Someone gave me the idea of doing the characters from my other fic Mission Impossible having a slumber party, so yes my O.c Youko is in it.

"I'm a barbie girl, in the barbie world
Life in plastic, it's fantastic!
you can brush my hair, undress me everywhere
Imagination, life is your creation
Come on Barbie, let's go party!

I'm a barbie girl, in the barbie world
Life in plastic, it's fantastic!
you can brush my hair, undress me everywhere
Imagination, life is your creation"

That was all the girls that were at Hinamori's sleep over were hearing thanks to sake, sugar cookies(Special gift from Yumechika) and well Rangiku with a sake bottle using it as a microphone.
Right now Hinamori had a small sleep over at Ichigo's house, for Rukia who was dieing to have one.
Rukia invited Orihime who invited Tatsuki.
Momo invited Rangiku who invited Youko who invited Nanao who invited Nemu who asked Yoruichi who seduced Soi-Fon into coming.

So there was a major sleep over going on with many girls in tight tank tops of different colors and short shorts. Good thing was, the guys weren't there. Bad thing was, Kon happen to be. Kon right now was with the only person that wouldn't hit him or step on him or throw him and that was Hinamori.

Hinamori was very sweet to Kon, though Kon loved Hinamori just as much as Orihime, two reasons being, one she has developed quite allot over the past few years, two she was nice to him.

Hinamori was wearing peach colored shorts and a white tank top with a Sun, Moon, and Star charm necklace and a dragon pendant.

Rukia walked by Rangiku who was now singing Dirty Diane by Michael Jackson.

Rukia just shook her head "Momo, can I ask you a question?"

Momo ;who was at the moment playing the Sims 2; took her eyes off the t.v, looked at her purple eyed friend "Yes RuRu"

"How long have you been with Hitsugaya?" Rukia asked while she sat down beside her.

Momo raised an eye brow but answered the question anyway "3 years, why?" Momo questioned

"I don't know, just asking" Rukia replied

Momo just looked at her but returned her eyes to the t.v.

"Rangiku get off Ichigo's table!!" Momo screamed

Rangiku jumped off and the glomped Hinamori to the floor.

"Rangiku!" Momo shrieked

"Aw, Momo I love you"

Momo just looked at her with a weird expression "Ooook I love you too"

Rangiku smiled and hugged Momo tighter.

"Momo, can I ask you a question?" Rangiku asked after setting up

"Uh sure"

"How long have you been with Captain?"

"Why is everyone asking that?" Momo whispered "Three years, why?"

"Wow, that long really?" Rangiku asked quite shocked

"Yes, now tell me why"

"Just aski-" Rangiku paused "Wait Captain has been gone for about one year now" Rangiku pointed out

"Yeah so" Momo replied

"So what did yall celebrate your third anniversary-"

"Apart. Yes" Momo finished

"Aw, you poor thing" Rangiku cooed at her

Momo just shook her head and flicked her in the forehead

"Owwweee" Rangiku cried while falling over

Momo laughed and sat up, While Rukia went and started playing the Sims for her.

Momo's Sun, Moon and Star necklace was very noticeable. The Sun was connected to the top curve point of the Crescent moon and the star was connected to the bottom one. Momo's three charms matched Rukia, Orihime and Rangiku individual ones. Rukia had a White and Gold Moon, Orihime had a Yellow and Silver Star, and Rangiku had a Orange and Bronze Sun.

Momo's dragon pendant was a gift from Hitsugaya on the first anniversary. The dragon was Ice Blue with Red eyes ;Matching Hyorinmaru; and is circled around a full moon. It hangs lower the her Moon, Sun, and Star necklace.

At this moment Youko was trying with all her might to get the damn sake bottle out of Rangiku's hand, yeah but that was working, because Rangiku was crying and screaming about loosing her lover.

"Rangiku you make love to a sake bottle?" Momo shouted over the music

Rukia and Orihime started busting out laughing

"Wow Ran, you need to get laid" Rukia laughed

Rangiku let go of the sake bottle and glared at Rukia "Yeah you've got a place to talk Pixie"

Rukia immediately stopped laughing and glared back at her "Yeah, at least I don't love a red head pineapple who sleeps with every girl he can look at"

Rangiku's jaw dropped "Oh least I didn't rape or molest Renji like you probably did to Ichigo when he was a sleep when you 'came out the closet'" Rangiku shot back using air quotes

Momo and Yoruichi couldn't help but start to laugh, and Youko actually ran into a wall from trying to hide her laughter and was now on the floor laughing even harder.

"What!!" Rukia screamed "I never did that" Rukia protested

Rangiku snorted "Right, if I was living in Ichigo's closest shit his ass would have been raped a few times" Rangiku admitted

Momo laughed "True that" and gave Rangiku a high five

"You can both kiss my ass" Rukia said while trying to go up stairs

"Aw come on Ruru we are just playing" Momo said while grabbing her wrist

Rukia turned around and glared at Rangiku

"Rangiku, apologize" Momo said and got a shocked expression then a mad expression from Rangiku "Now" Momo demanded

"I'm sorry Rukia" Rangiku said

"Good see there allllll better" Momo cheered "But seriously Rukia, you didn't even try to molest him?" Momo asked while looking dump founded

Rukia looked at her with a mad expression "No,...." Momo looked at her with a 'Yeah-Your-Shitting-Me face "Ok ok, I thought about it" Rukia grinned

Momo and Rangiku laughed

"Yeah boo you all I have bathed with him" Yoruichi added in

Rukia glared at her, then started to chase her around the whole house

"Don't break nothing!" Momo screamed

Soi-Fon came in the room with Nemu and Nanao in toe holding four bowls of pop-corn.

"What movie you all want to watch?" Momo asked

"What about that one movie called Liar Liar?" Rukia asked after finally tackling Yoruichi

Momo searched the shelf "Aw her it is"

Just after she put the movie in Momo's cell phone went off "Rukia could you got get my phone please Momo said while searching for the remote


After about 2 minutes Momo hung up the phone with a very happy expression

"Momo what is it?" Rangiku asked

"Guess what?"

"What?" They all asked

"They guys are coming home"

Don't ask about the charm necklaces or the dragon pendant.
Nemu, Nanao and Soi-Fon will be in the next chapter more.
So will Tatsuki and Orihime.
And so will the guys.