I apologize for everything. I let the story line linger too long in one place. And I didn't assert myself as head writer nearly enough (a great fault of mine). And I wasn't able to keep things interesting enough for other writers, and ultimately just got some cheap self-inserts for the last few pages.

I made many MANY mistakes in this series, first was having the characters squat around or wander around for too long without the main plot moving foreword, that's perfectly fine if that's the story you're going for, but people WANT to see the plot move foreword, and far too many tiny details got lost in the mix. Another mistake on my part was underestimating just how long the series would go and how radically things would change from the 'formula' style first few episodes. Then again, digimon seasons always start off with a couple formula episodes to get the viewer comfortable before throwing the characters out of their comfort zone. The point I started the story was when the series was still in single digit episodes, a series of fifty one episodes... And as a reviewer put it "I took a story with a cool opening and was interesting and turned it into something totally pointless."

Not to mention when you stop and realize the sheer NUMBER of characters in the series, I realized I had been far too reckless and spread myself far too thin. If this and other series have taught me anything, is that character overload is the last thing you ever want to do with any story. I think it's the sheer number of characters that has also made it impossible for me to continue. When the list of characters you need to keep track of can't even fit on screen, you know you've got a problem. And I'm 27 years old, I need to start putting my talent to something to earn a living. I don't want to spend forever working on this. I see that now.

What's really nutso is how much my old notes contradict each other. My brother used to say 'decide comes from the de' as in to divide, and cide' as in to kill. To divide your opinions and to do away with one.' I always seemed to fail in that regard.

By the way, dude, the music in the original was just so much more cool than in the dub! What's up with that?

Sorry if there are LOTS of repetitions here. This story just got way too big for it's own good, and got way too many admirable on board for the ship to boot! That was also a mistake on my part.

Rika was based off of Trinity from the Matrix? Who would have thought? "pineapple-head" term used by show's producer in the 'making of' essay on the web site.

No matter how many words I write here, they won't be enough to express my sincere apologies to all of you for not being able to write a full story for this. But time marches foreword regardless of whatever we human beings desire.

What follows is a summary of everything this story WOULD have been. Due to the sheer size of the cast to include "loads and loads of characters" I'm bound to lose track of some characters here, again, apologizes. I also made what can be considered a mistake of throw into the mix my various (and self contradicting) notes into the summary as well. Thus this story can at least reach a sense of conclusion and wholeness, and your questions you've had will be in one form or another answered.

Ayaka Itou and Miki Nakajima turned their talk to about someone they had been unable to find in the captured student body. Jeri. Just the other day she had finally built up the courage to face her tormentor Agouti head on. True puppet-girl had been acting rather intense to the point of . . . well, not acting like Agouti, but still as high strung and brooding as she was normally meek and cheerful.

She not even shown up to music class, which was stunningly out of character for her, she normally show up with her flute even if she was running a fever. All the times she wouldn't go the nurse's office until the instructor ordered her to was testament to that.

In the light of the debacle at the school between Hypnos, the Hazmat Team, and the police, the mutated kids are released back to their parents, who of course in turn mutate them as well, in light of ALL of this, the government of japan orders these families quarantined to their homes, which the kids don't mind TOO badly since at least it means no school.

Takato-mon draws in his later forms and Guilmon's, or Jeri does so under Takato-mon's guidance.

(The hyphen was supposed to represent that he had reached a point of balance in his mind between the two sides of himself. )

(And for those of you who guessed, give yourselves a cookie, yes, sleeping and dreaming WAS what caused the mental changes to accelerate due to sleep being when we mentally dump out what's not needed anymore. )

Leemon/Lee of course has his own thoughts of Rikamon gutting his deck. 'If I find her I'll ask. Right after I get the cards she stole from me!'

Rikamon had, of course, forgotten without her digi-vice she couldn't digi-modify anything! So her prize from Lee was worthless. It wasn't so much the mistake itself but the blow to her ego over such a mistake that struck her. She seriously considered dumping them but being a dedicated card player, Rika stored them in a safe spot in case she found a use for them at a later date.

(Thinking about it now, I'll admit stealing cards from someone wasn't really in Rika's character and didn't truly add anything to the story but a quick gag and added weight. )

Leemon/Lee laughed to himself, "Ha ha hah ha! I just realized it!"

Terriermon of course asked, "Realized what?"

"What Calumon is! Give him an emotion dot and what does he look like?!"

(This of course was meant to imply that Calumon resembled a chao. This was just an idiosyncrasy that I picked up on years back and figured on including. )

Jeri realized something important, her nightmare, in it, Rika had talked about Jeri continuing her 'legacy of digimon carnage' how could Jeri have even known how Rika treated digimon? But Jeri could guess, Rika's D-Power, it was the only answer, it must have had bits and pieces of Rika's memories buried in it.

(Thinking about it now, Jeri having Rika's digivice was again just added weight to the story. And I had no real idea on how to really resolve it in a practical manner of time in story. )

A moment after Rumiko had downed the morning pills felt strange. On an urge she looked at her hands to see that . . . they weren't there all the way anymore.

(Ah yes... this one... not sure what my plan was with this dream, besides the idea of it being seriously messed up and dealing with what she did unto Rika reflected on herself... or something like that, I don't know.)

Leemon and Jeri have another discussion regarding a pivotal point in the story.

"I just realized, I think the fact this infection makes people think they've always been digimon might be a good thing."

"How can you say that!?"

"Think about it, if this infection just changed people into digimon and have that be that, there'd be a lot more chaos and havoc going on right now."

The story at this point was SUPPOSED to skip several weeks, and my inability to DO that time skip was precisely the reason that I think this story began to die. It was my fault. After the time skip, both Jeri's district, the other Tamers', and most of Tokyo is quarantined, and -everyone- inside by this point has been fully mutated or is wearing a hazard suit at all times.

Henry's elder brother Richie was outside the effected zone at the time for a job interview, and wants back in for the sake of his loved ones.

"But that's my family in there!" Richie protested.

"Too bad!" Snorted the solider.

Richie manages to sneak in after stealing a hazard suit, for checking up on his loved ones, but the plot was never developed beyond that.

Jeri meanwhile finally moves back in with her family, who also by this time have fully mutated. Nudity for non-human type digimon has quickly become the norm. HOWEVER, Jeri has become the only person in the sealed off zone who is still mostly (or at all) human in spite of constant exposure! This of course makes her freak to both the confused digimon and fearful humans. She also suffers some of the practical problems of her minor changes (tail and claws).

Adding to her already growing list of dismays, that even with her claws seethed, she couldn't play her flute.

"There you are, bad flute, ruff!" She had her puppet say as she took her instrument with her free hand from her desk.

