This story was written and is still being written on 's message board along with Aaron Max and JW aka Katana aka Zrex .

Got this song off the net, don't have a clue who wrote it, ( ) I change it a bit but not much, it fits Rika's locked away light side. (though now I think it would been better for Jeri)
This also contains plently of liberity with Renamon and Rika's unexplored histories. (not all love is romance has details on it, but you do NOT need to read it to understnad this in the LEAST)

Hypnosis, non-existent to the media, just like the aftfical life forms they sought to delete from existence that had repeated caused damage. Seemingly a noble goal. But when it was under the control of a medglomacial despot, good intention could bring harmful results.
"Sir. This new program hasn't been fully tested yet." Said
"Are you saying that I'm incapable of writting a working program myself!" Snarled Yamako to her.
"No sir! It's just that this program might have unforseen side effects."
"Those ideots have put Juggernaut on hold until . . . 'further testing' is complete. I won't let digital monsters continue to infest the real world. This program is my back up plan. Run the program now!"
"Y-yes sir."

Riley punched in a few more buttons as a status screen opened on one of the dome screens.
"Here ya go." Takato handed Guilmon a loaf of bread. "Mmm.. Yummy. Your parents make good bread Takatomon." Guilmon choked out. His Tamer sighed, "I'm not a -mon. I'm a human." "I've never heard of Humon. Is it strong?" Takato slapped his forehead, "I give up. You're impossible." They both laughed and Guilmon continued eating his snack. 'Mrs. Usagi gave me the essay of doom as punishment. I hate to leave him here, but I'll be in deep if I don't get it done.' "Guilmon," he said, "I have some severe homework and I should go work on it. Bye." Takato grabbed his backpack (now much lighter) and opened the iron gate. Suddenly, his Digivice started glowing crimson red. "Wha... a Digimon!" His Digivice went into map mode. "Its in the downtown area. Come on, Guilmon. We have work to do." "Ohhrkay! *gulp* Right behind you!"

"Sir, our scan for a glitches is now operational." Riley commented to Yamaki. "SCAN!!!" He screamed, "I don't remember authorizing a scan. I want the actual thing working and I want it working NOW! What am I paying you for, incompetence!?" "Wow, he's nice." Tilley whispered to her coworker. Riley responded, "We don't get paid enough to put up with his temper." She then clicked a few more buttons and the window closed. "Hypnos core activated. Energy output at maximum. Uploading program: FinalAnswer.exe" Yamaki smiled. The computer's voice was more than enough to cheer him up. "Sir," Riley interrupted his train of thought, "A Wild One has appeared." "Where?" "Shibuya district. There are three other lifeforms headed that way." He snarled. "Those kids again! I gave them fair warning. Why do they keep interfering? I'll make them feel my power! Stop the upload!" "Wha..?" "JUST DO IT! Now, find some wat to get it into that Wild One."

Takato and Guilmon were almost there! The Digital Field was only a bit further. A pier with a large, brick building along its edge. They entered the thick fog. "Alright. here we go. Hey, look! Lee and Terriermon are already fighting" He took off his goggles and saw the fierce battle raging. Terriermon already seemed to be beaten up pretty badly, scarred and troubled to stand up. "It's about time you showed up!" Lee shouted over the haze. "Sorry. So what are we up against here?" "That." Guilmon and his Tamer glanced at the wall of the building. "Whoa!"
An Armored Digimon, he seems weak. But don't get him angry, those wood sticks are more powerful than most swords!
The evil marionette landed, head falling limply to his shoulder. "Hahaha! There are two of you now? No matter. The more the merrier! Gordian Knot!" He charged Terriermon with the two sticks, then wrapped him in a thick cocoon with red laces. "Leave him alone!" Screamed Guilmon. "Oh? And what can you do? You act more childish than him! Ha ha ha ha!" Takato was infuriated, "Guilmon, you show him who acts childish! Get 'em!" The red dinosaur used his Pyro Sphere, missing by a mile. Of course, it wouldn't have been so bad if Yasyamon wasn't jumping around like a mad kangaroo! "He's too fast!" "Don't worry, I have something for that." Lee commented, drawing a card from his deck. "DigiModify: Targeting ACTIVATE!" A blue, opaque visor appeared over Terriermon's eyes. "There! I see him! Locked-on! Bunny Blast!" He spat a small energy pellet, knocking Yasyamon from the sky. It landed on the floor with a hard thud. "Nice shot!"

Gordian Knot
Puppet Master

"What are you weaklings doing here? This is going to be MY kill!" Said Rika coldly seeing the two other Tamer as she entered the digital field.
"Is killing all you ever think about!" Retorted Lee.
Rika ignored the question. "So where's our sparing partner?" Asked Rika Renamon fazing in besides her.

They all gazed around. "I though he was out cold on the ground over there, where Terriermon blasted him." Suddenly, a voice boomed out, "Fools! I'm right above you." Lee turned in time to get smacked in the face with one of Yasyamon's sticks. "Aaargh!" "Renamon, pulverize him!" "As you wish." The vixen Digimon leapt into the air. "Diamond Storm!" Yasyamon laughed, then sidestepped the barrage of energy. "Is that your best shot? I've seen more powerful attacks from a gust of wind. Now behold... Puppet Master!" He shot string from his hands and onto Renamon. "Can't... control! Rika! Look out!" Unable to control her body, she fired a Diamond Storm at her Tamer. Rika ducked down. "Huh?" Takato's form was whited out in the storm of energy. "Thanks a lot. I was standing behind you." he mumbled, a bit charred from the attack. "Sorry." Lee noted the enemy's movements. Probing for even a second of weakness. "Now! He's holding still! DigiModify: Power ACTIVATE!" Terriermon felt pumped. "Lemmie at 'em. I'll beat him up! Terrier Tornado!" The little Digimon worked himself into a good spin, then slammed Yasyamon a good one. "Wha... augh!" The foe went flying into the building wall, leaving his imprinted form in the bricks. "I'll... make you... pay for that. I swear it!" "Not today! Bunny Blast!" He shot a large, even more powerful energy pellet that had a recoil strong enough to knock him off his feet. "No..." It connected! Yasyamon screamed a horrible, ear-piercing screech and Digivaporated away. The little bits of data flowed into Terriermon, making him that much more powerful.
"Sir, the Wild One has been eraticated." "Did you load FinalAnswer into it?" Yamaki calmly inquired. Tilley responded, "No sir. It only loaded 64%. Not enough to have an effect." He banged his fist on the metal table beside him. "Next time..."

Takatomon you ok?" Said Guilmon looking at his creator concerned when he had to grap hold of something to keep from falling, it just happened to be Rika.
"Can you please get off?" She said flatly. Tokato realized what he was doing, blussed and quickly stood on his own two feet.
"I-I'm find Guilmon I just got dizzy for a second."
Dizzy? Of all the cheap- Renamon had to grap Rika to keep her from planting her face in the concrete as the girl too, felt her legs for a moment go out from under her.

Rika quickly got back to her feet. "Augh! What is this? An earthquake?" "No. Look! Yasyamon hit the wall hard. Too hard! The building is collapsing! Run!" Lee grabbed Terriermon and dashed away. "Thank God the builing wasn't occupied." Takato said from back outside the Digital Field. "Everyone alright?" "Yeah" "I'm fine. I coulda handled that weirdo by myself. But... thanks for the help anyway." And with that, Rika turned her back and ran off. Renamon just faded into the shadows, as she always does. "Why are they like that?" Takato pondered out loud, "Oh no. I hear the cops coming. Run, before they think we destroyed the building!!" As they took off, fast as their feet would carry them, Lee responded, "Um... Takato? We did destroy the building."
Sir, perhaps if we can upload your program into Hypnos faster, we might succeed." Riley took off her visor. "Oh," inquired Yamaki, "And how would we go about doing that?" "Well, if we can pinpoint the quadratic vectors of emergence, then..."
"Quite a battle, huh Guilmon?" "Nothing big." He responded. Takato laid alone with Guilmon on the grass, looking up at the sky. "Hmm... well I'm gonna get a punishment you could make a movie out of if I don't start the essay." Guilmon looked confused, "What's an essay, anyways?" "It's a long, boring, report." Takato looked back into the sky, watching the sun fall below the horizon. He thought to himself, 'It must be nice to be so carefree. Like Guilmon. Gets to hang out in his lair all day and sleep and dig.' He sighed and petted Guilmon's head. "See you tomorrow, buddy."

As Rika walked home she felt her head drift again as she nearly fell. Rika knew she could not blame THAT one on any building falling down. But she wasn't about to admit there was something wrong with her and continued walking. Renamon in shadow form looked on with concern. When Rika got home he didn't even bother to lie to her mother, she simply said 'none of your business' it was actully a fair statment, since the woman was out for photo shots almost constantly. Rika's grand mother too more care of her.
Heh, Renamon was more of a mother to her than her real mother, thought Rika with amusment.

