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"I want to go to Florida!"

"Well I want to go to Las Vegas!"

Everyone has been hearing that for the past 45 minutes, Yoruichi and Rangiku wanted to go to Las Vegas for the Casinos and Soi-Fon and Orihime wanted to go to Florida for the sun and beaches.

Renji and Ichigo decided to be smartasses and bet on who was going to win while Toshiro got a massive head ache.

Momo getting annoyed and also concerned for the 4 girl's health because of Toshiro, who looked like he wanted to turn them into female ice sculpture's, decided to solve the problem.

She got in between them "We will take a vote, which ever city gets the more votes wins"


"Who ever wants to go to Las Vegas, Raise your hand" Momo counted 10 hands. "Okay that means Orlando gets five so Vegas wins"

"That's bull!" Soi-fon complained.

"Lets see the hotels" Momo said as she went to the computer, completely ignoring Soi-Fon. "I like Caesars Palace and The Luxor" Momo told them.

"Let me see" Rangiku said while bouncing be hind Momo, and hitting her in the back of the head with her boob"I like Caesars Palace, and sorry"

"Okay let me see" Momo scrolled down the page "Okay the biggest Villa is the two story Forum Tower Emperors Suite and it has 6 bed rooms, that ok?"

"Yeah" Ichigo said while he and Renji wrestled on the floor.

Momo put in every one and made a reservation for as long as they needed it and saw the price and fell out of her chair, litterally.

"Momo!" Rangiku bent down, and everyone looked at her "Whats the matter"

Momo looked up at her "Some one is helping pay for this"

"Uh I beg your pardon" Rangiku told her."My money goes to Alchohol and Clothes"

"Its going to be 14,504 dollars for just 3 days." Momo told her, while she got back in the chair and heard Ranigku hit the floor "And how long are we supposed to be there?"

"God knows when" Toshiro told her.

"Exactly, so some one is helping me pay this, got it" Momo told them.

Kisuke came up behind her "I'll help"

Momo tilted her head back and smiled "Thank you"

Kisuke smiled back "Welcome"

Toshiro looked at Kisuke "Why do I want to kill you now?"

Kisuke looked back at him, and shrugged his shoulders.

"Okay does anyone know when we are leaving?" Rangiku asked.

"In the morning" Momo told her while turning in her chair.

"Why in the morning?" Rukia asked while trying to push Ichigo off the couch which wasn't working.

"Because its 11:30 and im tired" Momo told them.

"So I could have come in the morning?" Kisuke said.

"No, because now we don't have to go get you, and Yoruichi hopefully wont be horny on the flight" Momo said with a smile.

Yoruichi glared at Hinamori, while Toshiro and Ichigo snorted and tried to cover there laughter.

"Shut up!" Yoruichi snapped at her.

Momo smirked "Aw, did I make the poow wittle Kitty mad?" Momo joked.

"This poor little Kitty is about to kick your ass" Yoruichi fought back.

Momo smiled "Hm, no I don't think so"

"Excuse me?" Yoruichi responded.

"Oh, Your excused" Momo said while doodling on a piece of paper.

Toshiro looked at his girlfriend with a 'Wtf' expression.

"Oh, honey I'm about to put my foot up your ass" Yoruichi treatend.

Momo snorted "I would love to see you try that, especially because you and Soi-Fon being to of the 4 people who trained me to become the Captain of the 5th Division and Kido Corps"

"Uh, that uh" Yoriuchi mumbled.

"And besides, Kisuke's here, I'm actually utterly surprised your still down her" Rukia spoke while reading a book, after giving up with the whole 'Push Ichigo off couch'.

Yoruichi looked at Rukia "Oh please like you have any where to talk Mrs. I- don't- want- to- date- Ichigo- because- I- don't- want- my- brother- to- kill- him"

Momo and Rangiku looked at each other and, busted out laughing.

Ichigo looked at Rukia who looked at Yoruichi "Oh, like you can talk, Lady I'm- gonna- have- sex- with- two- girls- at- once- but- nooooo- I'm- not- a- lesbian"

Rangiku tried to stop laughing by drinking some water but spit it out, all over Renji.


Rangiku covered her mouth "I'm so sorry Renji"

Toshiro looked at everyone in the room, and sighed "God help me"

"Whats the matter"

Hitsugaya looked up to see his girlfriend in front of him "I'm surrounded by morons"

Momo glared at him "Excuse me?"

Toshiro eyes shot open "Oh, not you, them" Toshiro pointed at the others fighting, and pulled Momo into his lap.

Momo snuggled her face into his shoulder "You better have been"

Tatsuki got off the floor "Would you all just shut the hell up already!"

Everyone stopped and looked at Tatsuki "Well how rude" Rangiku said in a snobby way.

"I'm gonna rude your face in two seconds if you don't shut the hell up" Tatsuki snapped back.

Momo looked at all of them "Uh, maybe we should all get some rest before will kill each other"

Rukia stood up "Works for me"

While Momo turned off the TV, everyone headed up stairs.

Momo was about to close Toshiro's door when she heard an "Ow" come from Rangiku's room.

Toshiro watched as Hinamori turned and poked head out the door "You tripped and slammed you head into you boob again didn't you?"

Momo heard a slight mumble "Yes" and laughed.

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