THEY FUCKING DIE!!!" She commanded.

"WHY WOULD I DO THAT, I'm not you!!!" I yelled back at her

"DIE?!" all 3 of them screeched in unison.

"Way to brake it too them nicely" I murmured.

"Bu-but how?" Deidara whimpered.

"HOW WHAT?" she yelled. (She has good hearing)

"How do we… we… you know."

"ummmm…" I said, not wanting to be the one to tell them.

"DEIDARA, YOU BLOW YOURSELF UP, SASORI, YOU GET BEAT UP BY YOUR GRANDMA AND A 15 YEAR OLD BITCH WITH PINK HAIR," Scout explained 'nicely' "And Hidan, you get blown up by a lazy ass genius." "Oh…" he trailed off.

"Who dies first? *cough* Hidan *cough*" Sasori wondered (and coughed) out loud.

"Actually, you die first, SEX PUPPET!" Scout told him, with out helping very much.

"Yeah… so… I'll just show you guys the one where you go hunt for Gaara." I spoke up, finding it on my Tivo. "Oh wait, Sasori, you die in this one. Is that okay? Or do you wanna watch another one?" I realized.

"You can't not show him, he's not in any others!" scout reminded me.

"WHAT?!" Sasori yelled and we heard Hidan snicker. "I'm only in one, and I die in it!?!" he demanded,

"Yeah, but you put up a hell of a fight." Scout added in a rare moment of niceness. I played the episode and sat back and we watched it. After a while, Hidan and scout came down to join us (Hidan with a bandage on his hand, I might add) I stole glances at the 3 anime characters as we watched. They seemed completely transfixed the entire time, their eyes never left the screen.

"Whoa, it's like us, but not us." Hidan attempted to speak importantly.

"Do I really sound like that, un?" Deidara asked, a little offended. Sasori still didn't look away from the TV, even after I had turned it off.

"We're still there." Sasori said in a dazed voice, talking about our reflections in the shiny TV screen.

"No, it's off." I told him pointing at the light that came on when ever the TV wasn't on.

"Yeah. but we're still there!" Sasori contradicted, a little more defensive this time.

"Well, yeah, but it's just our reflection. You're not really on a TV show anymore." I tried to explain (you know I suck at it) and turned the TV back on. It randomly turned on to the Spanish channel, advertising for tortillas. Hidan walked up to the TV and after a few moments of listening to the Spanish announcer, he began to converse with the TV in 'Spanish'. Well, it was Spanish but, it just wasn't relevant Spanish "Si, si, muy bein!"

"HIDAN?!" scout exclaimed

"You speak Spanish, un?" Deidara said, shocked. I listened closer to what he and the announcer were talking about. The announcer spieled about his tortillas and saying how they were the best quality and had the lowest price. And Hidan's response to this was

"Me duele mi watita!"

"No he doesn't speak Spanish." I concluded. "He just told the TV that he had a stomach ache, and the TV's advertising tortillas." I explained, having taken Spanish lessons until I knew the language enough. "Levantase tu mano!" he commanded at the TV. "He just told the TV to raise its hand."

"Shut up, Olivia, I'm trying to look smart here!" he yelled at me. "Trying, and failing." Sasori said. Scout picked up the remote and tossed it at Hidan (probably hoping it would hit him) and explained, "This is what you use to change the channels. Have fun with it." He caught it and started flipping through the channels as scout came up to join me in the kitchen.

"What do we do? How did they get here? How do we send them back? What if it takes time? What are we gonna do with them when we go to school?!" I panicked

"the answer to all those questions is idfk" was scouts extremely helpful answer. I was about fight her when a loud moan came from the basement. We both turned our heads simultaneously to look at the basement door.

"What was that?" I asked

"I don't know. Lets check it out." Scout said and we ran down the stairs.

A/N: Onna= Woman (disrespectful)