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She needed air. That was all she wanted; some fresh air with no trace of cigarette smoke or champagne smell in it. The room was crowded with unimportant faces, appetizers that pretended to be food, and chattering voices that said words with no meaning.

"Excuse me" she interrupted the quite dull conversation she had unintentionally engaged into about the new president of the Pokémon League. She politely smiled at the two suit-clad men and walked away, accelerating her steps as she got closer to the wooden door that would lead her to the empty backyard.

The noises, the soft music; it all seemed distant when she closed the door behind her, her skin feeling at last a wave of air brush against it. She tried breathing in deeply, but her tight dress deprived her from the pleasure.

She was alone, the backyard was empty and hidden between the shadows and the night sky. Kicking off the high heels she had gotten just for the occasion, and that had tortured her feet to no end, she stepped into the grass. It felt moist and cold against her bare feet; refreshing. Her hands worked on the tight straps on her back that held the recently acquired red dress together; no one would notice, everyone was too busy with their own, dull lifestyle.

The straps were much too tight against her body, and were taking more work than she would've imagined. She groaned, wanting nothing more than to be free from the heavy fabric that pressed against her chest, that kept her from breathing the fresh air before her, that irritated her to no end. She had paid a fortune for it, and yet, the time to get rid of it couldn't come sooner.

"Argh!" she gave up; the double knot Daisy had made was impossible to undo. Her hands fell heavily at her sides, and so did her head, where her fiery red hair had been pulled tightly into a fancy French plait. Her chest ached, her lungs wanting nothing more than some air.

"Need help with that?" it was him, his voice startled her and made her jump on the spot. She turned around and found him walking out of the darkness between the trees, approaching her. His tie was undone; the first buttons of his white shirt were too. His hair had lost the neat look it had held just an hour before.

She didn't answer, but looked away silently, rooted to the spot, bare feet against cold grass. He didn't wait for an answer either, and she could soon feel his hands moving against her back, his body inches from hers, his breath tickling her bare shoulders.

"What are you doing out here?" she asked after several moments where they had both kept silent. His hands still attempted to undo the tight straps of her dress, and she felt pleasant chills every time they suddenly brushed against the bare part of her back "Why aren't you inside? It's your party, after all."

His hands left her and the straps stopped pressing against her body, and the dress became loose around her torso. She finally breathed in deeply, holding the fabric against her chest so it wouldn't fall. The aching sensation eased as oxygen filled her, and she closed her eyes, enjoying the moment.

"I just needed air" he said.

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