"Hi Mom! Hi Dad!" Takato said running up staires, kicking his shoes off, he was still trying to figure out a good champion form for guildmon, he considered giving him a bone helmet but he was doing his best not to make him too much like Aguemon. Like any fan made character(let's face it, that's what he is) Guilmon was both fancy looking, a power house, and occasionally rediculas in put into actuall use.
Takato felt dizzy suddenly and trip on the stairs falling back down.
"Takato! You should know better than to run up the stair like that." Repremanded his mother.
Ugh! That never happened before. He had run up thoughs stair before he knew how to talk, and never once had he faultered. Well, it propaply just a fluke.
"These dishes arn't going to do themselves young man." Reminded his father.
The forth recorded Tamer moaned.

The Japanese/Chinese boy was assulted at once upon entering his family's aparment.
"Terriermon your home!" Shouted Suzie (Lee's littlist sister) happily taking the digimon by the neck and took him to the chamber of doom, (aka her room) Lee took pity on his partner but couldn't help but smile.
"She's happy . . . is she fun to play with?" Lee couldn't help but moan. He saw on the closed windowcill (so much for the theory that locks doors could stop him) a white digimon with a red triangle mark in his tiny forehead, he was small enough to be a carnavel prize.
Calamon's ears tripled in size and he hopped down onto the ruge.
"Calamon!" Said Lee sternly. "What are you doing here?"
"Guilmon's too sleepy to play with, I don't want to go near Rika right now, and Impmon tried to delete me when I asked him to play with me."
I wonder why. "Is playing all you think about?"
"Figures." They REALLY needed to find this guy a tamer, he remembered when they had considered Suzie, but Lee wouldn't wish Terriermon's fate on any other digimon.
"Lee I'm home." Came the voice of his father as the door's lock clicked. Thinking only as fast as a martshal artist can, Lee took Calamon put him on the couch and placed a throw pillow over him.

"Oh. Uh... Hi Dad!" Lee tried not act suspicious. "Hi son. Hard day at work today. The network was down and I had to reboot the whole thing." Mr. Wong put down his briefcase and walked over to the refridgerator. Upon grabbing a coke, he hobbled over to the sofa. "Wait, Dad! I... don't think you should sit there." Lee said. "Why not?" "Because, well, that other side has a pillow." Mr. Wong looked confused, but sat down... right on Calumon!! "Oh, that Star Trek marathon is coming out." He chuckled all the way to his room. 'Am I usually this cruel to Digimon?' he thought, 'Well, I guess Calumon does need to learn how to sit still. For about 4 hours.' He couldn't help but laugh.
That evening, while everyone was asleep, Lee stealthily crept up to the couch. He pushed the pillow aside to find Calumon, dizzy-eyed and somewhat flattened. "Sorry about that, Calumon." "That was something I never want to experience again. And your dad had beans for lunch! I don't like you anymore!" The little Digimon bounced to the windowsill and flew into the night sky. "Zoom zoom!" Henry closed the window and was about to go back to bed when a sick feeling swept over him. Then, just as suddenly as it had come, it was gone. "Probably Dad's cooking."

"Riku . . ." Her grandmother started.
"It's Rika!" The girl snarled as she slammed the door to her room without even forging for food, this worried her grandmother, she was shutting them all out of her live, they barly saw her anymore. Though there was no way Riku could of remember him, she was most differently becoming her father's child.

In spit of having known Rika for so long, there were still mysteries surounding the 'Digimon Queen' that even Renamon hadn't unraveled yet. For one, was Rika as much a tom boy as she made out to be, or was she simply getting back at her feminine mother, being everything she wasn't.
Renamon always stayed near her like this. Like a persodo gaurdain angel. It was inreadable how innocent people looked when asleep, Rika's sleeping face lacking that cold blooded stare she always had when she awake. The girl moaned in her sleep and turned on her side, that was the second time this night, the Kitesune digimon thought.
Renamon modfied her data from a shadow on the wall to her phyical shape.
She hunched over her Tamer, it was almost impossible to sense the amount of void inside her when she was like this indeed. The fox stroke her loose hair back, and began a quite lullby to the sleeping girl.

I remember when you took a stand
With a soul of desire

You had your role against the world
A lion inside of a little girl
So unafraid of the fire.

But those days don't last
Sweet dreams die fast
A stumble when you walk on the wire

When all others
Start giving in
The flames are burning higher and higher

Don't give up Rika
Got the whole world at your feet
Just keep on holding on
This is where you need to be

All the days that you've been spending
You're spinning while your heart's descending
Like a stone in the ocean
Sometimes when you think the world is ending
It's really just a new beginning
The other side of emotion

But I've seen your eyes
No compromise
When you set your mind on the matter
Be strong through the tears
And your sight will clear
You're gonna get what you're after

Don't be surprised when the road divides,
Just take the one less traveled by.

Don't give up Rika
Got the whole world at your feet
Just keep on holding on
This is where you need to be

Okay, she couldn't write lyrics for beans, but at least her voice was smoothing.
This wasn't the first time Renamon had done this, or even the second. Once Rika had been half awake during one of these times, and the cold blooded Tamer assumed it was her mother trying to make amends for not being with her during the day, she never looked her in the eye though, and propaply would be in for a shock if she did. She remembered what had happened that day, when her attack had accidently been derected at Rika . . . it made Renamon shiver. She didn't replace Reremon, but maybe Renamon could make up for the death of her natural child with her unoffical sarrogate daughter. She knew exactly what Rika's reaction to that would be if she knew that was how Renamon felt . . .

Calamon finnished washing himself off in the park fountain, maybe he'd try to see Terriermon later. It was impossible for the child digimon to stay angery at anyone for long. He still couldn't figure out wht Impmon was so mean to everyone.
The little living collection of information got a second bath as he fell back in. He had lost his balence as he felt something weird. He couldn't tell what. It was sorte like that weird feeling he got when Terriermon digivoled. It wasn't an inturnal feeling, more like someone else felt sick and Calamon could sense it. There were times when the digimon confused himself. Calamon's head hurt from the high level of mental processing.

Takato woke up, his half finnished drawings of Guilmon's champion form littered his bed sheet and went it the air as he threw it off and made a mad dash for the bath room. Using his medeocter night vision he ramed into the bathroom sink and off loaded his dinner into it. He heaved again, and again, until he was coughing up bitter yellow liqude. Takato sank down resting himself aganst the wall. Bad cooking was not something that plaged the third incartion of 'goggle boy' unlike his 'fiction' predecessors, so Takato knew he had caught a bug or something.
"Why don't I ever just get the runny noses?" He moaned, and about fifteen minutes later he managed to gather the strength to get back into his bed room and climb into bed.

Why was it so hot tonight? thought Lee Wrong as he took off his pajama top and tossed it out of the bed letting the cool night air flow over his hot skin and he difted back to sleep.

The next morning, Lee woke to find he had been using Terriermon's ear as a pillow. That's ok. Terriermon had been using his hair like a nest. It did seem to be getting longer. "Probably need a haircut soon." He yawned, and stretched, and threw Terriermon from his head. He knew he had a really cool dream last night. But couldn't remember any of it. Saturday. "The one day teachers can't ruin our day with a pop quiz or homework." He got up and started dressing.

Things weren't so good for Takato. He had woke up even sicker than he was last night. Bedridden and dizzy, he was glad that at least he had nothing left in his stomach to throw up. He reached for the remote to watch cartoons. "They're already over..." he groaned. He covered his face with the pillow and hid from the rest of the world.
"Sir, another one is coming." "Where?" "Quadrant 19." Yamaki clicked his lighter some more. "Ready the program. I want that Wild One infected ASAP." The two girls began working on releasing the program. "Wild One ETA: 1 hour, 24 minutes. Plenty of time." One of them reported. Scanning for data, Tilley noticed this one was extremely powerful. More powerful than anything they had seen so far. "I hope we know what we're getting into here."

Rika was doing what she did every saterday, orginize her digimon cards, without so much as saying hello to her family, Rika grap the table top as another dizzy spell hit her, like the one that had made her head bump into the dresser. What was wrong with her? Did she get hit in the head from that battle yesterday? No, goggle head had been the only one hit yesterday. It was propably nothing, all her mother and grandmother would do was fuse over her if she told th women about them.
There was a knock on her door, it took a few more before she reponded.
"What is it?" She said flatly.
The old woman cringed, that girl was simply going to have to learn some manners.
"Riku you skiped dinner last night and you haven't come out for breakfast so I made you something."
"Just leave it outside."
The door opened anyway.
"Riku you need to learn to be more socialable, or one day your going to wake up all alone and wonder why."
"Whatever, Grandma." Was her non calious reply.
'Maybe we should hire a child phycitrist.' The old woman though, or maybe that might her lock herself up further, if only her mother would be with her more often, but that woman when she wasn't modeling she was shopping.
"Come out and enjoy the sunshine Riku, it's good for you."
"Don't call me that."
The woman sighed and closed the door. The tray remained untouched.
"You really should eat something before you keal over." Renamon suggested phasing into existence.
"That's something I can keep track of myself thank you."
"I'm not so sure anymore Rika."
"Whose the Tamer and whose the Digimon here anyway?" Rika retorted.
Renamon only made her own sigh as she reassumed her gaurding position on the roof of Rika's room.

