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Sasori's POV:

"NYARG!!!!" wha? "Nyarg!" I heard it again. What is that? "Rarg!"I sleepily opened one eye. 2 inches from my face was a big fuzzy thing with a fang staring me in the eyes. "AHHHHHHHH!" I yelled and tried to get the heavy beast off my chest. "Can't breathe!" I gasped. "Nyarg!" It responded and twitched its whiskers. What is this thing?! "GET IT OFF ME!!! GET IT OFF, GET IT OFF, GET IT OFF!" I yelled and squirmed around under its massive weight. I heard a "Sasori?" and a "Danna?" from upstairs. "In here! HELP ME!" I cried. "Nyarg." The black beast repeated. Olivia and brat, I mean Deidara, entered the room, still in their pajamas. "Walrus!!!" Olivia exclaimed. The thing on my chest turned at the sound of its name, then jumped off me and waddled over to her. "Aww! Hi walrus!" She exclaimed and bent down and began petting the creepy animal. "What is that thing?" I asked jumping up the minute it was off me. "This is walrus." She said fondly. "He's my cat." She explained. "Cat? Are you sure?" I couldn't help but ask. I took a second look at it. It was a fat black fuzzy ball. But it did have big cat ears, whiskers and large golden cat eyes. "Where's his tail, un?" Brat asked. "He doesn't have one." She told him. I knew there was something off about it. I think I've heard about that kind of cat somewhere before. What was the word…? Manx! That was it. "Did it get chopped off, un?" Brat asked worriedly. "No, brat, it was born that way. It's a variety of the cat species called Manx." I explained impatiently. "Yeah, he is. I'm surprised you knew that. You're really smart." Olivia complimented me. I felt my self blush as she turned back to brat. "I'm not surprised you thought it got chopped off, though. Most people don't know about Manx's." She told brat, erm, Deidara. I have to stop calling him that. "Oh, un." Deidara uttered and stared at 'walrus'. "It is kind of cute, un." He admitted bending down to scratch it's head. Eww. I'm not touching it. Suddenly, Scout bounded down the stairs. "What's with all the screaming so early in the fucking morning?" she complained, rubbing her eyes. "That thing tried to attack me in my sleep!" I exclaimed, pointing at the freak of nature. "Aww, good boy, walrus!" she cooed, scoping up the huge cat. How is she able to lift him? He was heavier than a toddler! Hidan stomped down the stairs and joined us. "Whoa, what's with the furry bowling ball?" He asked then added, "And what's with Scout?" I looked over at her to see what he meant. Scout was currently nuzzling the cats abnormally sized head, murmuring "Oh, walrus, I love you wally, wallyrus!" It was downright disturbing. It was like watching the devil play with a puppy. "Um, Scout?" Olivia spoke up. Scout snapped out of it and quickly placed walrus gently on the ground. "Alright guys, get dressed, we're going to the mall." She announced, brushing walrus fur of her camouflage army jacket. "Mall?!" Olivia wailed. "But I hate the mall!" "Too bad, the dudes need clothes." Scout grunted. Olivia groaned. "But there are people there!" She whined. "Suck it up and get dressed." she ordered. "Nyarg." Walrus said in agreement. Deidara looked at the source of the noise. "Were you really afraid of walrus, un?" Deidara smirked, stroking walrus as he spoke. "He just caught me off guard," I huffed, offended. "Really? Then your guard is dropping, dana, un." Deidara muttered quietly, not wanting to arouse me. "You know perfectly well my guard isn't as good in the morning, brat." I sniffed. "But its not morning anymore, its fucking noon" Hidan said crudely. "What!?" I shrieked in disbelief. I've never gotten up past 9:00 in the morning before! "That's what happens sex puppet. Here, teenagers sleep till noon…or later." Scout smirked, "Stay up all night and sleep all day, that's our motto," Scout squealed, and grinned. "Please don't make that horrible noise!" I groaned "Yes you're very funny, now rise your self out of the sofa bed, we are going shop-en-ing." Scout preached. Deidara looked at Scout quizzically, "I think you mean shopping, un" he corrected her. "No, I mean shop-ening." She told him. I yawned. "I wanna go back to bed." I sighed. "NO! NOW GET YOUR LAZY ASS UP!" Scout ordered. "YES MA'AM!" I shouted and sprung out of the sofa bed. Her voice has so much authority!


Deidara's POV:

The black pick up truck screeched to a halt when we reached the parking lot of the 'mall'.

*rapid breathing* AHH! I had no idea Scout's driving was so reckless! She almost killed us!

"I HATE traffic." Scout growled at the dashboard. I looked around at the other passengers. Sasori-no-dana was clinging to the seat. He seemed just as shaken as me. As for Hidan, well, he was just bein' Hidan.

"WHOO! LET'S GO AGAIN! I love roller coasters!" he shouted, punching the air. Apparently, he liked Scout's hazardous driving. Olivia didn't seem bothered at all by all the almost-accidents.

"Alright," Scout said, turning to face me dana and Hidan in the back seat. "There are rules in the mall. First of all, stick together. We don't want 3 clueless anime characters wandering around the mall unsupervised. Second, It's my way or the high way. What I say goes." That goes with out saying. Who would dare oppose Scout who valued their life? "And third, Try to act…semi-normal." She finished.

"Define normal." Dana said in the monotone voice he always used.

"Well for one thing, try not to act surprised when you see the size of the mall." Scout suggested.

"How big could it possibly be?" Sasori-dana asked skeptically. Scout unlocked all the doors and replied,

"See for yourself." Hidan opened his door and jumped out of the car, and dana slid out after him. I climbed out of the car and turned to see the 'mall' Sasori and Hidan were now gawking at.

"I-its huge!" We exclaimed in unison. It stood 4 stories high, or six, if you counted the ice skating rink and clock tower on top. There was a huge sign reading, 'KISKA MALL' in big capital letters on the front of the mall. The building itself was made on concrete and was painted grey and white, and it seemed to loom over us. I didn't like it. No wonder Olivia didn't want to come here!

"What's Kiska, un?" I asked hesitantly.

"Kiska's the town we live in and where are right now, dumbass!" Scout stated like it was obvious. How was I supposed to know that? "Oh, un." I replied timidly.

"So let's go already! Hidan and Deidara, you're coming with me. Sex puppet, your going with Olivia." Scout announced, clapping her hands.

"I-I have to g-go with you, un?" I stammered nervously. I don't wanna go with Scout! I wanna stay with dana and Olivia! Scout'll eat me!

"Too bad, now shut up, and let's go already!" Scout ordered and grabbed me and Hidan's arms and began dragging us toward the giant establishment.

"B-but, un…"

"NO BUTS!" Scout snapped. I shot dana a pleading look. He shrugged and Olivia looked sympathetic. Hidan didn't seem to mind being dragged off with scout at all. UN! I don't wanna get eaten! I wanna live! I struggled, but it was no use. She had an unbelievable grip. Before I knew it, we had reached the entrance. There was a row of glass doors, and Scout flung open two at once and pulled us inside.