Max, it was funny, she didn't hate him, he was born from that woman but she still loved him, but he wasn't trying to take anyone's place. That had not always been her conclusion, back her paranoia had been at it's worst, she thought Max was there to replace her, just as that woman had replaced her mother, thankfully she had come to realize that Max, nor their father or that woman had any desire for Max to replace anyone. Plus he loved her sock puppet act.

Jeri's family has gone out of it's way to keep her out of sight from those with control so she doesn't end up vivisected. Making Jeri even more messed up with how to fell towards her step-mother.

Rikamon has remained rogue and is becoming increasingly violent. Along with other former humans, on top of this 'wild ones' continue to bio-emerge/realize, making things go even more chaotic for the tamers and their partners as they're forced to fight digimon who used to be, human, and some who aren't, but both acting like full fledged savages being forced to erase them in self defense, making the idea of assimilating data feel too sickening to those who have managed to remember being human (due to contact with Jeri or will power or just being able to keep infallible reminders with them at all times that they can't rationalize away).

The original digimon of course are confused by this, since they've been assimilating data of fellow digimon they erase all along, and find it odd to let the data go to waste.

Which brings up the moral dilemma: either assimilating the data of former humans is okay, or it's wrong for digimon to cannibalize each other as they've been doing from the start.

Rikamon is the only one not to see a problem with it either way:

"Let me give you some free advice Rika." Lee said seriously.

"I don't need anything from you!" The fox retorted.

Lee ignored her. "You're all speed and no skill. You rely totally on being faster then your opponent to give you a win. But no matter what the episodes of Dragon Ball Z make you think, strength and speed are useless without the skill to use it."

"I don't watch that show . . . just a bunch of muscle brains busting each other's heads open."

The purple rabbit shook his head. "You're missing the point."

Rikamon feels a shadow after her and repeatedly seems to attack random digimon and non-living objects at random. The others begin to think Rikamon had finally gone insane and worry about how to contain her.

However Rikamon is whisked away. By IceDevimon.

The ice cave was empty and deathly silent. "Grandma, Mom, Renamon, Lee, I've woken up all alone. And I wonder why."

"Don't fret my dear. You are far from alone."

Three times when she had been honestly been afraid in her memory, the first when that horde of digimon appeared each demanding they be her partner digimon before they had all backed away at Renamon's appearance, the second had been before this own infection thing started when she had been staring down Gargomon's machine gun barrel one moment away from blowing her brains out, and the third just as this insanity began with an angry Takato looking down on her pinned body for calling him stupid.

Looking into the red center less eyes of this fallen angel of ice was quickly becoming number four.

IceDevimon explains that his original intend was indeed to become Rikamon's partner digimon, "I'm a cold hearted bastard, you're a cold hearted beotch, let's be buddies!" And seriously, Rika rejecting IceDevimon's offer in the original anime could have been done SO MUCH better. Instead of Rika looking IceDevimon in the face and seeing her reflection and waking up to her own personal flaws, she just gave the 'you're a bad guy and a freak so no way!' Which IMHO was seriously dull!

Sadly, IceDevimon figures that's impossible now with Rika's transformation, so like the true sociopath he is, decides to do the next best thing and assimilate Rikamon's data the old fashioned way.

While Rikamon no longer has a digivice, she still has a empathic link with Renamon. And Rikamon cries out to her guardian. Of course due to their own mutations Rumikomon and Seikomon also hear this cry, but Renamon happens to be closer and arrives at IceDevimon lair first.

Renamon fights with everything she has, along with Rikamon, but Renamon is not IceDevimon's target and he greatly just brushes her off focusing his attacks on Rikamon.

That was when –it- happened. Renamon was no longer in the ice cave watching IceDevimon slowly squeezing the life out of Rika. She was back in the digital world. In the deserted mountains her family had called home. The nameless Ultimate towered before her, crushing Reremon's neck. Her daughter's eyes managing to look at her in a plea for help just before she burst into data to be absorbed by her killer. But the scene didn't end. It only repeated itself. The monster's look of amusement, her daughter's her pathetic chocking noise as she tried to scream, her non-existent death cry, and her eyes. That plea for help that came too last doomed never to be answered.

The fox roared in a animal fury not like any she had made in times past or would again, and all the world before Renamon's eyes, turned blood red. "Get the away from my daughter!!!" And digivolves.

One eyes close, the other unfocused, Rika painfully looked up at her rescuer.

"Mo-ther?" Rikamon in her damaged and roughed up state is unable to tell Renamon from Rumikomon.

This time however, with added emotional motivation, which is the source of any digimon's power from their human other, Renamon destroys IceDevimon and assimilates him. However, Renamon doesn't -feel- stronger from absorbing him, but it seems to be psychological.

Something felt different, wrong, what, the data fox sought desperately an answer to. She didn't feel ill. Nor was she in any pain. The kitesune sought the truth at the core of her being. Renamon started at the sudden realization of what was different. She felt a wave of panic wash over her. Had the virus begun to affect her? Was she slowly becoming something unlike a digimon? She didn't understand! It was impossible but . . . She didn't want to fight. She wasn't tired or scared. She just didn't want to fight anymore. The single prime drive inherent in all south sector digimon was gone from her. She no longer desired to fight for fighting's sake. Renamon seriously considered the conclusion she was going mad. What digimon at the heart of their soul didn't want to fight? Even the childish Guilmon was a creature of battle at his center. It was just wrong! But, it didn't feel wrong, not really, it felt more, like a relief. Like a great pressure had been released from her. Renamon slowly breathed out, pressing her backside against one of the garden walls, lowering her body until she was sitting, her legs stretched on the dirt.

Why? Why should she feel this way now? It didn't make any sense. It just, didn't. What was the point of fighting (?): to absorb her foe's data until she was invincible? But what would she do with herself after that? What was the point of it all? Renamon realized she was asking questions no kitesune had asked before. That perhaps, no Digimon ever had asked before.

[I] But why me? [/I] Renamon looked at the wall of Rika's bedroom. [I] Is it because of her? [/I]

After this, Rikamon finally comes home to the fox clan, with Renamon without any formalities or technicalities is silently accepted as a part of the Nonaka-mon clan. Rumikomon is just happy to have her daughter back with her. Rikamon is left confused about who to consider her mother while Rumikomon begins to realize the short comings as a parent she's had.

A dividing attitude begins to form along the mutant digimon, not along who remembers themselves and who doesn't, but along who accepting duels to the death then cannibalism as socially acceptable and those who don't.