Guilmon looked out longingly from his lair, Takatomon hadn't come by yet with the normal load of bread. It wasn't like Takatomon to be late to see him. Maybe he should go find him. But Takatomon had said to stay until he came by. Of course, he couldn't leave unless Takatomon came by, so there was no point in staying if he didn't. With the convedence with flawed child's logic Guilmon left his layer using his stomach to remember where Takatomon's mommy and daddy's 'bakery' was. At least he would remember not to come in though the front door. (wonders never ceased)

Takatmon moaned in his sleep, at his worse moments he felt like his insides were going to turn inside out, he wondered if that was what digivoling felt like . . . . . he'd ask Terriermon about it when he saw Lee next, or maybe Guilmon when he-
Guilmon! He had promised to try out that new booster pack with him he got from the game shop a couple days back with him today! With super human strength, Takato got of bed and got on his out fit his head spinning.
Taking hold of the rail he began to walk down the stairs, and right out the door. There was just one flaw with his master plan however, he had to get by his parents.
"Takato!" Said his mom seeing him coming down. "I thought you had the flu."
"I'm okay mom, must of just been the 12 hour bug-" The had just gotten out his last sylible as he fell to his knees and his stomach did another heave though there was nothing left to empty. Takato's vision doubled as he looked at his mother sheepishly. Colors seemed to alter slightly as he looked at her before going back to normal. Strange, he didn't feel like had had a fever.
The woman looked at her husband.
"Get him up to bed and make sure he stays there even if you have to tie to him to the matress!" His mother ordered leaving to pick up some basic supplies for the bakery.
"But mom! I promised to met some friends in the park today!"
"Not another word. Your health is a lot more important than one social event."
'Up you go." Said his father picking him up and carrying him back up the stair into bed.

Lee wiped his forehead and he got into his normal outfit.
"Hey Lee you don't look so hot." Commented Terriermon.
"I'm fine, it's just this heat."
Terriermon looked at him in concern. " . . . Lee . . . It's only 69 F(anyone know how to make that temp sympol?) in here."
"Your kidding. It has to be at least 74."
Terriermon put his ear to Lee's forehead.
"Yep, you seem a little warm to me."
"Don't be silly, Terriermon, Momentai."
"That's my line and my call!"

"Look, I will not argue with an oversized plush toy. I'm busy!" "Busy," Terriermon teased, "With what?" Now that he thought of it, what was it he was in such a hurry to do? Suddenly, Lee's Digivice went off. "A new fight! So early in the morning? I haven't even had breakfast yet." Terriermon shrugged. "Just to get it over with, I.. I.. a-choo!" "Bless you." Lee pulled on a pair of shorts and a shirt. He tiptoed through the house, in hopes no one would hear him. "Its barely 50 degrees outside and you're wearing shorts?" A voice! One he distinctly recognized as his Dad. "Uh... erm... Its a... fashion statement. See you later Dad!" Lee rushed out the door before his father could question him further. "Kids!" he mumbled and went back to his newspaper.
"Sir, it was too strong. It's BioEmerging." Yamaki laughed and fiddled with his lighter some more. "As I knew it would. Did the Vector Net work?" "Yes. This Wild One is infected with your program." He couldn't tell which one gave him the good news. They were starting to sound so much alike it was hard to tell them apart. "Excellent. Now we just wait. How long could a Digimon possibly hold out against my engineering might?"
"Rika?" Renamon cautiously approached her Tamer. "Lemmie guess. I should eat something. Look, I said I don't need your help. I was born alone and I'll..." "Your Digivice is beeping." Rika blushed a little. "Fine" The Digimon Queen grabbed her infamous, 'unbeatable' deck and Digivice. As she slid her door closed, quieter than a shadow, she accidentally kicked over the bowl of soup her grandmother had left her. It was cold. "Let the older people clean it up. But... maybe I'll just have this..." She picked up the grilled cheese sandwich and wolfed it down in one bite.
Lee always hated taking the bus. Especially when it was to get to a battle site. The subway was so much closer to his home. And faster. But he didn't have enough money to ride. After an eternal 15 minutes, he finally arrived in the park where this new Digimon was located. Paying the bus driver, then checking his Digivice again, he pointed to a stand of trees. "There. No, there! Wait! There are two of them! They fused into one. Now its two!" Badly confused by the readings, Lee put on his shades and defiantly walked through the Digital Field.

What kind of creature is this? It can split itself in two for double the trouble. And if that isn't enough, he's at the Mega level!" (Aaron Max orginal)

"You know, it's a pity you can just 'shift' me there the way you do yourself." Said Rika slipping on her shoes as she ran out the back way following the compass signal on her digivice.
"You have no idea." Said Renamon flatly. The tiger looked sweet when it was asleep alright, but that didn't make it any less deadly when it was awake. Rika considered for a moment to use the speed modify card to get herself there faster with Renamon's help, but she might need it in the fight and turned down the idea.
Her heart pounded in her chest, her digivice was going wild, whatever this thing was, it massivly strong, this was the digimon whose data would allow Renamon to digivole, Rika just knew it! That was when another dizzy spell hit, Rika was falling, the hard asfault rushed up to greet her. Rika stopped an inch from the concerte, saving her from losing two layers of skin on her face, she looked and saw Renamon had caught her by the arm.
Renamon held back a 'I told you so'. But still, he had to voice her concern.
"Rika, are you sure that you okay?"
"Of course I am! Now let's get going before those weaklings steal a kill from us like they did yesterday!" Rika KNEW what was on Renamon's mind, and she knew these spells wern't from hungery, they had started right after that digimon battle, whatever! She and Renamon had a digimon to download!
Her heart still ramming though her chest, Rika saw two massive shapes in the foggy digital field. Two for the price of one? Weird, but I'm not complaining.
"Let's go!" Ordered Rika.
"Wait, I sense something."
"Figure it out AFTER the battle come on!" Barked the 'digimon queen' as she ran inside. Digimon Queen. The title meant nothing to her. It meant as much as Riku as her mother and grandmother called her.

Takakto heard the beeping, first he though it was his head splitting in two, then he realized it was his digivice, (his head felt like it was going to split in two anyway) sick or not, he had to help the others take apart that digimon, what if they didn't even pick it up on there digivices? The boy got out of bed, thankfully, his dad hadn't gone though on all of his mother's instructions.
Takato took his D-Arc, and opened a window, ick it was chilly, he could get out of his room though the fire escape, he just hoped his parrents didn't come into his room while he was gone, or he was history, Takato grapped hold of the window cill, of his flu didn't kill him first.
"Takatomon?" Now he was hullianating. He swore he heard Guilmon. He looked down and saw his digimon really was there. The colors of the world altired again on him for a split second but he ignored them.
The Tamer threw off the fustration he had left the park without permission and had chanced himself getting seen by someone who would call the cops or the zoo and smiled at him.
"Nice to see your here boy! Come on, we need to-" The boy who was closer than any of the other Tamers to his digimon fainted his arms on the window frame his head resting on his forearms.

"Takato? Are you ok?" Guilmon called. No answer. "Wake up! I smell a Digimon!"
Lee glanced down at his Digimon. "Terriermon, this thing is a Mega. That's three levels higher than you. It'd be suicide to just charge in there. I want you to evade his attacks at all costs. Got it?" The puppy monster just nodded his head. Then, they saw him. "Are you sure he's a Mega?" Terriermon supressed a giggle.
There, standing before them, was a strange little Digimon. It was about the size of an Rookie. Duelamon wore a comedy/tradgedy mask, and its cape was split in half. One half was white, the other black. It seemed to have a psychadelic, 70's jacket on the white side. It had an evil looking-dark suit on the other. The composition Digimon had a pair of bird-like wings on its light side, but devil wings on its black one. "I am the powerful being known as Duelamon. Finally, I have escaped that dreary Digital World. And before me is a whole new world, just waiting to be destroyed!" "Not today!" Rika's voice came from the fog. "Oh, another player in the game? We do so enjoy company. Now its time to die! Double Trouble!" Duelamon lit up, then split in half! The lighter(comedy) and the darker (tradgedy). "Symphony of Pain!" Both of them held one of their hands out, comedy aiming at Terriermon and tradgedy at Renamon. Opera music sounded as bubbles of sonic waves crashed down on the two Digimon, sending them flying across the battlefield. "Renamon!" "Terriermon!" Both Tamers ran to their Digimon, only hoping they survived that. "I can't believe one blow did this! Renamon, PLEASE wake up!" Rika shook her friend hard, until she finally saw Renamon's eyes forcing themselves open.
Suddenly, with one mighty glow, she rose into the air. Rika gaped in amazement, "Is she...?" "Renamon Digivolve to... Kyuubimon!" With a bright burst of fire, the newly Digivolved vixen bravely responded, "Nice shot. Now its my turn! Fox Tail Inferno!" She launched a fiery wall at Duelamon, who fused back into one and dispelled it by twirling his cane. Terriermon got to his feet. "Must... help Kyuubimon." Stunned, but knowing what do do, Lee drew the Digivolution card from his deck. In no time, Galgomon was firing round after round at Duelamon. But it was no use! The monster split in two and danced circles around them! "Graaa... huhng?" both Duelamons doubled over in pain. Something was hurting them from the inside! "Its getting weaker!" Rika drew a card from her deck.

"DigiModiy: Deluxe Power ACTIVATE!"

