Inuchron has finally fallen into the deepest depths of fanfiction. She's doing a 100 themes challange. Oh boy...she hasn't even finished Weekend At Roy's or Chimera Attack yet! (Please don't hurt me! My brian is just refusing to co-operate!) I got the various themes from an LJ community, and i intend to finish them (theme 15 is gonna be fun...)!

Theme 1: Brave

Edward was often told by strangers, and sometimes those close to him that he was 'brave'. He'd shrug off the compliment, and secretly think of others he'd met that deserved the title more than he did.

The miners in Youswell were prepared to face their fates, even if it meant death.

His teacher, Izumi. She managed to continue living, even after the loss of her child and the failed transmutation that followed. She wouldn't give up (He sometimes jokingly thought Sig should be given a medal for loving her).

Mustang and his crew were prepared to topple an entire dictatorship, just so the people could live in peace with no more wars or death or blood.

It was when Ed looked at his brother, how he was able to remain strong and optimistic even when Ed himself was on the verge of breaking and when he'd lost the most, that Ed felt like telling people that he wasn't the brave one, Al was.

However, when this happened, and he'd gone through every place he'd ever been to, and named over a thousand different people to deserved the title of 'brave', his mind always cycled back to the beginning.

To Risembool.

To Winry.

A girl who possessed the bravery of those left behind.

Personally, i love the last line.

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