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Theme 56: Ocean

Winry felt tired and sore from spending most of the last week on stiff train seats and bumpy wagons. She glared at Ed beside her, looking wonderfully refreshed and comfortable. Of course, the alchemy freak had spent most of his teen years on public transport. She conspired to 'accidentally' push him down the steps when they disembarked, as if she knew. Ed was doing a great job of concealing their destination from her, the sneaky bastard.

"C'mon, Win," Ed said, nudging her side and holding out his right hand, "this is our stop." She grumpily allowed him to pull her to her feet as the train stopped and was annoyed when he kept hold of her hand as they stepped onto the platform. It wasn't anything special, and Ed led her through the few people who were milling about and into a town that smelt overwhelmingly like fish. Winry was ready to drop in the nearest hotel and call it a day but Ed squeezed her hand gently and led her out of town and to a small path between two hills. "Just a little further," Ed said, letting go of her hand, "but since this is a surprise..." His hands wrapped around her head and covered her eyes, "Okay, start walking, I'll guide you."

Her patience just about up, she stomped forwards, trusting Ed not to lead her into a tree like he used to when they were little.

They must have cleared the hills as a sharp wind, warm from the setting summer sun skimmed across the exposed parts of her face. It carried a strange scent to her nose, overpowering and slightly pungent, but not wholly unpleasant. The sound of waves lapping at the shore reached her ears, louder than anything she'd heard before and she fought the urge to step back. "You ready?" Ed whispered in her ear. She nodded shakily, and his hands fell away.

She gasped.

It looked like Ed had brought her to the very edge of the world. The sun was only a glowing orange semi-circle diving into the huge body of moving water before her, setting the water alight with a thousand shades of red and orange. White-tipped waves crashed into the sandy shore with more power than any lake waves had, and Winry watched a small crab dart in and out of the water.

"Do you like it?" Ed asked after a while, and she could hear the nerves in his voice. "I mean, you've never seen the ocean before, so I thought...well, this is the place I caught that shark in the picture...No! No, don't look scared! It was way out in the deep water and this beach is perfect for swimming! Um...I probably won't be able to swim with you, 'cause of my leg and all, but I'm happy to watch you swim and – MMph!"

She cut off his babbling by wrapping her arms around his chest and pressing her mouth against his.

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