Wasting no time, Kyuubimon used Dragon Wheel. It slammed into tradgedy, thus killing it! "I... did it!" She quickly absorbed the data and turned to the other half. "Oh no... you don't! Symphony of Pain!" It hit her with another sonic bubble. This one was fueled by his pain and rage. It was so powerful, Kyuubimon DeDigivolved back to Renamon upon impact! Rika was shocked. I've never lost before! Helping her Digimon back to her hind legs, she whispered into Renamon's ear, "I hate to admit it, but we need help. I want you to shift over to Goggle-boy's house and find out what's taking him so long!" Barely able to stand, she nodded, and disappeared.
"Helllllllloooooo??" Guilmon had clawed his way up the wall and was now playing with Takato's face. "Wake up." "Is that you, Guilmon?" Renamon's voice came from the shadows of Takato's room. Taken by her surprise entrance, Guilmon fell back out the window. "What... do you want?" Takato sleepily asked, "I'm sick." "Oh, I see. Well, there is a very powerful Digimon and we need Guilmon's help." He reached over for his deck and Digivice. Mustering up all the strength he could, he removed a card and swiped it through the Digivice.

"DigiModify: Hyper Wings ACTI.. vate."

He fell back asleep. Guilmon hovered up to the window. "Look! I have wings!" "Good. Fly over to the northern part of the park. I'll tuck sleepy head back in." Guilmon nodded and flew off. 'Wings. What a modification.' Renamon thought to herself. She picked up the sick little boy and gently put him on his bed. "Sleep well, young one... a-choo!" She sniffled and wiped her nose with her wrist. 'How undignified.' Covering him with the bedsheets, Renamon slipped back into the shadows from which she came.
"Hello? Taktao? Whose in there with you?" Came the boy's father a few second's later, having hear two voice not belonging to his son's in the bed room. He opened the door and found his soon alseep in bed like he left him, the window was open . . . the came over and closed it, he must of heard a couple of people yelling outside thought it he thought as he left his son to rest.
Takato moeaned in his sleep, it was so hot one moment and so cold the next, he saw his room, the colors were all wrong, it distorted and warpped right in front of him, he saw an endless sea of zeros and ones flow in front of him, the the eletronic clicking as they changed postion hammering into his skull, Takato wished he was dreaming something else, himself dying right now would of been a nice start . . .
"Well Reiliy?"
"Sir! It's work! The wild one is below 50% of it's orginal strength."
"Of COURSE it's working I designed it."
"Of course sir." I don't get paid enough for this. "Wait a minute. Final Answer seems to be . . . . can't really tell sir."
"Please don't tell me we're going to have to rebuild it from scratch like we had to do with Yugoth." Whinned Trilly.
"No it's not derezing. It's seem to be entering the other data collections in the area. . ."
"Is it spreeding beyound the digital field!" Demanded Yamaki.
"Checking . . ." She said with hesetation, if this thing got out. "No . . ." She said with relief. "It's staying soly in the bound of the digital field."
"Good . . . I don't have time deal with another mistake by the higher ups."
That might be the least of our problems if this thing out into the real world fully downloaded. Though Reily. But it can't right? Yugoth can't apper in the real world, why should final answer be different?
"Well." Said Rika as her partner sliped out of the shadows and besides her.
"Guilmon's on his way. Takato's not coming."
"What good is Goggle Boy's pet without him? What's the matter does he have the flu or something?"
"As a matter of fact yes."
Galgomon meanwhile was running circle around the remaining Duelmon with help Lee's hyper speed modification.
"We shall not tollerate such impudence!" Said Duelmon as sound wave after should wave atomized everything they hit.
Galgomon's machine guns were hitting him but only causing so much damage.
What card can I use that can take him down? Thought Lee looking at his modify hand. He's getting weaker by the minute by whatever-it-is, but his block's going to be rubble if this keeps up. That attack of his is so strong, if only, that's it!
"Galgomon! Charge him head on!" Lee got ready to slashed the card though his D-Arc
"Your the Tamer!"
"Fool! Symphony of Pain!"

DataModify: . . .
"Digimodify! . . . Wargreymon's Sheild Activate!"

The gaint two-peice six sided sheild form on Galgomon's weapon hands, the war rabbit slammed them together just as the sound wave hit, and reverse course and hit their orginator instead sending him flying, his data desbratly trying to hold together.
"No more games!" Snarled the mega.
"Pyro Blaster!" The ridculasly strong rookie attack hit the digimon dead on from above Guilmon flew in low and landed, and tumbled over several times.
"Gotta have Takatomon teach me how to land . . ." he mumbled.
What good are you? Thought Rika with distain. I wait what might as well of been a life time for you to digivole and you actully lose for once . . .
Renamon saw the girl's look of disapointment.

"I've had it with the lot of you!" Duelamon leaned heavily on his cane. "Double Trouble!" Using what had to be the oddest attack in the history of Digimon, he threw his psychadelic vest into the air. And out fell the tradgedy half of him. "I'm back!" His taunt was followed by a orchestra of groans. The virus didn't seem to be slowing him down anymore! In unison, the voice of both Duelamons rang out, "Symphony of Pain!" Guilmon, smart enough to avoid it, leapt into the air. As he tumbled down, his tail shot straight out, finally bringing it down on comedy's weakened body. It was enough to smash the monster to pieces. "You can't win! So long as one brother exists, the other shall follow! Double Trouble!" His dark cape flowed majestically to his side, then out walked the other half, comedy. "How can we stop him!?"
"Symphony of Pain!" "Lookout!" Another sonic wave streaked by Galgomon, who started shooting again. Both Duelamons came together, then mocked the Tamers, "Your attack. So rapid, yet so pitifully weak. You stand no chance against us. Hnnghuh... it's happening. Again! What is this pain!" He was hunched over in agony. "The pain... excrutiating!" Lee took note. Something inside him causes him a world of hurt. But only for a brief time. Our window of opportunity! "NOW! While he's too weak to fight! If we destroy both of them at the same time... focus all your attacks on Duelamon! Hit him with your best shot!" The Digimon took heed. "Rika?" "Just a sec...
Power ACTIVATE!" Galgomon powered up his gunbarrels. "Bunny Pummel!" "Diamond Storm!" Guilmon took 'special' aim, hitting Duelamon in the groin with a concentrated Pyro Sphere. "Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo...!!!!" With one almighty explosion, Duelamon dissolved into tiny particles of data, which all three Digimon absorbed. "I can't believe we won. Against a Mega!" Lee was proud of their latest accomplishment.
"Sir, the Wild One's total power fell to 32% when the other three creatures seem to have deleted it." Yamaki, for the first time in a long time, was smiling. "Good. Now any Wild One stupid enough to try getting through the Vector Net will msot likely be erased on contact. You two can start looking for new assignments. Your work here is done once you've filed the report." He walked with a certain pride and relief in his step. Be careful your big head doesn't get caught in the doorway, you jerk. Riley threw her keys at him, missing by a longshot.

Trilly took off her goggles and look at her partner.
"You really think that's it Riley?"
"Maybe, I'm not sure, these things have proven to be more than a little smart some times, and remember what happened to Yugoth that one time? We had to reprogram him from scratch."
"You think they're going to find a way around it?"
"Heh . . you arn't getting out much, every time Yamaki comes up with a new 'final solution' the guys and gals in the engineering lab have a betting pool on how long before it back fires on him."
"Come on, has the boss ever skrewed up before? . . ." The two girls looked at each other in silence for a few seconds. " . . . Put me down for next Tusday before lunch time."
"Gotcha . . . I'll bet for tomarrow morning."
As the digital field disapated Rika looked at the Kitesume. "How did you lose Renamon?" Said Rika flatly at her digimon.
"Rika? . . . We just won."
"With weakling's help! I waited FOREVER for you to reach the next stage and for the first time you actully fail me! . . . I . . . you . . ."
Lee wasn't know for being stupid but all had their moment.
"Heaven forbid that perhapes you made a mistake by gawking there when Duelmon's other half blasted her."
"Stay out of this! This doesn't concern you. If you wern't here distracting me, I KNOW we would of won . . . I . . . come on Renamon we can talk about this later."
"Don't go! That was cool!"
Rika looked down confused to see Calamon at her feet. He just smiled at her. Rika wondered why she was resisting the urg to send him into the next time zone!
"Your that digimon I saw at Goggle Brain's school that day . . ." She said.
"Sure am . . . wanna play?"
"Calamon how long were you here?" Lee asked courious.
"Um . . . like me think." This is going to take a while Lee thought. "When the first appered."
"You were here the whole time?" Said Lee.
"Well . . I guess . . . did I do something wrong?"
" . . . Never mind." Lee looked at Galgomon and moaned, he just remembered the other reason why he didn't like it when Terriermon digivoled.
"Let's head for the south end of the park, then your standing your Galgomon until you revert back to rookie form."
"Again? . . . ."
"Do whatever you want, I'm out of here." Said Rika stepping over Calamon.
Renamon assumed her shadow self and vanished.
"Uh . . . what about me?" Said Guilmon.
Lee was about to suggest he fly back to Takato, but the wing modifcation chose that moment to wear out.
"Oh their gone . . ."
Lee sighed, "Come on, better sick with us until you can get back to your hiding place."
Calamon hopped on Guilmon's head. "You still owe me that soccure game." He said happy.
Lee wondered. How could Calamon manage to be so mindnubingly cute and cheerful so much and at the same time so . . . mind numbing peroid.
"Come on let's go before the clean up crew arrive or you guys will get life pass' to the zoo."
"Whata zoo?" Said Guilmon and Calamon together.
Where was Takato when he was actully needed, Lee though.
Takato meanwhile had passed from being in agony and wishing to die to just being tired, though his stomach still felt like it was on a hair trigger.