Jeri's family happens to be one of the pacifist attitudes and Calumon now scared of all the digimon he doesn't know if they'll hurt him or not, comes to Jeri's home to be as a temporally resident, he's assumed to be an orphan by Jeri's folks who with the martial law the city is now under take him in. Jeri is almost never let out of the house, and when she is, she's told to cover most of herself to keep people from seeing she's still mostly human.

Impmon had been reduced to the local punching bag due to his big mouth and relatively low combat prowess. Freaked out by the humans 'stealing' a digimon's superior form. His jackass attitude doesn't help matters in the least.

After one such beat up, a "BlackCupidMon" (fan mon) and Yaamon find the beaten and broken Impmon who wanders to their particular house subconsciously after having his wits beaten out of him. The two instantly recognize Impmon as their 'best friend' and of course the two digimon are Aimon and Mikomon.

Their parents, a Boogeymon and Darcmon think Impmon is going to be nothing but trouble. But Aimon and Mikomon's kindness shine through their species types patch him back together. With nowhere else to go, and with things beginning to turn violent, Impmon -very- begrudgingly choses to stay. Much to the two little devils' relief.

With supplies now being controlled, the Matsuki bakery begins to suffer from supply loss and causing prices to rise, and making the V-dramon and Allomon having to resort to force to get their customers to be civil more and more.

Kenta and Kazu find themselves on the pro-violence side of the fence with their families.

Chou-Senseimon of course like any self respecting martial artist digimon remains on the side of common sense.

Rikamon's family is for the most part neutral (or TRY to be at least).

Asagimon is emotionally horrified not wanting to see any of her students harm each other. As an angel-line evolution digimon, she can't stand such meaningless death.

Leemon suspects the humans are keeping them in -wanting- the digimon to just swallow each other, but this is never proven nor disproved in story. Richie manages to sneak in what he can to his family from the outside.

Charles M also presented a scene where Yamakimon, not taking no for an answer, EXTRACTED the information of Tally out of Riley, forcing Riley to force her out as a digi-egg, and then Yamaki used the digimon dismantler to force Riley back to adulthood. I originally rejected this scene, but now I'm not so sure if I would now.

Renamon stumbles on Takato's old device and choses to hold onto it for now.

Yamakimon though now bordering on insanity keeps onto his human memories, Rileimon and Tallimon while now fully mentally altered stay by him out of loyalty.

Yamakimon TOALLY sweeping under the rug any and all proof that he created Final Solution that later became The Infection.

Using what precious respect and control he has left after his mutation, Yamakimon finds Janyuumon and manipulates him into beginning to help program Juggernaut.

Yamakimon at this point plans to wipe out all digimon and infected humans, reading between the lines that the virus is beginning to get around inconviences like hazmat suits and figures it only a matter of time before the whole world becomes infected and the human race ceases to exist. So he plans to wipe out all plague carries, not missing for a second that includes himself and his two ladies.

Fearing that the virus could be transferred via technology Kai and others on the outside have no contact with those on the inside. Any digimon that tries to fly out of the zone is blown up by several rounds of simultaneous tank fire.

Yamakimon finally has everything he needs from Janyuumon and activates Juggernaut: Himself, and his ladies are the first ones erased.

The weaker willed digimon begin to move like zombies to the singularity to be consumed and erased.

But it doesn't last for long as the 'vacuum' turns off, and the entire building begins to shake like mad.

That's when the weird voice is heard from the sky, speaking of the new beach front this represents and the expansion of the rule of the digimon. Some mon cheer, others are freaked out, and some just confused.

The six mon and one hybrid of the hour of course know from the way this person is talking that he's bad news. The foxes and dog-rabbits both make a foreword assault at the top of the hypnos building, coming face to face with the tiger deva, who even four on one easily beats them into the ground.

The tiger declares anyone who doesn't accept their place in the new order will be deleted.

Seeing the abuse his team mates are put through, Takatomon breaks into the fray, having held back because Jeri has feared Takatomon going feral again. Sadly they no longer have a choice.

The Growl-Takatomon is tough, very tough, but all he can do is ultimately take damage. Jeri's digivice finally begins to pick up information on the beast.

The information didn't appear instantly when it finally came like it normally did, it came one letter at a time, as if building dramatic tension.


Kazumon and Knetamon show up to though unable to do anything but bear witness.

Growl-Takatomon is bitten and bitten hard, and Jeri swears she feels her own bones crack, naw, -crunched- from the cat's fangs.

Jeri feels that if Takato-mon dies then it's all her fault! And she... she... she struggles with her own emotions on what she feels for him, wondering if it's tamer or a friend and suffers flash back to what Takato-mon before about what being partners meant.

She wants nothing more than to be there with him, and wonders if she had been fully infected if she could along side him.

"What? What is this?" Jeri looked around at the class room. Her class room. Empty except for her. And a naked human Takato.

She started at the naked Takato in front of her and covered her eyes, daring a peak a moment later she saw he was fully clothed.

The vision of Takato in the nowhere classroom took hold of Jeri's card hand. He placed her hand over his chest. "I'm right here Jeri. Don't ever forget that."

Jeri snaps back to reality and shouts, "Takato . . . the rest of me might not be there but my heart is right besides you!"

That was all it took, and a sly little program that had been smuggled into each digimon game card, took it's go ahead sign with great zeal, and began to rewrite the programming of the modify card.

"Wha . . . what is this?" Jeri blinked at the glowing object in her hands.

"A Blue Card!" The card that had converted Lee, Takato, and Rika's card readers into digivices. What would it do to a card reader already change?

"Is this my friendship for Takato, personified?" Jeri wondered. She also realizes she has nothing left to use and card slashes it.


"E-vo-lution!!" Calumon shouted his head feeling like it was going to explode.

And Takato-mon evolves to ultimate and becomes his own creation of Metal/WarGrowlmon (I have to agree to with the dubbers on this one, Takato is such a fanboy he would have made his fan digimon that on ultimate level would be named like the hero in the show's mega level).

Enraged at this impossibility, Mihiramon attacks the cyborg dragon even more viciously than before but much more wildly and less focused as well.

"The catalyst is lost! How could you digivole to this level!? How? How! Answer me!"

From their synergy, Jeri and Takato end up saying much the same thing at the same time.

"You'd be surprised what's possible when you chose to fight for those other than yourself!"

"I fight for the Digimon Sovereign you forgery!"

"Whose that?"

"Your new king and of this entire world!"

"Not going to happen!"

"You can't do a thing about it!"

WarGrowlmon cuts the Mihiramon's tail off. "NOT POSSIBLE!IMPOSSIBLE! I am a godly general!- How dare you! HOW DARE YOU!!"

"You know! It never fails! You psychotics always act invincible . . . until you have to face something at your own stage!"

