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Beautiful and Dangerous

Chapter 1: All This Time I've Been Waiting

"the heart inside is beating, all this time i've been waiting"

- Here to Stay by Korn

The sun wasn't bright as it streamed through the shutters, but it was warm. Louisiana mornings in the summer always were. Sookie Stackhouse opened her eyes, tilting her head and opening her mouth to talk to Bill – until she realized he had already gone underground. Hoisting herself out of bed, she smiled when the realization struck.

She was free.

She was free from the constant fear. Free from always looking over her shoulder to make sure no one was about to get her or someone she loved. No more whispers in other's heads that it was Bill murdering her neighbors and friends. However horrible Rene's vengeance had been, she no longer had to worry.

She pulled a fresh Merlotte's t-shirt and a pair of black shorts out of the drawer Bill had cleaned out for her and pulled them on as the sun finally climbed over the horizon. She grabbed a can of Fresca, the only thing resembling human food that Bill kept, and left for work.

Merlotte's Bar and Grill was already busy when Sookie finally made it to work.

"Sorry I'm late, Sam! Overslept!" Sookie yelled to her boss and friend, Sam Merlotte. Sam merely grimaced at her and nodded.

Sookie rolled her eyes and ran to his office to put her things in her cubby. Sam had been unusually grumpy lately. She knew he disproved of her relationship with Bill, but he seemed to be coming to terms with it. Maybe she had expected the transition to move more quickly, but she knew Sam had feelings for her that were making it even harder to him to accept Bill – besides the fact that Bill was a vampire after all.

Sookie didn't think he should be able to say much about the situation. Sam hid things about himself too. Sookie herself hadn't even known of his ability to shapeshift until recently. And she still didn't know anything of his past or where he came from. She didn't want to push though. He became even more irritable when she broached the subject. Not to mention she wasn't pleased with his short-lived romance with Tara, if only because neither of them had told her.

But she wasn't going to dwell on what was wrong today. She was free, after all, and she was going to make it a pleasant morning for everyone else too. Grabbing her order book, she walked out of Sam's office, prepared to face the ever-growing crowd gathering for breakfast at Sam's.

She was careful to concentrate on staying out of the client's minds. She didn't want to hear anything that would upset her right now. Everyone appeared to be rather relaxed as she began taking orders, knowing that the murderer amongst them had been captured.

Of course, Arlene was still adjusting. But no one had made it easy for her to dwell too long on her thoughts. Sookie knew she was likely to go insane if she thought about how she had lain in the same bed as a murderer, loved a killer. They had all kept her busy and helped with the kids as often as possible.

As Sookie was thinking about it, Arlene breezed in the door.

"Mornin', y'all!" she crowed. A huge smile painted her face. No one had seen Arlene this happy in a while.

Sookie was glad for the change in her friend, but wary because of its suddenness.

"Good morning, Arlene?" she asked in an off-hand way.

"Oh yeah, Sook! Just look outside! Everything's beautiful!" She hugged Sookie and went to the backroom to put her belongings in her cubby.

Sookie gave Lafayette a side-long look that Lafayette returned. Sookie shook her head with a bewildered smile and went to go take orders.

Eric Northman sat on his stage, staring out at the crowd pulsing through Fangtasia. Women were dressed in their finest (bondage that is), searching for a vampire who would be attracted by the subtlety of human curves and flesh. Men sat around the small raised stages for the dancers. A tall, curvy brunette he had recently hired slithered in her black latex suit, captivating her male audience as "Here To Stay" by Korn pumped through the speakers. The thick hum of the bass pounded through the human's ears, and as the dancer bent over and revealed her fangs, the human males seemed to become transfixed.

"so i take my time, guiding the blade down the line. each cut closer to the vein, vein, vein."

The smallest of smiles appeared on Eric's face. It was easy to see what so many humans feared vampires. Vampires were the ultimate symbol of sensuality and violence entwined. Such a powerful and taboo combination would not rest easily in the minds of something as weak as a human. Something that preyed on their baser instincts and then preyed on their flesh was terrifying.

And yet seemingly equally captivating.

Pam stood behind him, watching the same scene he was. Her hand brushed his shoulder as a small, low, predatory laugh escaped her. One of the males had become so aroused he had to be escorted from the premises by armed guards. He had been trying to climb onto the stage to touch the dancer.

The next moment one of the guards came walking hurriedly in Eric's direction. Eric looked over to the guard, his trademark lazy posture and unconcerned face expressing that whatever this guard had had better be important.

"There's a situation in the men's bathroom, sir," panted the guard.

"What kind of situation?" Eric inquired, still unconcerned.

"I doubt you'd want me to say it out loud, sir." Eric raised an eyebrow at what this implied.

Eric rose gracefully, gliding across the room towards the back hallway. Men and women alike clamored to him, but he threw them aside.

When he reached the men's bathroom, two of his armed guards blocked the entrance. They moved aside for their boss.

"Just warning you sir, it smells awful in there."

Eric pushed the door open to find gore plastered on all of the walls. His first thought was that he had just spent five thousand dollars to have the walls tiled. His second thought was that a murder had just occurred in his club. And not just any murder.

A vampire's remains lay in a pool at his feet. It steamed and boiled, the blood screaming. Indeed, it did smell horrible. But it was not Eric's first encounter with the remains of a dead vampire. The blood was already starting to dry. Eric picked up a wallet, opening it to reveal the picture of a Hispanic man. The name was one he recognized. Louis Bartone. A regular patron, and a vampire. Or, he used to be a vampire.

He sighed, and left the bathroom.

"Tell Pam to glamour one of the waitresses, and then make the whoever she glamours clean it up." Once he had spoken his orders and they had been acknowledged, he went to get his Sidekick.

For the second time in only a few months, he texted Bill.

"I need your human's abilities to help me again. Come to Fangtasia. Now."

Author's Notes

Just so everyone knows, the title quote isn't in the right order. I don't want any Korn fans saying I screwed up the lyrics! I chopped them up to fit the mood of the chapter.

Also, when the music is quoted again when the dancer is performing, it is not referring to self-mutilation. Rather, the pent-up sexual frustration that comes from craving blood (on the vampire's part) and wanting to feel what it's like to be fed from (on the human's part).

I find Eric to be an extremely fun character to write because he is such a powerful creature. His nonchalant additude is so much fun. And besides, someone who is practically dripping a sexual atmosphere from his pores is fun to articulate into words!

Sookie also has her perks to write as because she's so realistic. Her emotions are true, and she's very down to earth, despite her seeming importance to the vampires. I hope you guys have fun reading it! It's fun to write!

I hope you all enjoyed the beginning to this ride. Reviews and critiques, once again, are appreciated!