Unable to sleep now, he stared at the ceiling. He was laying as still as possible, as not to disturb the fragile balance that existed in his stomach. So boring. Takato sat up and reached for the booster pak, quickly laying back down. He still felt ok. Ripping the casing in half, he thumbed through his new cards. Battlefield, Lillymon, another Hyper Speed, Recycle... nothing good. He turned on his side, hoping that Guilmon was ok. I wonder what they're doing right now.
"One, two, three four!" Galgomon marched to the beat of Lee's army chant. He was jogging slowly while keeping up with his Tamer and Guilmon, who were walking. "I'm hungry." "Me too!" Calumon and Guilmon were now holding their stomachs, complaining of this and that. "Why is the hamburger Option card so rare?" Lee wished with all his remaining patience he could get his hands on that card. He could see it now...
"Lee? I'm hungry"
"No problem Terriermon.
DigiModify: Hamburger ACTIVATE!!" (as insane as this sounds, this card DOES exist)
A rather large hamburger landed in front of the Digimon.
"You're the best Tamer ever!"

"Lee? Hello? Earth to Tamer, come in, Tamer!" Galgomon brought him back to reality. "We're here. Guilmon's hiding place up ahead!" Calumon looked a bit... less cheerful than usual. "We're still hungry!" "I don't have any food. Sorry."
"Galgomon, see that manhole over there? Fire all your remaining ammunition into it. Maybe that'll waste your energy fast enough." Galgomon lifted the manhole covering and did as he was told.

The the war rabbit looked at his Tamer exspectantly as he blasted the man hole to shrapnal. He didn't revert to rookie.
"Great, now not only I've distoryed city properity but you still didn't de-digivole . . . Guilmon . . can you come here for a second?"
Lee whispered in the red reptial's ear, the Viris type digimon looked confused but nodded. He walked right to Galgomon in the face and,
"Pyro Blaster!" The attack at point blank range hit the rabbit right in the gut, sending him straight into a tree and into Rookie form.
"Okay, that hurt, couldn't you think of another way for me revert?"
"Sorry but we have to get home before everyone gets suspecious. Besides it's chilly out here."
"Your cold? I guess your fever's over. . . . or . . . maybe it's mutated in a hiddious viris which is going to make you grow purple and shollowen!"
"Leave the comedy to Calamon Terrier . . . or I'll be sure to tell Suzie how much you like pink."
"You wouldn't dare."
"Uh . . . me still hungery."
"Dieting might do you some good, and Calamon . . . where'd he'd go?"

"There's one nice thing about being part of a secret corparet syndacate, the food is good." Tilly and Riley(red hair) commented to each other as they too their ten minute break from the dome room.
"An Apple again? Are you on a diet or something?"
"I just don't like all that suger that put in the breakfast bars-" Riley took a bit of her apple, and tasted empty air. "Huh? Didn't I have an apple in my hand a second ago?"
"Nice magic trick."
"It wasn't me."

Calamon sat in one of the park's tree chowing down on a very large red apple.

The colors of the world seemed to shift slightly again and stayed there long enough to Takato to notice it. Again? What was happening to him? His head didn't feel hot so he could be halluanating from a fever, the world's colors went back to normal. Okay, that was the second weirdest thing to ever happen to him. Maybe he sould have his mother make an optomatris apointment later.

Even if Rika and Renamon had been walking side by side Rika wouldn't of said anything, looking at a concert blank wall as she headed home, Rika for a moment could of sworn she could percive where Renamon was among those shadows, but that had never happened before, maybe it had something to do with her reaching champion for the first time.
Rika didn't notice how she was subconciously walking with the souls of her feet raised like Renamon did, though no visible changed had happened to her yet.

Rika, again sensed something. She picked up a small pebble, closed her eyes, then flung it at the wall. "Oof!" Renamon became visible from the blow to the stomach. "If I can find you, what makes you think another Digimon can't?" " I'm sorry. I got careless. It won't happen again." "Make sure it doesn't." Rika walked off, leaving Renamon to get to her feet on her own. Another Digimon? What did she mean by that?
After that last hallucination, Takato clsoed his eyes. "Why me?" He was too bored and tired, falling into a deep sleep.

"Rika what did you just say?" Asked Renamon phasing next to her glade the street was deserted.
"I said that I could find you what makes you think a digimon couldn't?"
"No Rika, you said what made me think another digimon couldn't?"
"You must of mis heard me." Said Rika off handly.
"We both know I don't make those kind of mistakes."
"Whatever . . . . . look, maybe your right . . . I'll try not to over do it until the next digimon shows."
"Please try to."
This night the 'digimon queen's' family had demanded she sit at the table and for once she actully had complied. After dinner, it was time for Rika's normal rititual as she placed the cards by type and power. It was like she was looking at the grand toltaly of her short existence. From the shadows, Renamon noted that Rika was sitting in a crouch using the balls of her feet for balence.
After orginizing her cards and putting on her night gown, Rika went to sleep. The kitesume digimon noted something else slight pacular, Rika wasn't lying on her back like she normally did, instead she was curled up on her side. The fox rubbed her nose, well, whatever that strange cold had been seemed to of worn off at least for the moment. Getting sick was the last thing she needed to happen.
"Lee, I need to ask you something."
"Do you think Suzie, WAITS for me to come every day, or does she just sense it when I come home?"
"Knowing her? Maybe a little bit of both."

"Teweirman!" Suzie was, as always, waiting next to the door. She charged her brother and swiped the plush toy from his arms. "And how are you today, Mr. Funnypants? Lets go have a tea party." As he walked to his room, Lee could faintly hear Terriermon whisper to him, "She's evil!" He laughed a bit.
That night, as he was brushing his teeth, Lee noticed something odd. He looked... different. But how? He couldn't quite put his finger on it, but he knew something was wrong.
Why hadn't I thought of it sooner? A program that deletes Wild Ones almost immediately. I'm genius. Pure, 100%, distilled genius. Yamaki laid contently on his bed. Nothing could spoil my victory.

Renamon looked Rika over, nothing looked wrong, what of her she could see, but Renamon had no intention of violating her like that. She was not her mother, and weather or not that woman played the role or not she was still her mother and not Renamon. The kitesume sighed. The fox felt her cheek, she felt alright. Oh what was she worried about?! So she had slipped somewho and Rika had seen her. She wasn't perfect it was bound to happen once in a life time, so the girl was acting slightly different, digimon and tamers became more in tune with each other as time progressed, they rubbed off on each other, Rika was propaply just picking things up from, like Renamon had picked up her colder fighting style and methodicalness in combat. At any rate, the next day would come one way or another.
"Mercy . . ." Terriermon whispered, Suzie ignored him giving him another cup of AWFUL tea, Terriermon was as well as Lee ignorant of the fact that Suzie knew perfectly well that Terriermon was NOT a stuffed toy, but that didn't stop her from playing her game with him, thankfully the girl had burned herself out after the long day and feel alseep before she put a diapere on him.
Her father came in a few minutes later and place the girl in bed ignoring Terriermon, which was just fine with the 'plush toy'. He snuck out and back into Lee's room without being seen.
Lee staired at himself in the mirror. . . . Ugh! He felt himself, he didn't feel hot. He looked at his hands, same ones he was born with. He thought about Terriermon's BAD joke about turning purple and bloated. Whatever had caught his attnetion was so small he couldn't pick it up.
His hair was scuffier but since he hadn't had a hair cut in so long that was to be expsected. Sighing in fustration he finnished in the bath room and went to bed, Terriermon hopped into position almost instantly.
"Do you always have to use my head when I'm your sleeping?"
"Your not using it."
"Very funny ha ha, can't you ever sleep somewhere else? "
"Momentai Lee, Momentai, it's not like I'm a bother."
"Fine . . . but if I wait up before you, expsect a vey cold shower."
"Your no fun."
"And you sound like Calamon."
"At least the little guy knows how to have fun."
"You got me there."
There was a voice behind his door. "Lee? Whose in there with you?"
"No one dad, just talking to myself that's all."
"Well try to get some sleep."
"Gotcha." Were Lee's last words before drifting to sleep.

"I feel like a million bucks!" Takato leapt out of bed. Bad move. His legs were still a bit wobbly and he fell flat on his face. "Ow!" He managed to crawl back up. He felt well-rested and charged. He glanced over to his alarm-radio. 3:46 AM. Today's sunday. I better get working on Ms. Usagi's essay. He pulled the chair from his desk, swinging it all the way back to his bed. "I guess I don't know my own strenght sometimes." He turned on his desk lamp and started scribbling away.
4:15AM. He threw his pencil to the side. He had written a ten-page report for a seven-page essay! He wasn't tired at all. He picked up his Dreamcast's controller and began playing a video game. "Huh?" He dropped the controller. Picking it up, he fumbled with the buttons. What's wrong with my fingers? Takato was having trouble moving his pointer and middle finger seperately. Same with his ring and pinky fingers. "Maybe they're stiff from not doing anything in all day." He achieved a high score and turned it off. "Now what?" Still full of enery, he leapt down the stairs and to the kitchen, where he started... doing the dishes!?