MetalGrowlmon threw the winged tiger by the tail stub into the air. The holy beast righted itself in mid-air, 'what a thoughtless move, all I have to do now is dive at my enemy head on!'

"Atomic Blaster . . .fire!!!"

The Tiger Deva is erased and assimilated. In his death screams he taunts that his deletion means nothing, and he is but a forerunner, and this entire 'sector' (best word he knows) will belong now to his master one way or the other already.

Then Juggernaut's programming is screwed over with final solution's, and causes a MAJOR reality flux, completely rewriting the entire city of Tokyo into an extension of the digimon world, with building memories, and social structure to match.

As to be expected however, those with D-Vices and those with connections with them are spared the memory rewrites. Meaning those close to Jeri at the time and the families of the three main tamers plus Jeri's.

The remaining Devas descend to act as vassal lords for the virus god mega, and basically impress and organize the human world digimon into soldiers for an all out war with humanity. For any of the kids with an incline of relatively unbiased national (japanese) history this is a gruesome prelude to a repetition of history.

The Devas also begin to ruthlessly hunt for Calumon, the virus god mega planning to use the mutated humans as Mega-Digimon battle fodder against the True Enemy. After all, it's not like they're REAL digimon, why should he feel sorry if they're all slaughtered in the process? If the true enemy is destroyed or greatly hindered, then good. If not, too bad.

The Devas, incredibly individualistic and proud, hunt down Calumon individually.

I'd have Jeri's family end up being erased for protecting him, but I'm just not cruel hearted enough to completely and utterly destroy Jeri's sanity with about zero chance for recovery. Instead their home is destroyed and the Tamer kids are branded as enemies of the state and their families as well.

Rikamon and Lee-mon slowly begin to regain the power to enable their partners to digivolve to champion and beyond deleting the Snake and Rooster Devas respectively in protection of Calumon.

Shibumi being outside of the field of the reality warp, is still human, and on top of that is able to send his data ghost into the warped of the real world, and begins to sublimely supply the Tamers with unique modify cards to tip the scale in their favor.

Leemon and Janyu-mon work together to try and figure out a way to undo the virus and the reality warp, since there are elements that remained constant, Janyu-mon believes that rather than being destroyed and remade, that reality and themselves were all just 'recolored.' Meaning the pattern STILL exists, they just need to put the right colors in. Suzimon of course compares this to when her teacher tells her the grass is supposed to be green not blue, and father and son laugh and have to fully agree on that. Janyu-mon also receives one way messages from a mysterious person who also helps him with figuring out how to find a real cure for The Infection and the reality warp.

Rikamon who happens to be there at the time (the kids needing to move around now that they're considered criminals) and comments on the positive relation Leemon has with his parent and mentions off handedly the difference between her father and his.

"I . . I didn't know you remembered him."

"Not much, just enough to hate him." As twisted as it sounded, Rika hated her father for not being able to hate him. The few memories she had of him were all good ones. Contrary to the gossip in her school, her father had never abused her mother, or her. He had simply walked away one day, left, vanished. For reasons Rika didn't even know, and if her mother and grandmother knew, they were talking.

"Rika what DO you remember about your father?"

"Not a thing!" Rikamon said completely contradicting what she had just said.

Leemon asks, "He abused you didn't he? That's why your mom threw him out huh?"

The next moment, he was up against a wall, and Rika's eyes were those of a killer, while her body was in the perfect position for a fatal attack. "You say that EVER again I SWEAR I'll kill you!"

The Devas Pajiramon and Vajramon find and attack Calumon's latest hiding place. Never having had to face the Devas more than one at a time before, the Tamers are completely caught off caught and off center the devas surprising team work.

Rikamon finds herself about to be deleted.

Rika's father as a blue Kyuubiemon saves her life at the price of his own arriving on the scene almost too late. She doesn't learn who it was until later. Or rather, if you define later as his dying breath as he digi-vaporizes.

He hadn't been strong enough to resist his urges towards Rumiko and had taken her. He hadn't been strong enough to face the responsibilities that stood before him and had run like a coward. He hadn't been strong enough to come back and face his failures until it was almost too late. And at last, he hadn't been strong enough to protect his own flesh and blood, he had always been weak.

"Ru . . .ki-"

He does however provide enough of a distraction for Pajiramon to be erased.

Rikamon is given the hollow comfort of: "Maybe . . . maybe he'll reinitialize." Rationalized by his data not being assimilated.

Vajramon however, even if Calumon is lost, decides to take Rika as a prize back to his master the other tamers unable to stop him as he dissembles his data and Rikamon's and reassembles somewhere else.

Rikamon is taken before the virus god mega, and is rewritten into a new Deva heavily brainwashed (reprogrammed?).

Her name even becomes written in the stars so to speak like the other devas.

Perhaps even her own father's data is used in a sick or cold hearted twist to boost her information level. She is then set loose on her fellow Tamers with Vajramon who basically treat her like a replacement Pajiramon.

Once again facing two Devas, the remaining Tamers are incredibly out matched this time Calumon isn't even with them, they'll just beat the catalyst's location out of the heroes.

Calvary arrives in the odd form of the Nonaka clan, who attack Rika-mon three on one. This enables the Guilmons and the chocolate and vanilla favored bunnie dogs to out number and out maneuver Vajramon and against three ultimates at once falls.

Seikomon decides to use the most practical measure to get her granddaughter to come with them. A 'sealing spell' that paralyzes her.

Surprise, surprise, the sealing paper actually did manage to paralyze Rika. Not that it did much good in curing the disease.

Shabumi begins to smuggle the digi-gnomes into the human world.

Not willing to keep her as a statue forever, the seal on her is removed after Janyu-mon tries his hardest to SOMEHOW with a bit of technological wizardry to remove or at least restore Rika's personality and original mind-set.

Like a rabid animal, Rika smashed her head repeatedly against the hard surface.

Seikomon observes, "'When elephants fight, it's the grass that suffers. With the different pieces of Rika's personality going at it, the battle ground is getting torn to pieces."

Renamon replies, "The battle ground. You mean her mind."


Ever since the infection had first appeared, Rika had been stuck in a never ending cycle of losing herself, gaining herself, and each cycle her mind slowly degrading. It couldn't go on forever, or Rika would either end up a vegetable, or a rabid animal that needed to be dealt with. It had to end. Now. Here. Before she got even worse.

Renamon was past caring which Rika was left when it was all over. As long she continued in some way, the fox would count her blessings and live with it.

Renamon thought back to when she found Rika on the school rooftop. She had sensed three auras. Rika and Rikamon were now clearly two of them. What was the third one?

