Beautiful and Dangerous

Chapter 2: I don't care about anyone else.

"I don't care about anyone else but me. I don't care about anyone or anything but me."

Tear Away by Drowning Pool

Sookie gathered her things from her cubby, and then rushed to her faded yellow car. It was old, but it got her where she needed to go.

And where she needed to go was Bill's.

The engine rolled over twice and Sookie began to get nervous. The third time she turned the key, the engine caught and she laughed in surprise, taking off for Bill's.

When she got there, no lights were on and it didn't seem as if a fire was crackling in the fireplace like there usually was. Her forehead creased in worry, she made her way up the stairs to the front porch. It was very unlike Bill to be unaware of her arrival. He was usually waiting in the living room.

Her hand closed around the handle slowly. She tried to be as quiet as possible. She was about to push the door open when it was wrenched from her hand and flung open.

"Shoot!" she yelled, ever the lady.

Bill stood in the doorway, looking confused and disgruntled.

"I'm sorry to have startled you Sookie, but we must go to Fangtasia."

His face conveyed extreme displeasure at the prospect, and Sookie imagined her face looked much the same. Her last trip to the club hadn't been so much fun.

Now that she thought about it, none of her outings to the establishment had ended nicely. One time she was covered in a vampire's blood (not to mention much of it had been projectile vomited all over her face), and the second time a doctor had been digging her fingers into the long, poisoned cuts on her back. Not to mention Eric's capture of Lafayette.

"Why?" Sookie asked.

"Eric requires your assistance again. He did not go into detail, but it sounds urgent."

Sookie sighed and turned around.

"I suppose we should just get it over with then."

Pam intercepted them at the door to Fangtasia. No one was coming or going for the moment. The club was closed, and those who had been present when the murder was discovered, held inside.

The tall blond vampire led them to Eric who still, for all that had just happened, was still composed.

"Bill, Sookie," he greeted them.

Humans and vampires alike milled around nervously. Both had much to fear. If a human had committed the murder, they would be torn to shreds. It would be a painful and slow death, surely. If a vampire had killed another one of their own, they would be sentenced to five years in a silver-lined coffin. Any one of them could only imagine the torture, the mental suffering they would endure as the silver bit into their porcelain skins. But worse, if the Magister was in a creative mood, a coffin may be the least of their worries.

It might seem preferable to what the Magister would have in mind.

"Come with me," Eric commanded. He spoke with the aire of someone who was used to his orders being followed.

They proceeded to a smaller side-room, one with more privacy.

"I called you here because there was a murder in my bathroom tonight."

"Well, at least that was to the point," Bill thought.

Sookie gasped. "Human, or vampire?"


"So why do you need me?" Sookie's voice took on a tone of suspicion.

"I need you to read the minds of the humans in the establishment. See if any of them witnessed the killing or even did it themselves."

Sookie's eyes squinted in distrust. "And what do I get for my time?"

"I supposed we will have to consider it an IOU. I have nothing that you would find of value, and I assume there are no pressing matters that you need me to resolve."

Sookie nodded in agreement. Eric may be slimy, but she would have to trust that he would make good on his promise of a favor.

"Come. Listen in. Watch. Those you find suspicious will be singled out for interrogation."

Sookie nodded once again and followed Eric back out to the main room, Bill's hand pressed reassuringly against the small of her back. It was comforting to know she had his protection with so many nervous vampires around.

She wasn't able to hear the vampires because they didn't emit brainwaves, but it wasn't her job to find which among them was suspicious. It was her job to read the humans. Eric would have to interrogate the vampires himself. She opened her mind, taking down the barrier to so carefully built. Voices quickly came rushing in.

"shit, shit, shit. All I wanted to do tonight was hook up with a vampire."

"oh god, that tall blonde vampire that owns this club looks so good when he's pissed."

"what if they keep us here for the rest of the night? How the hell am I supposed to explain this at work tomorrow?"

Sookie walked slowly, focusing on individuals now. Most of the thoughts she got were nervous about being killed, but not because they had any part in what as going on. Most of the worries were of being caught fraternizing with vampires, or being held against their will. Or about how hot Eric was. Sookie wrinkled her nose. Eric's attitude turned her off.

"I wonder if anyone saw anything…"

"why the fuck is that crazy bitch staring at me?"

"I hope someone else saw something so I don't have to say it…"

"Say what?" Sookie asked as she focused on the tall, brunette male.

She was used to the confused expression people wore as they wondered if they had spoken aloud.


"It's not nothin'! Now, what did you see?" she asked.

"Nothin', you crazy bitch!"

Bill immediately appeared at Sookie's side, fangs extended in a menacing growl. The male in question shrunk back in fear.

Eric appeared, placing a calming hand on Bill's shoulder.

Eric locked the suspect with a trademark blank face, that for it's lack of emotion was all the more menacing. He had had lifetimes to perfect it.

"Now, now gentlemen. If there is to be killing I will do it myself."

The suspect gulped and made a break for it, tearing across the floor in the hopes of outrunning his pursuers.

It was foolish really. Trying to outrun a thousand year old vampire by itself was stupid. But a room full of vampire bent on revenge for the death of one of their own? Foolish. Extremely foolish.

Eric slammed the man up against a wall, fangs bared in all their glory.

"Tell me what you saw."

A panicked look dawned on the face of the choking man as he gasped out the words.

"I just saw…some Spanish guy…go in the hallway to the bathrooms with some human. That's it okay?!"

Eric released the human and gave him to one of the guard to dispose of.

"You're not going to kill him, right?" Sookie asked.

Bill gave the smallest of smiles in reply.

"You can't just –" but Eric cut her off with a wave of his hand.

Sookie's face became angry and she opened her mouth to tell Eric just what she felt about this whole situation when she suddenly felt the vampire's cold hand on her lower jaw. His eyes pierced into hers.

"You will have every opportunity to berate me at a later date, Sookie. But right now, there are more important things."

Sookie relaxed her jaw as Eric let go, and grumbled to herself.

"A human body was found, drained, in one of the stall's in the men's room. From the fang marks, it appears as if two different vampires fed from the human. The amount of blood consumed killed the human."

Sookie felt sick for a moment.

Bill spoke up. "So it appears two of your clients went to the bathroom to feed from this human, and one was killed while the other seems to have disappeared."

Eric turned his gaze to Bill. "It would appear so."

"But you seem to think something more is going on," Bill said. It was more a statement than a question.

"Yes. I do."

Sookie swallowed the lump of anxiety in her throat.

It was going to be a long night.

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