Takato washed the dishes in a blur. Boy were his parents going to be surprised in the morning. At least his stomach didn't feel like it was going to start doing flip flops again. His finger felt better. Making a token gesture to fill his empty stomach he took a couple of rolls from the friged and stuffed them in his mouth. Nothing to do now but wait till the morning.

The boy went up the stairs taking them too steps at a time. Still got it after all. He thought. Why couldn't he of gotten this cold on a school day? Oh well, can't have everything. going back to his room to pre-read his essay (for once!) He blinked when he saw how he had signed his name.
Takatomon? He erased it and wrote in Takato. He had been hanging around Guilmon too long! that settled it, he was going to teach his partner how to say his name right in the morning he had to teach him the ABC's and spell it out for him! Now what? He paced in circles. "Hey, why wait for morning? I don't have anything else to do."

"Wow, its actually warm outside." He slid the door open, letting the cool morning air flow across him. "My skin is kinda rough. I probably need some lotion." He made was kinda hungry, too. Closing the door, he ran to the kitchen and made himself a peanut butter sandwich without even a second thought. He didn't really eat it so much as he absorbed it. God bless peanut butter. He dashed outside and mounted his bike, then furiously pedaled off. He was going fast enough to pass a few of the cars on the highway!

When Takato got to the park, he nearly had a crashed that would of sent his brains scattaring over the sidewalk, if his mother had been there, she would of been into an endless lecture on how irrresponcable it was for Takato to use his bike without a helmet. Takato moaned as he remembered he had forgotten to bring his bike lock, ugh, Takato was inner city kid, and no delusion of the fate of his bike if he left it. He did the only thing he could think of and hide it in some bushes. He thought for a moment to dig and burry it, but he realized that would take a rediculasly long amount of time and settled for hiding it instead. The boy looked at his skin, it still felt rouge, but he didn't see any rash, must of just been a prolonged odd senstation or something.
Man, how could it be so hot in November? He thought as he tuged as his shirt and resisted the urge to take it off. He reached his partner's hide out in a couple of heart beats.
"Taktomon." The tamer uttery ignored the incorrect saying of his name.
"Nice to see your up boy, I'm sorry I was under the weather yesterday, but I still want to try out these cards."
"Did you bring bread? Me kinda hungery."
"Sorry I forgot."
Guilmon moaned sadly. " . . . Takatomon . . . you smell a little funny."
"Well, I've been in bed all day. I guess I might smell a little bit..."
"It's not that, Takatomon. You smell different than before."
Takato sighed. "Alright, let's start with my name. I told you before, my name is Takato. I don't have the word -mon it."
"Why not?" Guilmon innocently asked.
"Because... um. Actually, that's a good question. Don't all Digimon have -mon in their name? Oh, nevermind. Let's try...
Training Ring ACTIVATE!"
A golden ring with glyphs on it appeared on Guilmon's neck. It was heavy! His head was starting to droop. "How is this supposed to be training?" He cried out. His Tamer showed him how it was supposed to focus his energy. "My energy? Can you teach me how to land, first?"
Guilmon reached over and searched through the deck. "This one." The Hyper Wings. "Oh, I see. Alright, um... where to start?"

"I don't believe it." Said Takato's mother upon seeing the dishes. Done all done. Maybe the boy was finnaly learning . . . where was he anyway? Ugh. He was simply going to have to tell them of his comings and goings from now on.

"Steady . . ugh . . . well, at least this time you didn't land on your head this time."

Guilmon had landed on his back, nearly crushing his wings. "It's ok, boy. You'll get it. Eventually." Takato scratched his hand. Why is my skin so dry? He noticed parts of it were also turning a light shade of red. "Weird."
There! No, there! I'll blow 'em all away! Where is he now? I... its me! What am I doing there if I'm right here? What on Earth? He's holding the Digivice up to me. And worse... its getting a reading! What's that pain. That dumb dog/bunny thing just blasted me again! I swear I'll destroy him! Wait, he Digivolved. His gunfire! It hurts! Arrghh!!! I'm being absorbed. It feel like air. Why do I feel like I'm losing myself?
Lee awoke in a sweat. What was that? A dream? He saw Terriermon resting on his pillow. "Aarrgh! Stay away!" Then he remembered; It was only a dream. He looked at his clock. "What time is it?"

"Seven in the morning . . . terrific." Lee said blandly. The Chinese/Japenses boy laid on his side try to get back to sleep, the nightmare turning over in his head, like most dreams it made perfect sense while you were asleep but once you were awake logic stepped in and made it as incoprehencable as a tax forum. All Lee knew was that his heart was punching in his chest trying to get out, and sweet soaked his body, it had been a nasty one, that much was oblivious.
After a few minutes and realizing he wasn't going back to sleep the Tamer got up. Might as well start the new day. He had completed his essay asigment on Friday like any straight arrow student would so he had the whole day to look forward to. He made it a point to check on Takato, from what Renamon had said the third 'goggle boy' as Rika would of put it had been completly out of it. Lee hoped he didn't try something stupid, then again this was Takato they were talking about, he was most likly living up being sick like any kid would. Lee smirked at the mental image.
For once he didn't have to wait in line to use the shower like every oher morning, he considered for a moment to make good on his threat with Terriermon but didn't want to deal with him fuming all day. Lee stripped and let the cold water wake him up for the day's activities.
Like any oriental, body hair was a bit of a forgein concept to Lee Wrong, so he was confused with he felt the slight peach fuzz starting on his back. But his brain didn't resister it as anything alarming, just surprising.
The alarm at eight went off with a beeping noise, Rika moaned as she rolled out of bed, crouching and putting one hand to the floor as she hit the rudge. Sunday. That meant only one missriable to Rika and that was that family was going to have her help maintain the house and garden like always.
At least now he knew it was rash. Takato thought. The sun was up before the pair knew it, and it got steadily warmer. Guilmon meanwhile had had just about every crash in the averiary manual, and a few that wern't. He had made two actual landings, the first ended with the digimon landing chest first into a tree, the second head first into one of the hide out's walls. (the former was more painful)
Takato didn't have a watch, but he did know it starting to get late (er, early) from the way the sun was. He had better check in at home before his family called the police or something.
"Guilmon I better head home, don't worry I'll remember to bring some bread back later today."
"Okay Takatomon." Said the viris digimon happy at the prospect of food.
"Guilmon I said. . ." Hadn't he said that all digimon had 'mon' at the end of their names? But he wasn't a digimon. He must of been a lot more tired this morning than he realized. "Never mind." The boy said taking off.

When he got home, he found his mother waiting for him at the front door.
"Takato! Where have been all morning? I was worried about you, espically when you have the flu! You could of caught amonia! And besides, you could of at least left a note."
"Uh sorry I didn't think of that."
"Exactly, you didn't think!"
"Sorry but . . . look on the bright side, the dishes are done."
"That's your saving grace, nice to see your macuring somewhat. Now get back inside."
"Don't worry mom I'm over the flu."
"You said something similar just before you dry heaved on the floor yesterday now come on in."
"Yes mother."
"At least you actully be able to get your homework done today."
"Actully I already have."
"Who are you and what have you done with my son?"
"Mom! It's me! Takato!"
"I believe you, I threw out all the drawings on your bed while you were gone."
"Now I really believe you now come in." She said as she pulled her offspring inside.

The very first thing Takato did was dash upstairs, to his room. Upon seeing that his drawings were all ok, he grabbed a few of them and stuffed them in his backpack for safekeeping. Suddenly, he could hear comething creaking. The stairs. Someone was coming! He turned towards the stairs and stared deeply, waiting for someone to intrude in. "I was only kidding. Your drawings are ok." his mother walked in. She seemed a bit scared. "Why are you growling at me? Are you trying to get a part as the dog in your school play?" He hadn't noticed it until now, but he was growling. And standing hunched over, in a defensive position. It just came naturally. "Oh, uh... its just that my drawings are almost sacred to me."
"I see. Hey, have you eaten breakfast? You threw up everything when you were sick. I bet you're starving."
"Can I have peanut butter?"
"Sure. Why not?"
He cheered and raced down the stair, knocking his mother to the banister as he was went.