Seiko-mon and Rumiko-mon's wishes for a way to help Rika end up sending more or less mentally into Rika's mindscape with the help of nearby digignomes who decide to grant the wish with so much emotional force behind it.

When Renamon arrives Rikamon and Rika are having it out.

"You sad little girl." Rikamon smirked crossing her arms. "Why not just let go and leave me be?"

"To hell with you!" Rika snapped.

"I'd say your mother would die if she heard you using such langue except of course she couldn't care less about you. Who could care for an accident?"

"Accident!" Rika screamed at her other self. If physical harm would do any good in this place she would have used it then and there. "Mom and dad were married!"

Rikamon wagged a finger back and forth. "You know, without needing to maintain your armored shell, you, -I-, am actually more collected than my human self. But actually, you, we, did figure it out a long time ago, we simply blocked it out of our conscious mind, we didn't want to know the truth. Just tell me this Rika, when's your birthday, and when is mom's anniversary? It's funny how we remember two days we hate with a passion huh?"

Against her will, she did the math in her head. Even when crying for her lost humanity, she had never felt more like the little girl who had watch her father leave one day and never come back without a word of explanation. The dates were not even eight months apart.

"Why are you clinging to something you've hated for over half your existence? But since I'm you I already know the answer. You're just scared. Scared of leaving it all behind . .. When really . . . you're not leaving anything behind at all. You're nothing more than a hole in a precaution to your mother. Renamon at least loves you."

"You're right. Renamon does love me. I can't deny that fact anymore . . . which is why I'm staying and you're out of here!"

"Renamon would never want me to give up who I am. And we're wrong about something, no matter how I came about, mom does love me. She could have just walked into THAT building, and ended all her troubles right there, she could have put me up for adoption but she didn't. There were dozen paths she could have taken that didn't include me."

"Because she's stupid!"

"No . . . we're both fools. We had to tell ourselves mom didn't love me. It was the only way we couldn't love her back. Look foxy! I no longer care if I have to see your face every time I look in the mirror for the rest of my life! But it's going to BE my life! "

However, Rika proves to be little match for Rikamon, Renamon however, does in the great hallways of the vast version of the Nonaka mansion that is Rika's mindscape finds a lonely little girl. Ruki.

Ruki begs for Rika to accept her. Rikamon wants to see the little runt dead once and for all. Renamon battles Rikamon with Rika... but it's with Ruki's SINGING that gives them the power to defeat and assimilate Rikamon. Ruki, after much shouting, denial and arguing, exhaustedly accepts Ruki and Rika's fractured mind is fully healed for the first time in YEARS.

When Rika wakes up, she sings. Much to the surprise of everyone she also fully accepts the name Ruki, though she doesn't object to the name Rika since that's what her friends know her as.

Calumon, tired of hiding, wanders about and eventually finds Impmon, and being Calumon, does his normal act being friendly towards Impmon in spite of Impmon's previous vicious behavior. Though now it's been significantly pacified, or at least focused in a new direction.

Sadly, with most of the city believing they've always been devoted to Zhuqiaomon, he's ratted out quickly... by Aimon and Makomon's parents.

Indramon is sent quickly to capture Calumon, while the remaining Devas decide to act as interceptors against the tamers, who are forced into touch and go tactics not being a match for the remaining Deva's massive firepower.

Impmon surprised himself by honestly wanting to protect Calumon. Aimon and Makomon of course chose to stand by and protect their best friend as well. A nearby digignome again out of sight provides a D-vice to the two in-training little devils whose VERY surprising act of maturity enable Ai to evolve into a lighter colored Impmon.

The combined heart of the two and wild imagination, enable him first to evolve into purple colored Boogeymon, and then into Mephismon with a crude blue card drawn by Makomon (he thinks it's an original idea he had). Being caught off guard by the insignificant runt of a digimon, Indramon is erased.

Calumon is given a harsh lesson by the tamers who are given news by the foxes about Impmon's victory. So the tamers scatter and are lost by the devas.

Sadly this means that until everyone's real memories are restored, Makomon and Aimon are both better off away from their wrathful parents, which confuses and horrifies the four/five year olds utterly. This remains a problem as they are told by family and friends completely conflicting things, the five year olds are simply confused and terrified.

While the virus mega has control over Tokyo, natural born digimon continue to slip in through the cracks into the city. Leomon is one of him, really hoping to get away from the pointless and his personal humble opinion "utterly stupid" fighting of the digital world and wonders what the heck is going on when he bio-emerges.

Jeri feels NEED to go to the park that she can't just shrug off, and goes with Takato-mon. There she runs into Leomon and instantly falls heads over heels for him with a giant crush.

"Uh.... do you have something in your eye?"

"Hi! I'm Juri but you can call me Jeri, it's rhythms with cherry!" Jeri's tail wags up and down like a lever as she's saying this with a big fan girl look on her face and sparkling eyes holding her hands together and leaning towards him almost defying gravity.

The others wonder if there's a storm somewhere as they hear some deep low growling. Of course it's coming from Takato-mon whose looking at Leomon with more than a little green eye jealousy.

Leomon DOES notice this as tries to politely back off but Jeri is infatuated with Leo's very presence.

Kumbhiramon recklessly attacks Jeri and Takato-mon using his multiplication technique to ever out the numbers. Takato-mon determined to prove himself to Jeri makes several bold yet senseless moves which end costing him dearly. One of the Kumbhiramon attacks Jeri head on but Leomon comes to her rescue, making Jeri even more entranced by him. Kumbhiramon tells Leomon he's doomed himself by protecting the 'hybrid freak' but Leomon doesn't care, disgusted at the dishonor the servants of the god megas are showing. Leomon and the two guilmons prove how inferior Kumbhiramon's clones are as they begin to coordinate their attacks with Jeri's help wiping them out.

Takato-mon is Heavily damaged. Leomon now with no place else to go, agrees to help Jeri carry him back to their current hide out. None of them realize one of the Kumbhiramon escaped the battle and informs his fellows.

Makuramon uses his shape shifting to trail behind Jeri and co. At the same time, Vikaralamon is sent to attack the place head on to provide a distraction along with Kumbhiramon. While the tamers are forced to deal with the combined slow but steady unstoppable force of Vikaralamon and Kumbhiramon's endless flow of copies, Makuramon manages to sneak in and grabs Calumon.

The other two devas retreat, the tamers "no longer mattering" now that Calumon was in their position by their logic.

Initially the Devas feel no need to take Calumon to the digital world and instead only to the personal castle that the devas had constructed for themselves where the Hypnos Towers once stood. This is because they intend to use the form-humans all as mega-fodder anyway so no need to take Calumon away from the raw material.

This changes when the tamers, and their families plus Leomon strike an all out assault on the Deva's Castle. Thinking the catalyst is no longer safe, Zhuqiaomon order Calumon brought to the digital world. Vikaralamon and Kumbhiramon are left behind not with the intent of defeating the tamers, merely to delay them long enough for Calumon to be spirited away (not that they are told this). Both Antylamon and Chastsuramon object to this tactic but are overruled.

Finding the Deva's castle otherwise empty, the heroes pursue the Devas and Calumon through the portal in the castle, or would if Majiramon didn't blast it to bits just as they were about to....

The still brainwashed and reality wrapped population of Tokyo is confused by the Deva's sudden departure and are left unsure of what to do.

Guilmon following his own instincts wanders to where his old hiding place is, or was depending if it survived the 'reality re-coloring' or not. Digging a rabbit hole, he finds a gate to the digital world.

Janyu-mon choses to stay behind still wanting to find a cure for The Infection... The Tamers and their twins plus Leomon (In for a penny, in for a pound.) of course go in after Calumon. However Rumikomon and Miemon both insist on coming along as well. The dummy duo sneak along for the ride, also kinda afraid that the city is gonna turn into a war zone quickly without the devas around to keep order.

Many of the events in the digital world happen as in the original series, though the parents end up in the groups with their respective offspring when the data streams begin to reek havoc. The visit to Jijimon and Babamon's house gives Rumikomon a fresh batch of advice similar to her own mother's, but hearing it again about what it actually means to be a mother hammers hard since Jijimon and Babamon never had offspring of their own. Kentamon and Kazumon are also some first hand lectures about courage.

When Takato's group encounter the digi-bike Behemoth, it enslaves Impmon opposed to Guilmon, and forces him to evolve to the corrupt Beelzemon thankfully the evolution can only hold while the bike has a hold on him. While everyone tries to think of ways to get Impmon off the bike (ranging from possible to down right silly)) Miemon decides to take the direct approach and just punches him square in the face knocking him off the bike. Now without a rider, Behemoth tries to make a grab for Leomon, but Jeri uses the card PowerFreeze on Leomon preventing a corrupt evolution and totally confuses Behemoth. Jeri however is confused on how she was able to use a card slash on Leomon.... Enough is too much however as War-Takato-mon blasts the bike into scrap metal.

When Rika-mon's group encounter Ryo, everyone is confused by Ryo's apparent immunity to The Infection, but Ryo manages to brush it off as them being in the digital world and thus the virus therefore must not be able to tell the difference.

The encounter gets MUCH MORE awkward when Rumikomon decides to try to pair up Ryo and Rika-mon. Much to Ryo's discomfort (though silent amusement) and Rika-mon's not so silent agitation.

Like before Ryo leaves the group for their own safety when CyberDramon begins to act feral after killing Majiramon.

The heroes ALMOST reach Calumon, but are cut short by Chatsuramon and the monkey and rabbit's deva's entrance.

They also encounter the last thing they'd expect, Yamaki-mon and co, or at least their digimon selves having been reinitialized. Rika-mon desperately looks for some sign of her father, but finds none, and finally allows herself to cry and mourn his loss. And does Rumiko-mon, the emotional shock causing her human memories or at least the truth of things to awaken in her.

Kazumon's encounter with Andromon/Guardromon goes pretty much the same, though Guardromon does at first make Kazumon his squire, the appearance of Kazu-mon's digivice awakens his human memories.

Kentamon also meets with a Gomamon who Kentamon comments isn't anything like in the TV show: Polite, cuddly, open, and barely says a word! Gomamon doesn't get what the weird digimon means by that but decides to follow him as a crush. Much to Kentamon's creeping out.

When Shabumi meets with Takato-mon and Lee-mon he reveals just how much he's been involved from the beginning, and that he's Janyu-mon's mysterious partner in crime. He also thinks that the D-Arc might just hold the key to undoing The Infection's effects, but he doesn't know precisely how yet. Which confuses the mon only more so.

When Suziemon literally just stumbles into the digital world, the random raw data from the digital tumble weeds causes Suziemon to evolve to rookie. She also gets chased by a few random digimon putting her new legs to work since as a digimon she's free food opposed a strange weird creature to the other digimon about.

She's saved from hungry digimon by Antylamon, who wonders where this strange little digimon came from. When she introduces herself with a double name, "Suzimon" and "Gummymon" Antylamon puts two and two together, and tells the girl she should REALLY go back to where she came from before someone sees her. Suziemon of course points out the wild mons who saw her, and Antylamon corrects herself, "No, I mean, before my friends see you."

"Why is that a bad thing?"

"Because... they don't like er, digimon like you so you really should go."

"Well, if they're going to be mean then they really don't sound like the kind of people you should be friends with."

This over simplistic logic catches Antylamon off guard but only slightly. Antylamon sighs and asks exactly what Suziemon is doing here. Suziemon explains her search for Terriermon.

Figuring the sooner Suziemon finds her friend and is out of there the better, so Antylamon agrees to help look for him.

They have the bad luck sadly of running into Antylamon's teammates. And demand that Antylamon disposes of the 'infectious fake digimon.' Antylamon demands they have themselves committed: this... does not go over well.

When the tamers arrive on the scene, they're stunned to see a deva protecting Suziemon from the two other devas! However, the virus god mega is not amused by this and reduces Antylamon to rookie level right in the middle of the fight! Before the tamers can rush in to run interference, the devas chose to erase the traitor and the garbage.

Still holding Suziemon Antylamon blocks an double attack from both Devas meant for the former human. Instead of being blown to data bits however as the attack hits Suiziemon and Lopmon BIOMERGE TO CHERUBIMON!

The new mega proceeds to trounces and ultimately deletes Makuramon. Chatsuramon retreats calling Antylamon a murderous traitor and lunatic and a fool and just about any other insult he could think of.

The two separate... and out pops one Lopmon, and out pops one Suzie Wong/Shaochung "Shiuchon" Lee!!! Suzie's human memories come back with full force, she's surprised and confused by what her memories are now telling her, and by the weird pink doohicky in her hands. The -mon all stare... it takes several seconds for Suzie to realize she's naked! Well... she hasn't been wearing clothes in months... what did you expect? While Suzie spends a bit prancing around the digital world in her birthday suit, thankfully part of Antylamon's scarf as it turns out fell off turning the battle and fits suzie like a toga.

Shibumi's data ghost shows up saying he thinks he's figured out a way to revert the former humans back to their original species, and, "Oh, never mind, I see you've figured it out for yourselves."