" . . . Yes mom?"
"Slow down! You nearly made me fall over."
" . . . Yes mom."
"Yes mom what?"
"Yes mom I won't run wild though the house."
"Good . . . now let's see about that peanut butter samwhich."
"I see your doing things without the normal complaints about the waste of your time." Renamon observed shifting out of shadow form in the garden as Rika raked the leaves for the green bin.
"I'm still thinking about yesterday . . ."
"Rika I'm sorry, I slipped, it won't happen again."
"If I hadn't already dumbed so much effort into you I'd go looking for a new partner."
That hurt. There were digimon lined up for the honor of being the Digimon Queen's allie.
"Don't let that stop you if that's how you really feel about me." Renamon whispered.
"It's your failure, not you I'm disapointed in."
Renamon perked up at this, again, looking at Rika to see if she saw anything out of the orginary, she hadn't exspected Rika to hear her, she was slipping.
"Riku!" Shouted her mother, Sunday, one of the few days she was actully home. "When your done be sure to water the plants."
"Yes mother." Rika said coldly. Why couldn't a digimon pop up? But she would still need to do her jobs when she got back. She considered telling Renamon to do them but rejected it before the idea was completly formed. Renamon was a warrior, not a maid. Besides, a fox going around do her chores was bound to raise a few flages in her families' heads.
"I see your making up for lost time." She observed as the boy stuffed his face. He had already make up for yesterday's breakfast and working on lucnh. "Be careful or you'll give yourself a stomach ach."
"Don't worry mom, I can handle it."
Sigh. "I just don't want you to over stuff yourself and sending your degestive track into reverse again. I just finnished washing the sink."
Takato decided to change the subject.
"By the way mom? I got this rash and it's starting to itch."
"Probaply something you got while outside let me see . . . well it's not posin oak or ivy, let me just put some lotion on it and hope for the best."
the lotion went on a few minutes later and Takato had to admit it did feel better. And hadn't had any of those changes in color since his fever broke. But still, why had he growled at his mom like that? It was like he had lost control. Like those times Guilmon smelled digimon. Takato, like any person who had ever pick up a pen and wrote more than their name on an assignment was always flirting in his mind, and had a flash of inspiration. Growl? Growlmon? Hey! They would be a cool name for Guilmon's champion form!

I'll start drawing that right away! Takato thought to himself. But first, more peanut butter. Man, when did I become such a PB freak? He couldn't make himself care that this much peant butter might be a bad thing.
After quite a heavy breakfast, he sat at his desk and started drawing up a Growlmon. For some reason, it was geting to be a hassle to hold the pencil. His fingers just wouldn't cooperate like his brain told them to. Finally, he just decided to put it up as a request on a messageboard or something. Maybe later.
Lee was havig trouble thinking today. Every time he tried to concentrate, his mind would wander. "What is wrong with me today!?" He stared at his monitor. He used to like this game. Terreirmon, who had narrowly escaped the wrath of Suzie, crept back into his room. "You mean you're not always like this, Lee?"
"What are you, my Tamer?" Lee shot back angrily.
"Humans don't hae Tamers. Well, if you ask me, they should. There has to be some force out there that can control your psycho sister."
Lee chuckled a bit. "BY the way, Lee," Terriermon add, gliding over to his bed, "Have your ears always been that long?"

Lee opened his eyes in surprise when he felt his ears.

"AAAHHH!!!" he sceamed "What's happening to my ears?! This just isn't natural..."

"Momentai." Terriermon told him.

"How can I take it easy when my ears are growing bigger and longer?! This is just... freaky. Hmm, maybe if I take it easy, it'll go away."

"I dunno, Lee."

Lee when straight for his closet and pulled out a orange and green sweet shirt. Terriermon was no expert, but he knew that Lee had no taste in cloths. Tamer 04 pulled the hood up so his ear wouldn't show, he couldn't risk his family coming in and seeing him like this.

Takato sat down his bed, began working on his fingers, it was like his finger bones were fushing together or something. With some effort, he managed to bend the fingers of one hand with the other, it game a dull pain as he did so but at least they started working again, they felt a little numb but at least he could move them more.
With concentration born of a life time around digimon, Takato picked up the pencle and started to draw again, the itching on his arms had gone down with the loating his mom gave him, but it ate at the edge of his mind, he ignored it, focusing his eyes soly on the task at hand. Sort of when Gulimon got ready for a fight Takato mushed. Then again, Lee and Rika had found their digimon, Takato had made Guilmon, so in a way it like on the TV show, the part where the kid's digimon were made from their personal data. Rika would of laughed at the comparason.

Rika after the normal grueling tasks of every Sunday normally just slept it off until dinner. This time however she managed to have the power left over to up. The digimon queen climb the tree near the edge of the walled in gardan siting in a perch position as still as a statue. Her mind going over the battle again and again. At those dizzy spell had stoppeed at last.
Had she really been at fault when Kyobimon was hit? Had she made a mistake? What was wrong with her! She was Rika Anoko(sp), she was the best. She was the perfect Tamer, she had no equels! But Lee had thought to use Duelmon's attack against him, while she had stood there in shock as duelmon copied himself. If she had made a mistake then it would be her first and last one! She was not going to lose her secret status as the world's greatest tamer to a kid with fan made digimon and one weakling who didn't want his digimon to obsorb his slayen enemies data. What was the point of victory if you didn't claim the spoils?! The late november weather nipped at her bare skin as she looked at the suburbs in hopes of noticing a digital field, no such luck.
Pity after all her trading and searching she still hadn't gotten her hands on a digi-port card. It was just a theory, but maybe she could use it to go to the digital world, then she and Renamon wouldn't need to wait for them to cross over, she could just go hunting for them at her leasure, and she could actully go after strong ones with no distractions, instead of having to go after every precious bit of data weather it be from an ultimate or a rookie.
She just sat there for hours into she got crambs from sitting in that positon.
"Riku! Dinner."
Ugh. No point in hiding this time. Rika got ready to get down then realized how high she was up. Rika considered just jumping down herself then reality came back to her.
"Renamon." Rika said calmly and the kitesume appered behind her. " . . . . . Help me down." okay she might of been the one at fault with Duelmon, maybe, but her ego wasn't about to let her admit that.
"Heh, of course." Said Renamon seeing the looking of aprehention in the girl's eyes. The fox doing her best not to cratle her Tamer as she helped her down.
Rika was silent though the entire meal, and only made token responces to her family's attempts at converstation, it was actully a social improvment, normally she made no attempts. Sunday, her turn at dishes, though her family was timid about her cold attude, she wern't so about her share of the house work. This wasn't America after all.
Rika felt a dull pain in her lower spin, she had diffently stayed in that tree too long.
Calamon spoke as if he had come down with a flu just as nasty as Takato's from his perch in the park. "Something feels funny . . . "
The voice was obnoixious and rude. Just like it's user. "Ah . .. little baby Cala feeling sick? Want me to put you out of your missery?"
Calamon didn't act surprised. "Impmon . . . I think I finnaly understand why you don't have any friends."
The short purple bad version of NiGHTS from sega's classic video game spat. "Baw! Who needs friends? I can take care of myself."

"And you're not lonely? Don't you play with anyone?"
"Play...?" Impmon trailed off, "NO! I do not play! I train and become even more perfect! 'Course, its not like ya'd notice! Ugh, you're crampin' my style. I better leave. Hangin' around with the likes of you makes me sick to the stomach! Bada-boom!" Impmon leapt onto a telephone line and ran off. "What a weird guy? How can someone not like to play?"
Lee said bye to his dad and headed out the door. "Terriermon, look at me! I look like an big elf!" "That's good. Christmas is only a few months away." Lee resisted the urge to use a Rock Armor modify and drop his Digimon from a high place. "I gotta find the others. Maybe its happening to them too." As he ran down the street, he passed a store window. "5:15. How did it get so late?" he thought aloud.
"Sir, your program seems to be in our computer systems!" Tilley reported. What? How? I thought it was only inside the Digimon. It must have spilled over somewhere. Yamaki's mind tried to figure out how that might have happened. "Put a file block on any programs it's infected. I doubt it can do any harm to the computers, but better safe than sorry. You can't toy around with a life's work." Riley, whose chair was facing away from the boss, took off her visor and whispered to her friend, "See? Things are already going wrong. And its closer to my guess! Don't worry, Tilley. I'll share." "It's not over until Janice from personnel sings." She shot back.
"I can't believe it! Takato! Nice to see you're feeling better!" Lee shouted over to the his friend. "Thanks. I was heading over to the park to train Guilmon some more. Um, dude? What's with the hood?"
"You've got to see it for yourself." Replied Lee.

"You girls have something you want to say to my face?" Said Yamaki.
"No Sir!" The girls said as one.
"Good, now get started on those file locks, afterwards replace any effected data from the back ups in the archives. I meant it when I said no mistakes this time."
"This will be a first . . . " Tilley whispered softly to Riley who couldn't resist smiling.
Not softly enough. "What was that?" Yamaki hissed.
"Nothing Sir!"
"Good." Tamaki began fiddling with his lighter like he did whenever he got nervious, it also ussual an omen something losy was about to happen. Riley considered calling the repair crews ahead of time so they would be back on track sooner, but decided to give Tilley a fair chance in case her guess was right.
"Is Yugoth affected?"
"No Sir, he, it, is still fully moblie and stable." She wondered if he wanted to send 'Rover' hunting.
"Good. If any wild ones get into any orbiting systems, have Yugoth distory it immedatly. We have enough trouble right now as it is."
"Of course sir." As if I need you to me that . . .

"Promise you won't laugh?" Lee timidly replied.
"I promise."
Lee pulled back his hood. Takato was struggling to keep from laughing. "You... look like... an elf!" He couldn't contain himself anymore and burst out laughing. "Oh shut up. Didn't you say you weren't going to laugh."
Lee said nothing all the way to the park, but Takato was gasping for breath. Not only from laughing so hard, but also because he had just been punched in the stomach. Guilmon came out. "Back already, Takatomon?" The Digimon ran up to him. "Did you bring me any bread?"
"You bet!"
"Yummy!" He gobbled down a loaf of bread, then sniffed the air, "Um, Lee? I think you smell different too."
He pulled back his hood again, "I took a shower this morning. That's something your Tamer never does."
Takato had an anime sweatdrop, "I shower every weekend!"
Guilmon looked directly at Terriermon, resting on Lee's shoulder, then at his Tamer. He couldn't resist. Finally, the dinosaur started musically, "Do your ears hang low, do they wobble to and fro? Can you tie them in a knot? Can you tie 'em in a bow?" Everyone laughed but Lee.
"It stopped being funny before it started! This is gonna be a long evening." Lee fumed.

Lee looked at his fellow Tamer. "I came looking for you because I was afraid something was happening to you too. Not so I could get laughed at . . . ." Lee looked at Takato's partner. "Guilmon, what did you mean I smell different too?"
"Takatomon doesn't smell the same as before."
"What does he smell like?"
Guilmon thought hard. "He still smells familiar . . . but I don't know where I've smell it before."
Lee opened his mouth before he had a chance to think about it. "Propaply back when you were going though something you shouldn't of."
Lee realized what he had just said. This was serious. "Sorry Takato." Since when did he wise crack? He wondered if it had to do with what was happening to him. Takato seemed to acting normal. Of course Lee didn't think about how much Guilmon and Takato were semilar to begin with. "Takato, has anything happened to you? I mean, strange like what's happening to me?"
"Well, my finger have been getting stiff on and off today, I think it's just left overs from my cold. And I have this nasty rash that just won't go away. But I don't think that counts for what's happening to you!"
" . . . I can't hide this from my family forever, what am I going to do?"
"Try and hide it for 354 days out of the year?" Takato laughed.
"Takato! . . ." Lee realized something. "Takatomon."
"Since when do you respond to that name from anyone but Guilmon?"
"Huh? Well, I was well, what difference does a 'mon' make on a name anyway?"
"I think it makes a world of difference. Look at your hand."
"It was the same one I was born with."
"Then why are your fingers curled like you were pretending they wer claws?"
"Huh? Well, it funny you meantion all of this, now that I actully think about it I was thinking that Guilmon might of been rubbing off on me, but . . . it weird, it's like trying to remember a dream, I had woken up late er, early at night at full strength, and I did my essay for class, and I wrote in 'Takatomon' I caught and rewrote it while pre-reading it."
Lee had to struggle not to crack wise at some of the things Takato said.

He finally managed to choke out, "Since when do you proofread?" Takato shook his head. "This assignment is critical. Even I know when something has to be done." Lee just accepted that as an answer, but Terriermon blurted, "Like the science project that you got done one the bus ride to school critical?" Takato cringed. "You know, Lee, I think Digimon really do rub off on their Tamers. Terriermon used to be the only one to make lame jokes."
"Lame! Why I oughta..."
"Cool it, or I'll summon the demon Suzie."
"Yeah, summon sounds to be about the right word."
Takato scratched the back of his hand, and his his arm. The rash seemed to be rapidly spreading up his arms. "I wonder if anything is happening to Rika, too."
"Who knows. And its not like she would just tell us."
Tilley had just about locked the last infected file when something came up on her visor. "The virus just appeared somewhere. I can't lock onto it. Its not anywhere in the systems." Riley lifted her visor, then swiftly replied, "You've been drinking too much coffee. If its not in the systems, then where could it be?"
"You won't believe this, but its... its in this room."
"You've been going for 32 hours without sleep. I guess its to be expected from someone who's new to the project."
"Shut up." Tilley replaced her visor. But something was poking her. What was that? She sat up a bit, but there seemed to be nothing on her chair. Maybe I'm not only seeing things, I'm imagining feeling things. I really DO need some sleep. "Sir," she asked, trying to sound exhausted, "I need to go home and catch some sleep."
"Then go. Lock the last of the files and take the rest of the night off." Yamaki felt a bit drowsy too.
"Oh my God! Tilley, get a camera!" Riley piped up, "We need to take a picture of this! Yamaki... being merciful! Kodac moment!"
Both Tilley and Yamaki glared at her. The twin chairs rotated down and the blonde one staggered off.

"We have to try!" Said Takato forgetting the ich on his arms. "If something happens to her and we just do nothing then we're responcable."
"The only one responcable for Rika is Rika. You saw the battle yester- oh yea you didn't, well Guilmon did and so did I and I have to tell you. Renamon finnaly digivoled to champion."
"Hey don't yell, these ears do more than make me look stupid, anyway, I don't if she told you or not but we went up against a mega yesterday and Renamon got blasted back to rookie. All together we managed to beat our enemy, but she acted like she had lost was taking out on Renamon. You know her, she HATES being helpped by anyone even if it's for her own good."
"I understand Lee but . . . I still gotta try . . ."
"Fine, I'll go with you in case Rika decides to carry out her promise to kill Guilmon."
"Who said I was bringing Guilmon?"
"You bring him anywhere you can, even if it's right into danger."
" . . . . True." Admited Takato sadly.

Some time later, the two boys were at Rika's place, Taktao keeping an eye open for Renamon, though with an Kitesume, he knew that didn't do much good. The tamers pulled on the rope that rung the bell, a few seconds later, an old woman Takato guessed had to be Rika's grandmother, answered the door. The tamer had the smarts to have their digimon hide at the last second.
"And what can I do for you two boys?"
"I, uh, we, we're here to speak to Rika, I came down with the 24 bug yesterday and I just wanted to make sure she hadn't caught it too."
"Well Riku hasn't been sick all week end so I don't think she caught anyway. You didn't tell me your names." Riku? Takato decided not to ask, they had more important things to talk about.
"I'm Takatomo- Takato and he's Lee Wong. Can we please talk to Rika . . . just because."
"I'll tell her you're here. Please come in."
The place was old style, friendly, homey, pretty much the exact opposite of what they thought Rika's raising place would be like.
Rika came in non-curtiously and looked at them as if they didn't matter. What did the weaklings want? She thoughts. And voiced as much.
"We're here because well . . . show her Lee."
"Promise not to laugh first." Lee said futilully.
"Whatever just show me."
"Okay." Lee took off his hood. Rika looked in shock, and fell down laughing pointing at him.
"Any longer and those ears make you look just like that smart mouthed digimon of yours!"
Lee hadn't made the connection until then. The come back died in his throat. He hadn't really thought about it until now. But yes, the ears were long, just like Terriermon's, okay, not just like, but getting there. Takato. He was moving his hands as if they were claws! He noticed how Rika was moving. She sqauted when she sat down, and moved with liquide grace when she walked. It all came together in one hiddious horrible picture.
"Guys . . . we have a VERY serious problem."
"You seem to be the only one with problem that seem serious." Said Takato.
"Takato . . . I don't think you'll have to worry about that '-mon' Guilmon keeps putting on the end of your name soon."
"Look at my ears! Look at how your moving your hands. Rika! Having you been noticing how you've been moving now? Of course you haven't! Why should you!"
"Get to the point already." Rika snapped.
"We're turning into twins of our digimon!"

. . . . . .


. . . . .

Crickets bide their farewells to the now near invisable sun on the horizen.

. . . . .

Takato suddendy felt like he was going to start throwing up again . . .
Rika thought about the pain in her lower spin that had been bothering her all evening. A chill ran down her spin, a little too far down that it should of been able to.
"Your crazy! It can't be true! . . . A digimon can't be a Tamer! My life would be ruined!" Ranted Rika.
"Nice to see you have your priorities straight . . ." Mumbled Lee. It was oblivious not just a phyical change, their personalities were changing too, the change was working from the inside out.
"Well . . . heh . . . heh . . . maybe . . . maybe it'll be cool! But . . . maybe we should do something just to safe . . ."
"And what would you suggest Goggle Boy go to a doctor? 'Hello, I would like to make an appointment at Tokeyo hospital concerning strange phyical changes and senstations.' They'd think we were all either going though puberdy or a nervous break down and hullicanating."
"Well . . . uh . . look on the bright side, no more home work."
"You never done it to begin with." Retorted Rika angerly.
"What do you know about me! We don't even go to the same school!"
"I know your a goof little boy~!"
"We're the same age!"
"How would you know!"
"Lee got it off your profile on the web!"
"Why you little-!"
"Stop it!" Said Lee. "We have more important things to think about!"
"Like what? . . ." Said Rika. "Unless you have an anti-transformation card I don't know about we're stuck."
"We're not stuck. We're moving. And I don't any of us like the idea of where we're going." Spoke the chinsese/Japenses boy in a distant tone.
Takato meanwhile was split, just yesterday he had been thinking about how great it would be to be like Guilmon, now he was scared stiff of the idea. Maybe that was it! Maybe because had wished it and someone had been listening.
"I wish not to be like Guilmon, I wish not to be like Guilmon, I wish not to be like Guilmon, I wish not to be like Guilmon."
'What are you doing now Goggle Brain?"
"Well, I wished a a couple days back to be like Guilmon, so maybe another wish might reverse it!"
The other Tamers spoke as one. "Come off it!"
Takato took a step back.

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