The tamers do at this point do figure out all they need to do with bio-merge with their partners to become human again. Of course this doesn't solve the problem for everyone in the human world who ISN'T a tamer or the fact Tokyo's architecture and shape of reality have been completely altered to that of the digital world.

Shibumi says he thinks he and Janyu-mon are coming close to figuring out a solution on there end but they'd need hands on information on the old Juggernaut program for it have any decent chance of working.... Yamaki-mon steps up to attention in and Shibumi wishes that solutions were handed to him this easily in collage!

Jeri picks up the very real problem of what would happen she and Takato-mon merged even if the others don't pick up on it.

When the heroes make to the plateau, they figure that they can take on one Deva which they figure is all that stands between them and Calumon. But Lopmon knows better and begs the heroes not to fight her master but to no avail.

Zhuqiaomon meanwhile spots Guilmon among the group, not wanting to so much as touch any of the 'false digimon' with his power, and feeling the rest are somehow protected from his influence (including Gomamon. I'm not sure when Kenta's D-Arc would appear, perhaps after all the dust settles and Kenta realizes his partner was besides him all along). Of course Zhuqiaomon is ignorant of Guilmon's origin (otherwise he'd have never dreamed of 'blessing' such an 'unnatural' digimon with any 'gift' from himself.)

Chatsuramon begs his master like the dog he is to face the heroes. Instead Zhuqiaomon pulls his last card and opens up a portal underneath Guilmon's feet and drop into a lava pool and infuses him with the data of the fallen Devas, mutating him into Megidramon, much to the horror and shock of both Jeri and Takato-mon.

Chatsuramon begins to fear for his master's sanity, but as a good doggy he doesn't speak this.

The -mon and mon are no match for one of the Four Great Dragons, let alone one who carries the end of the world in it's gut.

Sensing the sheer havoc that is happening, Ryo with one of the other god megas still a while behind shows up, but Cyberdramon is also easily tossed around like a rag doll by the beast.

Hearing Takato-mon say how BADLY he wants to SAVE Guilmon, Jeri realizes what needs to happen. She deeply wishes that she could help Takato fulfill HIS wish.

Bio-Merge Into Gallentmon/Dukemon.

Dukemon and Megidramon do battle, Dukemon however refusing to strike a fatal blow since this isn't Guilmon's fault. So Dukemon is trapped between the dragon of purgatory and a hard place.

One of the names for Gallentmon's attack is 'Final Purification' and as a great gamble uses it on Megidramon, it reduces Guilmon to his in-training form, or perhaps to his digi-egg form, but either way he at least isn't deleted.

Chatsuramon pops up at this point to crush the life out of Suzie, but Guardromon grabs one of the giant pillars that make up the south bridge, (broken off during the battle with Megidramon) and uses it like a baseball bat to sending Chatsuramon flying back to his lord in data bits.

All the Tamers stood stunned at the dust cloud Guardromon's make shift hammer had made. Rika-mon looked at Renamon expectedly. The kitsune-mana crossed her arms. "I could do that but I don't want to."

Ryo and Shabumi this is also a chat between Ryo and Shabumi.

The legendary tamer stopped just as he was about to exit the room and turned his head to face the ghost. "Can you answer me one question?"

Shabumi raised an eyebrow. "Only one?"

Ryo sighed. "What is real?"

"Something, or someone," the man said profoundly. "That needs only itself to be defined."

Gallentmon separates... and Jeri uses all of her will power to make sure the fission happens the way she wants it too. The end result is a naked Takehiro Matsuki (thankfully he's able to find gallentmon's disconnected cape)... and the beast-man (girl?) type digimon Jerimon. Jerimon has no clue she used to be human, nor does she have any clue what Takato is sad about.

The heroes have no choice however but to continue on and enter the now almost completely empty palace of the south sector god mega.

Zhuqiaomon is less than pleased that the abominations could have made it this far and demand Lopmon return to him. Lopmon reluctantly and painful refuses her deity's command saying his plan to use the former-humans as sacrificial lambs is wrong. This shocks all the humans and -mon/mon present.

The other god megas outside arrive on the scene. Along with their ward Alice McCoy and Dobermon who uses the ruckus caused by the tamer's entry to locate and free Calumon.

the various mon try their hardest to take down the deity level digimon but to no avail. Before they can be blasted into oblivion however, the three other god megas -force- they way into Zhuqiaomon's palace demanding to know what Zhuqiaomon exactly thinks he's doing!!!

Zhuqiaomon rants and raves how the link between humans and digimon becomes more abominable with each passing event, and he can't allow it to continue, and that all his actions have been for the greater good of the digital world and it's digimon!

His justification becomes a moot point sadly when the D-reaper it turns out due to the massive increase in the number of digimon in the real world and digital world extension in the real world, it has become increasingly active and violent far ahead of the original timeframe for it's development and begins to eat Zuqiaomon's palace from the bottom up! This forces all to flee and retreat. Alice reveals herself and gives him to the Tamers who are overjoyed to have their friend back. Calumon happy since Alice didn't have any cream puff and he's hoping the tamers have some!

Shabumi is amazed to see that Alice is alive and that Dolphin will be overjoyed at the news. Alice comments she's not sure 'alive' in the traditional sense of the word is the right way to describe her.

Calumon and Gomamon play patty-cake, and Gamamon warp evolves into MarineAngemon much to both mon's shock.

Yamaki-mon, Janyu-mon and Shabumi on the while all come to the same startling conclusion. A human turned digimon would be poison to the reaper in it's current state since it hasn't had a chance to sample human data before now and the paradox of human/digimon data would create a run time error in it's programming. Just one problem, said -mon would end up being erased: totally.

Ruki-mon decides to be the pragmatic one.

Rukimon sighed as she took on the illusionary form of her old human self with the slight difference her hair was now let down opposed to tied up and the heart on her shirt was, opposed to broken, whole (or is that mended?).

"You know Ruki . . . you're pretty when you let yourself be."

"Ruki, Rika, Reremon. Why do you humans, us humans, hold so much meaning behind things that are just markers anyway?"

"Because it's a lot nicer then just saying 'hey you over there.' Or at least. That's what I think."

"Which doesn't count for much."

"Does anyone's count for much?"

"I guess . . . it all depends on what you're saying . . .rather then whose saying it."

Rumikomon however beats Ruki-mon to the punch, only telling Renamon "Take care of her."

"I will."

And Rumikomon feeds herself to the D-reaper.... as predicted, killing it.

Ruki is shocked, horrified and confused, and finally call Rumiko her mother again to her face without any sarcasm or irony or spite. Renamon comforts her foster child as Rumiko wished.

The complete digimon Jerimon didn't know what she had forgotten to rescue Takato, but while everyone refused to say what it was, it was clearly causing Takato pain that she had forgotten. That wouldn't do at all. She couldn't stand to see him sad. That was when the digi-gnome came to her.

Jerimon looked the little digi-gnome in its black ever friendly eyes, it smiled back at her. It's innocent expression hiding the wisdom lying beyond.

"I wish, that I remembered what it was I forgot in order to save Takato."

And in the digital world, truth to one's self, is the ultimate reality.

"Dang. Don't you guys know Jeri getting her species and self back ruins the moment of sacrifice AND any fellowship she might have had with Rukimon?"

"Who cares? Transformation stories where the victim finds herself again are as impossible to find as happy endings in real life. Let's take them where we find them."

"Come on! In fan fiction it happens all the time! The protagonists get back to themselves and the plot goes along as if nothing happened!"

Lee took hold of the digimon's head and directed him at Rukimon. "Take a good look around you Terriermon! Then tell me that nothing is different! Then tell me that it's the same as if that infection had never invaded our lives."

Weeks later, using the Doodle Bug program, the monster makers are able to undo the reality warp done by the Phoenix god mega. This doesn't bring back the dead.

The pairs of tamers ultimately even themselves out, with the reuniting of Takato with Guilmon, and the joining of Jeri with Leomon, and of course Kenta with MarineAngemon and Alice receiving her D-Arc for herself and Dobermon.

Renamon being recognized as Rika's legal guardian takes an amazing long and hard amount of work, but thanks to some strings pulled by friends in high places it's pulled off. Meaning that Renamon is now expected to accept the responsibilities that come with part of being part of human civilization too!

Jeri also due to her fusion with Takato finds the courage to face her own demons and makes peace with her step mother.

It would end with Jeri and Takato leaning against each other on a bridge looking at the sun on the horizon, "It's a beautiful sunset isn't it?"

"Really? It looks more like a sunrise to me."

~ Fin

Cast of Characters:


Takato Matsuki -- Guilmon

Ruki "Rika" Nonaka – Renamon

Henry Wong/Jianliang "Jenrya" Lee – Terriermon

Suzie Wong/Shaochung "Shiuchon" Lee – Lopmon

Jeri/Juri Katou – Tamer of Leomon

Hirokazu "Kazu" Shioda – Guardromon

Kenta Kitagawa – MarineAngemon

Ryo Akiyama – Cyberdramon

Ai and "Mako" Makoto – Impmon

Alice McCoy – Dobermon


Mitsuo Yamaki 
Reika "Riley" Ootori
Megumi "Tally" Onodera

Takehiro Matsuki – Takato's father
Mie "Yoshie" Matsuki – Takato's mother
Rumiko Nonaka – Rika's mother
Seiko Hata – Rika's grandmother, Rumiko's mother
Janyu Wong/Jiang-Yu "Janyuu" Lee – Henry and Suzie's father, Wild Bunch member, aka "Tao"
Mayumi Wong/Lee – Henry and Suzie's mother
Rinchei Wong/Lee – Henry and Suzie's elder brother
Jaarin Wong/Lee – Henry and Suzie's elder sister
Tadashi Katou – Jeri's father
Shizue Katou – Jeri's stepmother
Masahiko Katou – Jeri's stepbrother
Hirofumi Shioda – Kazu's father
Takako Shioda – Kazu's mother
Shiyunsuke Kitagawa – Kenta's father
Akemi Kitagawa – Kenta's mother

Ryo's Foster Father

Rob McCoy – Alice's grandfather, Wild Bunch member, aka "Dolphin"
Goro Mizuno – Wild Bunch member, aka "Shibumi"
Rai Aishuwarya – Wild Bunch member, aka "Curly"
"Babel" – Wild Bunch member
"Daisy" – Wild Bunch member

Nami "Asaji" Asanuma – teacher of Takato's class
Toshiaki Mori – P.E. teacher, has crush on Ms. Asaji
Seiji Kurosawa – school principal
Mr. Iwamoto – teacher
Ayaka Itou – Jeri's friend, striped shirt, pigtails
Miki Nakajima – Jeri's friend, blue dress, purple hair
??? – Jeri's third friend, no name given in lineart book, brown bowl-cut hair, pink shirt, cream dungarees
Yuuji Terayama – Member of Takato's class, brown hair, blue shirt
Taizou Aoyama – Member of Takato's class, buzz-cut hair, red shirt
Tadashi Nakabayashi – Member of Takato's class, chubby kid, yellow shirt
Jeremy – Member of Takato's class, yellow shirt, dark hair
??? – Member of Takato's class, not in lineart book, blonde hair, red shirt

ChouSensei – Henry's martial arts instructor

Wataru Urazoe - Kai's grandfather ("The Adventurers' Battle")


DEVAS "Twelve Divine Generals"

Mihiramon "Tiger"

Sandiramon "Snake"

Sinduramon "Rooster"

Pajiramon "Sheep"

Vajramon "Ox"

Indramon "Horse"

Kumbhiramon "Mouse"

Vikaralamon "Boar"

Makuramon "Monkey"

Majiramon "Dragon"

Chatsuramon "Dog"

Antylamon "Rabbit"


Zhuqiaomon Virus Phoenix of South

Azulongmon Data Dragon of East

Ebonwumon Vaccine Turtle of North

Baihumon Data Tiger of West

Fanglongmon Data Beast of Center

Original Skeleton Summary

Thirty five days later, all of Shinjuku (and some of the surrounding areas) has been fully mutated, and has been totally sealed off by the military. Henry's older brother sneaks in with the bio hazard group.

Yamaki and Riley realize the plague will continue to spread, and activate Juggernaut.

The Devas, who had been infiltrating this whole time, strike, and use the program to fully convert the city district into an extension of the digital world TOTALLY.

It becomes a war against the Deva's reality invasion, with Suzie eventually forming a bound with the rabbit deva.

The D-reaper, with all the new activity, crawls upwards and beyond. Making the Devas even more desperate to find Calumon (intending to use the new digimon as fodder).

Eventually it's discovered that bio-merging can cure people. Jeri choses to cure Takato rather than himself even if it means becoming a full digimon with the loss of most of her identity.

With the appearance of the D-reaper, it found that a former human digimon is poison to it's programming, and would kill it.

Rika's mother, sacrifices herself to posion the D-reaper.

Jerimon wishes that she could make right what was making Takato so sad, and is returned to normal by the digignomes. A similar program can used on the majority of humans as well. (but not all).

A happy ending with a price, but live goes on.


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Aeon, "I accept this key, four locks on the door leading to the final task still remain, and less than ten days before it is closed forever...."